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Thahaan love birds (Prologue)

Guys… I think u all don’t need any intro . I’m writing this story to cheer up the ppl who are bored with the current track . So ppl note that Bihaan is not a adopted son of vasu and balwinder pandey . So guys I ( Joylin ) and Isha are writing this ff so u guys pose enjoy and say ur reviews to us and plse comment …….
So here we go

Its damn hot evening a 7 year girl is seen sitting with a boy of same age in the balcony of the house . They both are crying and promising each other that they will never forget each other till their last breath . Suddenly a boy of age 10 comes and pulls the boy towards the stairs shouting badly saying come dude Bihaan its time for our train or will miss it if we get late while leaving and takes him downstairs leaving the girl in the balcony .


Yes the its Bihaan and the girl is Thapki the other boy was bihaans brother Dhruv . thapki starts to run downstairs as Bihaan is leading with his bro . she pulls him towards her and hugs him and they apart Thapki gives bihaan a key chain its a train key chain with a initial T & B on it . Seeing this Bihaan Cry’s and goes near his suitcase and removes something and gives it to Thapki . And leaves with his bro to his mom and dad who were waiting for him outside .

(Pandey family actually were leaving to UP for their business from Mumbai And Bihaan and Thapki were her sad as the couldn’t see each other after that )
Bihaan left to UP and after 16yrs leap …………

A cute and beautiful girl is seen dressed in a bell pant and a crop top with her hair left free she ransacked through a pile of clothes searching for something dear to her in her suitcase And finally she removes a frame in which there’s s childhood photo of hers and Bihaan’s which Bihaan had given her on the day he left .
She was going to travel to UP for her higher studies in science and might be also for her dream boy Bihaan. Suddenly she heard someone’s footsteps coming towards her room and she his the small photo frame as fast as she could and closed the zip .
Its was Her mom who came . Her mom was angry with her as she became late .
Poonam: THAPKI ! why are u taking such a long time to pack ur dad and aditi are waiting down for u .(angrily
Thapki : (making a cute face) dry mom .
Poonam : its k for now go downstairs with ur luggage .
Thapki : mom I’ll miss u a lot bye
(They get emotional and hug each other)

Railway station
Thapki’s parents set off leaving thapki to the station Thapki caught a train and after a couple of hours she reached bopal station from where she had to catch another train to board to UP . she got down from the train and started walking with her luggage to buy a ticket and while walking varying her heavy luggage unknowingly she collides with a guy and she falls down.
Thapki : hey u can’t u see I’m varying my luggage and walking . ( anger mood )
Guy : excise me I can see but the reason I didn’t see u was that I was talking in the phone and sry for that ( he gives his hand to her )
She holds his hand and lifts her up they both feel that they know each other well and share a bond )

Precap : NYD SRY

Hey thahaan fans I have made a song for all the ff writers based on their ffs name so guys check it out and tell me ur reviews through ur comments .

‘ I know I seen u but it took me forever to find u ‘
You were so sweet to me
But I always used to shout at u
Its was a ‘Journey from hatred to love ‘

Whenever we were together
People used to say that we were ‘ Made for each other ‘
But I used not believe it
Until I was going to lose u

I didn’t know it was a ‘ Truelove ‘
Unless u said me that u love me too ..LA LA……..
We were once separated by faith
But were united back with love
I’m so blessed to call our love
As ‘ Blessed love Thahaan ‘

I know that ‘ without trust there no love ‘
So I trust u in whatever u do
Becoz ur my soul and ‘ My modern hero ‘
I didn’t know that ‘ love was really bind ‘
Until I fell in love with u
Its was sure ‘ destiny vs love ‘

Guys I’m waiting for ur comments

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