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Thahaan : Separated By Fate and United By Love (Prologue)

A Thahaan Fan Fiction :

Actually I’m a silent reader and a great fan of all the fan fictions of our lovely Thahaan . I literally check everyday to see whether any new episode of any fan fiction is uploaded or not . So all the great and fabulous writers of these fan fictions , please comment and let me know whether you liked my idea or not . And plz tell me where I’m wrong . And a very big SORRY to all , because I have taken ideas from some of the fan fictions and combined them all . I’m very SORRY for taking ur ideas . And my English Creative Skills are not so good , so plz forgive me .
PS: No evilness of Shraddha and Vasu Ma . Everything is positive and a bit dramatic . And sorry is in both Past ( for 2 – 3 episodes ) and then in present .
I have not written an introduction because if I write the Intro all would get to know , what is my story . So I started from Episode 1 directly . Here it starts ….

The story starts when Bihaan and Thapki are getting married again . It is the Haldi rasam day . Bihaan is angry from Thapki thinking that she still loves Dhruv ( I hope all would have seen how Dhruv instigated Bihaan during those episodes ) and that is why she saved Dhruv instead of me when that wooden stick was about to fall on him and went on a date with him , that also in his bedroom . Bihaan would not be able to tolerate and would ask her to leave the house forever and does not even listen to what Thapki was saying . He does not trust her and ….

EPI – 1
Present Day : Kiran and Varun’s Wedding Day
The Pandey Family is very happy because their daughter is getting married with Thapki’s brother Varun . Everybody is busy with the guests but Bihaan is sitting in a corner missing Thapki . He remembers how he asked Thapki to leave the hose 2 months back .

Flashback : 2 months ago
Thapki – Bihaan plz listen to me once .
Bihaan – I do not want t to hear anything . How can you even blame Dhruv ? He is my brother . He can’t do such a cheap act with me . You hardly know him for 1 year . I know him since our childhood . He can never di such a thing with me .
Thapki – Don’t u trust me ?
Bihaan – I had already trusted u twice . But what did I get in return ? Cheat … only Cheat . Now I will not come in your words . Thapki just leave me and my family .
Thapki ( In tears ) – But what about our marriage ?
Bihaan – You think its gonna happen … ( Turns to leave and says ) Pack ur bags and leave the house right now . I will send you the signed divorce papers . Bye Ms. Thapki Chaturvedi . He leaves ….
Thapki – ( completely broken ) Bihaan u didn’t trust me and asked me to leave . I will fulfill ur wish . And saying this , she packs her bags and Leaves taking Bauji’s blessings . ( Nobody except Bauji trusted her ) .
Flashback ends …..

Back to present day :
Bihaan – I’m sorry Thapki . I should have trusted you . I should have not come in Dhruv’s words . Please come back . He remembers what Dhruv confessed 2 weeks back .

Flashback : 2 weeks ago : Pandey Mansion
Dhruv feels guilty of seprating his brother from his love and unable to see Bihaan’s condition confessed all his criems in front of family . Vasu cones forward and slaps him and says do not talk to me until u bring Thapki back . Everyone agrees .
Days pass and then one day they get to know that Kiran and Varun love each other and so they decide to get them married . Bihaan is happy with the alliance thinking now Thapki would come for Ber brother’s marriage and I will be able to meet her .
Flashhback ends ……..

Present Day : Wedding Hall
Bihaan – Thapki you didn’t even come in ur brother’s wedding . You hate me so much now ?
Dadi sees him sitting like that and asks him to be with guests . He nods and is about it go when Dad I says my heart says Thapki would surely come . Bihaan smiles and hugs Dadi and leaves .
Eneryone gets busy with the guests before the garland ceremony . Suddenly the lights get dim and a man comes on stage and says now its time for a dance performance . That guy is none other than Siddarth . ( he was Thapki’s best friend in Agra …. Further info in next epi . ) He starts his dance on Do Dhaari Talvar ( from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan ) . A girl facing her back towards the audience enters and starts dancing . Looking hot in a simple dupatta pinned with her blouse and sort of choli dress ( type of wrap around skirt . )

Guess the girl . And Plz do comment everyone . . Suhana di I’m a very big fan of ur Blessed Love fan fiction . Plz if possible u also comment .

Plz comment and tell me how was my idea …. Thank u …. And I will surely post the next episode by Monday . As my exams will get over on Monday . I have already written the story but if u all do not like the idea then I will not upload .

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