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Tere Bin 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Tere Bin 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Akshay speaks to Nandini in the morning and says he wants to meet her. Their conversation continues. Vijaya enters and Akshay disconnects call. Akshay asks if he can take leave today. She says no as he has promised to take Neeti on a vacation and can take leave that time.

Ratan tells Abhaya that he will go to nursing home cafeteria and she should be at home. He then starts venting his anger on Vijaya. Naani enters and scolds Ratan and asks Abhaya to come with her. Ratan threatens Abhaya that she will not see his face if she goes from here. Abhaya tells mom she is fine here and will not come with her. Naani leaves sadly.

Akshay and Vijaya are at home. Naani comes home tensed. Vijaya asks what happeend. Naani tells what Ratan did and asks Akshay to suggest a solution. He says it is male ego that is makeing Ratan to overreact, so they should let husband and wife solve the problem themselves. Vijaya starts storming that all men are superegoistic, because of his dad’s ego, mom had to fight with them, even he fought with her when she hired Nandini without consulting him, etc… Akshay silently listens to her.

Vijaya goes to office and explains problem to psychiatrist Ifran. Irfan asks who the couple are. She says she is just asking. Even he suggests to let the couple solve the problem themselves. He praises nursing home and bet and leaves. Vijaya then gets convinced with Akshay’s solution and calls Ratan and Abhaya to her cabin. Ratan comes and starts his usual drama and says he is ready to withdraw his contract and needs 1 lakh deposit. She says he can continue with contract. Abhaya says they don’t need it and starts weeping. Ratan says let us open cafeteria, people must be waiting for them.

Akshay meets Nandini and she says she wants to marry him and asks if he can leave his wife. He starts thinking.

Precap: Akshay fights with Vijaya and Nandini with Irfan for silly reasons. Vijaya cries in front of naani that she loves Akshay, but he does not love him.

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