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Tere Bin 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Tere Bin 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Nandini and Akshay meet at a restaurant. She tells him that she wants to marry him and he has to choose between her and his wife. He smiles, signaling he will marry her. She says she needs a lot of children who will have his intelligence and her heart. She continues her future plans. Akshay she he has to go home now, else Vijaya will question him. She insists him to stay for sometime. Irfan calls her and asks her to come and open flat door as Shabana has also gone out. She says she will come and leaves angrily.

Vijaya reaches home and Naani asks why did she permit Ratan and Abhaya to run nursing home cafteria. Vijaya says it will keep them bound together and forget their differences and she hopes she is right.

Nandini reaches home and sees door already opened. Shabana says

she had come home after Irfan had called her. Nandini scolds Irfan why dd not he inform that Shabana came and opened doors, she would not have to come running. He says he forgot. She continues scolding him and angrily gets into her room. Shabana asks what was so wrrong in this. Irfan says it must be for Nandini.

Akshay reaches home and Vijaya asks why did he come late. He scolds her and throws his blazer. She asks why is he so angry. He shouts… Vijaya sits crying. Naani asks what happened. She tells about Akshay’s changed behavior. Naani says she should trust Akshay and stop doubting him. Vijaya she loves him a lot and hopes her trust wont’t break.

Next morning Nandini prepares coffee for herself and Irfan and calms his anger. Irfan asks Shabana about her love life. She says it is going steady with both her boyfriends and goes to her room. Nandini laughs. Irfaan says triangular love story is very dangerous and ruins lives. Nandini starts thinking.

A man busy snacks from Ratan and gives him 500 rs. Ratan gives him small change. Man saays he gave 500 rs. Ratan says he gave only 100 rs. Man holds Ratan’s collar. Abhaya intervenes and pays man.

At nursing home, during lunch, Vijaya asks Akshay if he will have lunch with her or is going out. He looks at her angrily. She says he promised to take Neeti to Goa and is thinking of going to Ooty instead. She says they should go to his parent’s house in Delhi. He says they left just some days ago. She says Neeti will feel good. He agees. Nandini calls him..

Precap: Nandini tells Akshay that she came into his life first and she knows he will not inform Vijaya about her. He says he will, before that he will her under what circumstances he married Vijaya and what was his problem.

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