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Tere sang yaara Kuch rang Bahara- (KRPKAB) Devakshi Five Shots part 4 of 5


Hey all. I am back with the fourth part of this five shots. And i know you all have a lot of questions arising over what will happen next well now after reading part 4 you will get your answer. And thanks for supporting me via ur lovely comments.


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Here is part 4.
Sonakshi came to her accommodation and she looked at the window. How beautiful India is! Night time, cars and lights made the country looked so bright and colourful in the darkness. She was sad as she was going to leave this beautiful country tomorrow. She didn’t want to go at all. But it was time for her to go. Her flight back to Turkey. She never felt that she will have such an attraction towards India. But what was the reason? Well she will miss the country for sure. But there is something that she will miss more. Her mom’s memories? Definitely yes. But then again there is something she will miss the most. And that is Dev, his accompany. She enjoyed with him so much and now that it was time to leave she really didn’t want to leave him at all. He was not only her Best Friend but something more. They both shared a very special bond in a such short span of time. Sonakshi remembers how Dev did a lot for her and how he acted like a great guide to her in her trip and made it a convenient one. She really wanted to meet him one more time. But still she didn’t want to leave. Reason is Dev. Why is it so? She can communicate with him even after she leaves then why not? No she just doesn’t want to go. She don’t want to leave him at all. But she had to go back.

On the other hand, Shaheer relished the moments he spend with Sonakshi as Dev.He was thinking about her all the time since the day he saw her and didn’t focus at all. The only thing that was going on his heart was one name, Sonakshi. When he saw Sonakshi at first sight, he did have an unusual feeling. He never ever felt like that seeing anyone else. Because he knew he was madly in love. He considered himself lucky because Sonakshi accepted to be his Friend easily. If not all these love stories always have a one second end. But he was happy to be friends with her. It was more than enough for him. But he wasn’t doing the right thing by deceiving her like this. Did he really deserved her friendship?

Next day, it was time for Sonakshi to leave India. She was at the airport. And to her delight, Dev came to say her bye for one last time. She was feeling much better but still she didn’t want to go. She walked towards him happily, and with her every step forward he began to become nervous. He was losing confident, he wanted to finish it off in a go. And as he geared up to tell her the truth suddenly she was just 1cm in front of him as if he was watching a 4D movie. Sonakshi smiled and hugged him. He was so confused and his heart was beating so fast that it was hard to keep count. He felt out of the world with her hug. She hugged him so tightly like a cute teddy bear.

“I am so happy you came to meet me one last time before I leave.” Sonakshi said.
She felt so much better and comfortable after hugging him. Her best buddy in India, Dev came to meet her after all, the one whom she will miss the most when she will go to Turkey. And then came the time, which neither Dev/Shaheer nor Sonakshi wanted to come. That was it was the time for Sonakshi to leave as alerted by the announcement made in the airport. Sonakshi didn’t want to go again, she would love to bring Dev to Turkey. She waved bye one more time to her dear friend .

And as she was about to leave, suddenly she felt a force. As if something was pulling her back. She was stunned. What was it? She looked behind and saw her hand had another hand. And whose hand it was? Dev. Dev’s hand. She was surprised. And she had a direct eye contact with him. She wonder why? What he wanted to do? Why did he stop her? Is there anything he wants to say?

Yes. He wanted to say something. Now it is was one of the most difficult thing for Shaheer to do. And he said that,
“I love you, Sonakshi.” Shaheer suddenly confessed his love to Sonakshi.

This stunned Sonakshi to the core and she didn’t know how to react. What did he just say? Is he serious? He really… really he loves her? Shaheer on the other hand started trembling internally as he realised he is yet to tell her the truth. If she rejects him and on top of that once she knows his truth she may hate even more. What have he done? How can he make such a big mess? Now it will be so difficult of this mess.

And then a smile appeared on Sonakshi’s face. Shaheer is surprised as Sonakshi says that she accepts his proposal.
“I love you too, Dev.” Sonakshi happily said and hugged him. And then they shared a kiss. She Now she knew why she didn’t want to go. It’s her first time falling in love. That’s why she got confused. Now that Dev himself cleared the confusion she got it. She is in love with Dev that’s why she didn’t want to leave. And in happiness she hugs him again, a lovely one this time.

His face became a frown shape. As Shaheer knows that Sonakshi loves Dev, not Shaheer and when she will get to know Dev is Shaheer maybe she will leave him. Because he is a…There is no way he could tell her the truth because now he had this phobia of losing the one whom he truly fall in love forever. He won’t be able to live without her. So finally even though his heart was not agreeing, despite the fact his heart helped him with his love every time, this time he had to take help of his mind and he hid the truth.

After a few weeks,
Dev and Sonakshi tied the knot and had a court marriage , but as we know in actual Shaheer and Sonakshi got married. Despite the fact his love was now his better half he couldn’t gear up the courage to tell her the truth of him. Not to say he didn’t try, He did but returned with failure. He got determined to tell her the truth but he just couldn’t. That fear was always the villain in that, that’s why. Sonakshi stayed in India with her hubby and they both lead a happy life. Sonakshi was so happy. If there was someone she loved equally to her Mom that was Dev and no one else. Last time her Mom was everything to her and now her hubby is everything to her. Again happiness were coming back to her life. Only if her Mom was there than all would have been perfect. She didn’t cry seeing her mom’s pic anymore as her hubby was there to support her and consoled her. She understood that really her Mom is happy there.

Days passed by, followed by weeks, and then months, and then a year. It has been a year since they got married. Now there was even more love between the Husband and Wife, and she trusted him more. So did he. But he is yet to tell the biggest truth of his life. That’s his identity. This one year he has been happy but from deep inside he was feeling guilty and uncomfortable as he knew that this truth can effect the relationship between him and his Wife who were happy. They lived happily in their own small established house which they created with hard work. He decided that finally he will tell her the truth when his Mission is done.

She will get to know the truth one day anyways and he already did a grave mistake by hiding this truth a year ago. That’s why he can do all he can for her. He do trust his love but not more then the harsh reality which he have to. Now he had a Mission in his mind. Once his Mission is done, he doesn’t need anything. He will be more than satisfied. But he have to hide this. Only when his Mission will be accomplished she will automatically get to know everything.

One day, Sonakshi came home happily. She was so happy. Her happiness knew no boundaries. She looked at her reports and smiled holding her belly. She was pregnant. She was caressing the love sign of her and her hubby. She was so excited to share this news with Dev. But Dev was not at home as he was away for some work for a few days. She just couldn’t wait anymore. When will he come? And when will she share this good news of a new addition in their family? And then she was arranging the wardrobe when suddenly she found the passport of Dev. But it’s not Dev’s passport but had his pic. And it said his name is Shaheer Khan but the picture is of Dev Dixit. Sonakshi became stunned and confused.

Later, Shaheer finally comes home and this time he is also happy. It is because he is very close to his Mission and he is sure he can accomplish it. Now it’s perfect time to tell Sonakshi the truth. Now he can peacefully tell her without any problem as he is not that weak or coward lover anymore. But she was not at home. Usually when she is not at home his time pass slowly, but now as if his time is not even passing. He was getting impatient from inside as he needs time to console himself and despite the fact he is prepared he still needs time.

Finally the bell of the door rang. She is here finally. Now I can peacefully and proudly say that I am Shaheer Khan not Dev Dixit. He ran towards the door and a smile came on his face. It was expected. But no wrong. Instead he was surprised. After all there was something which made him surprised. That was Sonakshi was there but why was he surprised? It is because with Sonakshi came some polices. Shaheer was shocked.

“We have came to arrest you.” The police showed Shaheer the handcuffs, which made him more stunned.
“But I am Dev Dixit!” Shaheer had to lie to save himself?
“Yes, you are right police have came not to arrest Dev Dixit but to arrest Shaheer Khan and here he is.” Sonakshi said angrily comes to him and gives him a right slap. Shaheer is shocked.

He realised that now his dear Wife already got to know his truth before he told her. And he feared this the most. Not that he will be arrested but that she will hate him and even before she says it he can say it all. Finally the truth came in front of her but that was never the way he wanted. He always wanted to confess his self-identity to her. And also that was not at all the right time. What a timing!

The police came in and took Shaheer with them and he looked and stared at Sonakshi. And Sonakshi tried her utmost best to avoid eye contact with him but she couldn’t. She couldn’t look away as she know that he will know that she is heart broken and she doesn’t want to show that. She dumped her tears into her eyes and made her eyes more moist from inside. Shaheer just stared and knew it was already too late and that there was no use. He said to himself that Sonakshi always loved Dev and will never love Shaheer so why will she even like him or tolerate him. It is normal that she hates him. He wanted to see her for one last time so he didn’t look at anything else besides his love.

The police took him into the police car and left. As soon as Shaheer was gone from her sight, Sonakshi broke down and sat on the ground crying. She let all the tears flow down which she prevented from falling that time, and cried her heart out. In her eyes flashed all her memories of how she first met him, and then fell in love with him and how they were so happy in their martial life. She was living with a guy who deceived her. He was someone else. How can he live with another identity? Why did he do that? If there was any incident after the terrorist Attack in Turkey what hurt her most was her husband’s cheat? She was again heart broken. Why did he do like this? How did he do such a big thing? For what he did he deserved this punishment. Even if he was Dev or anyone else she would have still done the same. It was the matter of safety. Now what have Shaheer done that made Sonakshi furious besides the truth?

Precap for part 5:- Sonakshi comes to meet Shaheer in the jail and he gets up. Sonakshi said why did you do so? How can you be so cruel? Shaheer is surprised. And as she leaves, he holds her hand from the gap in the jail.

The next part which will be the last part of this five shots I will publish it tomorrow. Till then stay tuned.
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