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Tere sang yaara Kuch rang Bahara- (KRPKAB) Devakshi Five Shots part 2 of 5


Hey all. I am back with the second part of the five shots and I am really overwhelmed after receiving all ur lovely comments. I am so happy and surprised at the same time you all still remember me. Well once I get a new story will definitely write a ff, for now enjoy this five shots. Thank you so much for supporting me a lot in the first part.


By any chance if you didn’t read the first part, here is the link.
Part 1

Here is part 2.
Sonakshi like a naughty girl who is acting to be innocent put her Sherlock Holmes like hat on her head back and she went inside a house. A very beautiful house.
There was a table of four. There sat a lady, a guy and a boy. Sonakshi ran and hugged the lady.
“Aunt!” Sonakshi said happily. That was Asha, Sonakshi’s aunt. And also she sat with them, her Uncle Bejoy and Cousin Saurabh respectively.
They pampered Sonakshi and treated her as if she was their own Daughter. Sonakshi’s smile said it all. She was very much enjoying their company. Sonakshi was leading a normal life. Not only a normal life but a happy life.

She was happy as if she had everything. But. Every night after spending the entire day in smile and joy, she sat down. She sat down and looked at the sky. She stared at the stars and knew that her Mom must be very happy up there. She looked at the portrait of hers and her dear Mother and she silently wept hugging the picture frame which portrayed how much she missed her Mom.
And then as usual she carried on her life as per normal. And then one day, her aunt had to said so despite the fact she didn’t want to.
“Go to India!” Asha said unwillingly.

Sonakshi was more of confused than surprised why Asha said so. Later, Asha made her explain that she had to go to India to complete some undone things of her deceased mom and this was Sonakshi’s formality to make sure all those incomplete work complete. Initially Sonakshi didn’t want to go there as her memories of her mom there will haunt her which may hurt her delicate heart. Later, she realised that those same memories will also make her happier so that she can get to know more about her Mom than she used to in her teenage days. Sonakshi’s mom was an Indian by nationality but lived with Sonakshi in Turkey when Sonakshi was a kid. And she was a single mom.
Finally Sonakshi decided to go to India not for that formality, but to cherish all the moments there and also get to know more about her mom whatever she used to do in her teenage times and what she loved. She still remembered how much her mom used to miss India a lot.
Her foster family didn’t want her to leave, but they had to let her and persuade her to do so for the sake of Sonakshi’s Mom. Asha was feeling bad and uneasy for just letting go Sonakshi easily.
Well Sonakshi didn’t had a good time in the airport and she wanted to get away from it as soon as possible. One step into the airport and her past- the terrorism tragedy haunted her. She wanted all this to be over as soon as possible. When she was at the aeroplane she felt a little better and looked through the windows and slept. And when she landed in Indian airport it wasn’t as haunting as expected. As Indian airport was completely different from the Turkey airport. The reason why she had Turkey airport Phobia was due to that tragedy she faced of losing her Mom the one whom she loved the most and her only blood there in the terrorist attack years back at a tender age.

On the other hand, streets of India are shown. There were some buildings houses. Some were of the rich, some were of the poor which one was whose could be said from the appearance and area. And then there was this house. Not too big , not too small. Just perfect. It was not of a rich or poor family. It was of a happy family. It seemed so. And then, in the house there was shown a lady who was slightly elderly and in her hand there was the prayer bead. She was keeping count of the beads in her mind via verses. And then, she opened her eye and was looking for someone.
“Where are you?” She said as loud as possible so that it could reach to the person whom she was looking for.

In a room, there was darkness but lightness too thanks to the sunlight and a guy is shown doing his prayers. He was doing namaz. He wholeheartedly did his namaz and he completed his namaz.
And then his mom’s voice triggered him and he walked straight to his mom. Her tensed face took a twist with a smile on her face. This show how much relieved and peaceful she was to see him.
“Finally, you are here my Son. My Shaheer .” She said happily.

Yes that guy was none other than Shaheer Khan, a well established guy who lived alone with his mom in this lovely house. They both were very much happy. Shaheer’s Mom, Ishwari. Ishwari was not the actual Mother of Shaheer she adopted him and nurtured him. She was everything to Shaheer and Shaheer was everything to her. Even though Ishwari was a Hindu lady, she allowed Shaheer to follow his religion and didn’t mind at all. So what happened he is from another religion? What they both had in common was the Mother-Son bond and love for each other.

Shaheer took the blessings with his mom and started his normal life. That was to travel a certain kilometre with his rented car and then go and carry on his business, complete them and again come back home. And then spend the rest of the time of the day with his dear mom.

And everything was going per normal, when a little change came in but that doesn’t matter much. Shaheer got a call from his friend , Elena from whom he rented the car that she had to pick up her cousin with the car. And Shaheer had to pick her Cousin up and that’s it as Elena was stuck due to some work. Shaheer didn’t mind as his work got complete he just had to go back home just that he will be a little late than usual. But he understood his friend’s situation very well and he couldn’t be so selfish to deny her after all she did so much for him. Shaheer to help Elena went to the airport. And he waited with the name Sonakshi Bose engraved on the paper. Sonakshi sees this and she comes to Shaheer.

Shaheer was looking all around and just then his eyes gets on Sonakshi. He stared on her and this continued for long. He just couldn’t get away from this even though he tried. How beautiful she is! Never in his life, Shaheer saw such an innocent face. Later he realised that she was coming nearer to him. Did she realise that he was noticing her and giving her that stalking feeling? And later, he became scared. He didn’t know what to do. Where was Sonakshi? He had to go back as soon as possible before that girl thought wrong of him. Until the girl’s face turned into a smile and afterward she spoke few words from her moth. That sounded so sweet to Shaheer. He just couldn’t stop noticing her. Later, after an exchange of words he got to know she is Sonakshi Bose, the Cousin of Elena whom he came to pick up.

Shaheer realised that the girl who made him feel very unusual and special was going to travel with him for the next few minutes. Shaheer was so excited. But why? Shaheer was confused but he didn’t even notice his own confusion as he was still lost with the sight and smile , bascially the presence of Sonakshi. Now who will explain to him and make him realise that he was madly in love with Sonakshi! And that too love in first sight.
Sonakshi continued speaking and Shaheer just stared, stared and stared.
End of part 2.

Precap for part 3:- Shaheer and Sonakshi are travelling in the car and they speak with each other. Sonakshi in details introduces herself and asks Shaheer his turn. As Shaheer says he is Shaheer Khan, Sonakshi gets stunned and she gets out of the car making Shaheer stunned and shocked when she says sorry I can’t travel with you.

I will publish the next part tomorrow.

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