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Teri Meri Prem Kahani- a twinj love story ( chapter 1)

Hello my lovely chaps.Thank u all for ur tremendous support.But I could not thank everyone separately.coz in tat process I tend to forget some and I don’t want tat to happen.So let me thank everyone one of u as a whole.u all are so special for me.
So let me stop my bak bak and start with the first epi.

Chapter 1:
Two cars were coming towards eo in a small road.In an attempt to cross eo they unknowingly, hit eo slightly.The persons driving got so furious and came out to see the state of their cars.
UV: How dare u? you damaged my sister’s fav.car.Can’t u just see and drive.
K: ohhh I’m so scared.As if ur sister is the pm of India and hitting her fav. car is a great crime.
UV: hey u just stop ur sad jokes as I’m not interested in it. I just asked u whether u can’t drive properly.
K: y u kapoors always blame us for everything.Can’t u see properly and drive? ohhhh how can I just forget it tat, u kapoors don’t have brains.But now only I came to know tat u don’t have eyes too.
UV: ya I too know abt u sarnas,especially u, who always try to dash girls and woo them by ur silly,cheap tricks.
Suddenly Chatttttaaaakkkkkk…….
(Yes u guessed it right a tight slap.BT who gave to whom)
Jeevika’s came forward and said.
J: Don’t u dare to speak anything against our family.I hope this slap will come to ur mind wen u try to talk against our reputation once again.
( it was jeevika who slapped Uv)


UV stands there shocked while Kunj and jeevika smiled with proudness.
Suddenly on emor chhhaaaatttaakkk……
Now it was yuvle who were smiling and gave HiFi to eo.
( twinkle slapped Kunj)
J: now, ms.jeevika sarna , I think u would have got the consequence of messing with the Kapoors.
Kunj and jeevika stood there shocked.
Jeevika raised her hand to slap twinkle.
BT UV holds her hand and says

UV: ms.Sarna,see u gave me a slap,bt my brainy sister gave slap to ur sweet bro,correctly analysing that u would get hurt seeing it. one slap from u and one slap from us.so compensated.
Kunj and jeevika gives them angry looks and leave from there.
Yuvle smiled to eo and left.

Sarna Mansion:
Neha Sarna: Kunj, jeevika u both went for shopping right,y u came back so soon.
J: mom u know what that twinkle and Yuvraj did…… ( and narrates the whole story)
Vikram Sarna: ohhhh, don’t worry Kunj beta we ll teach them a good lesson and win over them by some other way.
( Guys u can imagine ronit Roy and pallavi kulkarni from itna karo na mujhe pyaar as Kunj and Jeevika’s parents)
K: yes di….. dad is right.I ll show tat yuvraj,who Kunj Sarna is ?

Kapoor Mansion:
yuvle comes home happily.
Priya Kapoor: u both r so happy.wats the matter?
UV: mom, u know wat my baby doll did….( and says the incident)
Ram Kapoor: ya after all she is my sherni na?
They both hug ram.
( u can imagine sakshi tanwar and ram Kapoor as twiraj’s parentss)
RK: I’m proud of u both.Now I have shown Vikram Sarna that my children are the best than his.
They all smile.

PRECAP: UV and Kunj fight while on the other side, jeevika and twinkle fight.

How was my first epi guys.
I hope u liked it.
Sorry for being so short.
2morrows one ll be bigger for sure.
How was the fight between the four.?
I know today was a chattak chattak wala epi.
So I’ll be showing their enmity till next epi.
then I ll concentrate on virika, twinj and yuki also.
Hope u like my writing.

Plzzz comment.Suggestions are welcomed.
Even if ur comments are negative,Plzzz don’t hesitate to say ,it ll surely make me write better.
but don’t forget to comment as ur comments motivate and encourage me to post regularlyregularly and write best for u.
Love u all, BYE.

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