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Tere sang yaara Kuch rang Bahara- (KRPKAB) Devakshi Five Shots part 3 of 5


Hi all. I am back. I know you all are having a lot of questions in mind regarding who is the hero, Dev or Shaheer. Well if you read this third part you will get it whose the hero. So here is the third part.


By any chance if you didn’t read the first and second part, here is the link.

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Sonakshi was super excited with the arrival of India. She remembered the last time she came here she was a kid. She looked around and can realise how much India changed in a few years. Then she met him. So he is the one who is Elena’s friend and came to pick her up. He seems to be a gentleman. She went with him.

Sonakshi and Shaheer went in the car. They chat, chat and chat. Actually not chat, in all these time it was Sonakshi talking and Shaheer listening to her. Shaheer was just lost in her talks and he just listened to whatever she said. Sonakshi was a very talkative girl so this was very normal. People would have gotten irritated by her but not Shaheer.
Sonakshi realised that she was talking too much already. She was talking so much that she even forgot to ask him his name.

Sonakshi apologised to Shaheer for not giving him the chance to speak and Shaheer didn’t understand why she apologised like that after all he didn’t mind with her speaking at all. Infact he was enjoying it, even though he wasn’t aware or interested in few things she said but it was her speaking that’s why he unseen that. But Sonakshi again continued to speak until she saw something. In these few minutes, how they became friends with just Sonakshi speaking, imagine what will happen if Shaheer began speaking.

That brought tears in her eyes. And from joy, suddenly she was in sorrow. She was crying. Shaheer is surprised. What Sonakshi saw which brought tears on her eyes? Sonakshi saw a school. She tells him that when she used to stay in India, she was very young only 3 years old. Her Mom was a teacher in that school that’s what her mom told her when she used to tell Sonakshi her stories in India when they stayed in Turkey. Sonakshi saw the first symbol of memory of her Mom and that already made her emotional. She remembered that horrifying day, and she started crying even more loudly. Shaheer tried his best to console her but she just couldn’t stop crying .

Finally Sonakshi shared the story of her and her Mom and that most horrifying day in her life when she lost everything in that terrorist attack . And immediately after completing her entire story, it was revealed that she hold a grudge and anger against those people. She hated them so much. If she ever got a chance to meet th again, she don’t know what she would do. She cursed them from inside for stealing her Mom away from her forever. And this attack made her have a false impression on the Muslims. For this only reason, she hated Muslims a lot and that’s all. She didn’t have any complaint just that why they attacked people for no reason. But who would explain to her that it was not all just a handful. She was so angry on them. She couldn’t take it anymore and she broke down.

Shaheer consoled her and gave her tissue. He made some jokes to made her laugh. That didn’t work. After all his jokes were all so lame and not called jokes just a few liners. Until finally Shaheer said that my jokes will make people sleep. That was the joke as Sonakshi smiled and laughed a little. If she wasn’t crying that time, she would have definitely laughed a lot. Shaheer was happy that finally she started becoming normal.

Sonakshi asked Shaheer his name and Shaheer happily said his name and introduced himself. He said that he is Shaheer Khan. Listening to this Sonakshi’s smile turned into a frown and she just walked away from the car. Shaheer continued calling out her name but she didn’t listen. Shaheer realised that she didn’t like Muslims that’s why she got up like that and just went off.
“Hello? Are you okay?” Sonakshi said.

Shaheer realised that it was his imagination and Sonakshi was shaking him to see if he was alright and not day dreaming. Shaheer was deeply in love with Sonakshi. He didn’t want to lose her. He didn’t want to do it. He was denying it several times. But he did it.
“I am Dev Dixit.” Shaheer lied to Sonakshi about his identity.

Sonakshi didn’t know his name was Shaheer so she assumed him as Dev and thought this was the truth. Actually anyone would believe as this is what he made it listen like. Shaheer from his deep felt so bad for lying and that too about his identity. How can one lie about himself? Shaheer wanted to tell the truth to Sonakshi but he didn’t get the guts to do so. If Sonakshi cannot be friends with Shaheer, at least she can be friends with Dev. This thought made Shaheer lip tight about his actual identity and he continued speaking. He said everything else true, like his family , house, career etc. The only lie he said was about his identity, his name.

Sonakshi was really happy to meet Dev so she became very good friends with him and made Dev promise to give her a tour in India for the period of time she will be here in India for her holidays. Dev accepted the offer and he was jumping in joy from inside. After all he will get to spend some valuable time with the one whom he have fallen head and heels love with. But he just had a small regret for lying. But he thought that this one lie will be worth as due to this he got to spend some time with her.

In these few days, the whole day and night Sonakshi and Shaheer, I mean Sonakshi and Dev spend the day with each other. Shaheer made sure his business didn’t suffer any loss at the same time so he worked for some time overnight without informing Sonakshi so that she doesn’t feel bad. Dev brought Sonakshi to all the famous places in India, and Sonakshi was enjoying it. She even went to those places she had some idea from the stories her Mom told her. Sonakshi at times used to get emotional whenever she saw the places related with her mom’s memories, but Shaheer always gave her a pat to stop her from breaking down. Sonakshi finally found a shoulder to cry on. She was missing her foster family so much but finally here she got a family in the form of Dev. She shared everything with Dev. Everything. And Dev did all he could to see the smile on Sonakshi’s face. And the love he had for her started to deepen more. He couldn’t imagine a moment without her. He didn’t mind the fact that Sonakshi still regarded him as a Friend.

One fine day, Dev and Sonakshi were conversing with each other and walking in a park and conversing with each other. In that park whoever were there were enjoying life. Some were enjoying nature, some were having a family picnic and some kids were running here and there. Just then a kid ran between Dev and Sonakshi, and due to this Sonakshi slips and Dev holds her. They stared at each other’s eyes and began conversing with each other through eyelock to heart.

Dev looked at the innocent eyes and he really regret a lot. He felt so bad for lying to her and she trusted him so easily. He couldn’t betray her immense trust like that.
“Why am I doing like this with an innocent girl like her?” Dev asked himself.
He wanted to tell her the truth and it didn’t matter if everything messed up despite this. It was too much now. He just wanted a few moments with her which he already got and that too capturing worth moments. He wanted to tell her that the one whom he made her Friend was Dev Dixit not Shaheer Khan. The later she gets to know this truth about him, the more she will hate him. Now if he at least tell her the truth she will at least tolerably hate her. Now it was the time. The time to tell her that her Friend is Dev Dixit not Shaheer Khan.

Sonakshi on the other hand stared at him. She never noticed him so much before. And now she just can’t move her eyes away from him. There was something in his eyes which melted her heart. It was as if his eyes had that magnetic thing to melt her heart. But what was it? Sonakshi was really confused. She referred Dev as her Friend and that’s what she always thought. But no. It was something more of a Friend. But what was it. She is Super confused. What was that feeling she was having for Dev? It was so weird and strange. But at the same time she knew something was missing, something big. But what was it? She really had no idea.

Shaheer and Sonakshi desperately wanted to speak with each other. But they both just stared at each other. Both of them were at the state of confusion regarding each other. There was a desperate need to break this awkward silence the both of them had. But someone had to take the first step? But no. Both are just lost in the sight of each other, and they just stared.
End of part 3.

Precap for part 4:- Shaheer comes to speak with Sonakshi to tell her the truth about him. Before he could speak, she comes forward and slaps him. He is stunned.

The next part will be published tomorrow.

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