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TEI- Love….Os

Hyy everyone
Today I am here with an Os
Guys it’s a true story a real story so I want all of uh to read it even though uh don’t comment plzzzz read it guys

It’s a story of middle class people who are struggling for each and everything


Lemme introduce uh the characters

Kunj Sarna- suffering from a disease that is still unknown basically having infection in his lungs
Twinkle Sarna- a speech therapist whose husband is in a critical condition she goes to several houses for giving therapy to children who are having problem in listening and speaking
Inaara Sarna- daughter of twinj who is just 5 years old studying in nursery class
Usha Sarna- MIL of twinkle hates her to the core
Manohar Sarna – FIL of twinkle Sarna, stammers while speaking just Lyk Usha
Leela- positive character loves her SIL very much
Rt- positive character same as leela

Twinkle has 2 sisters and 1 brother Mahi and Alisha and Sahil
Kunj has 1 bro and 1 sis Amaya and Sameer

Krystal – daughter of Sahil and Aparna (wife of sahil) (main character here)

Now let’s begin the story


Marriage Day

Twinkle and Kunj are happily married. They have started their married lyf happily a new beginning very deeply in love with eo. Kunj was a physiotherapist and twinkle a speech therapist


Twinkle gives birth to a angel named Ishana Sarna nick name kept by her elder sister Krystal TukTuk


Kunj has problems when he climbs the stairs he starts to breathe heavily.


He goes to Delhi for his treatment and the doctor prescribes wrong medicines which made him more weak


He gets admitted in aiims that is in Delhi and the doctor says that his body cannot take oxygen Lyk us so he has to purchase a oxygen cylinder for getting oxygen
Everyone does as said


Ishana starts to go to school. Twinj are very happy.
Twinkle used to go to give therapies and when Ishana used to return from school Kunj helped her to do her homework.
Lyf was going very well

They had problems in arranging money for the treatment but leela and Rt helped them in every possible way


Usha and Manohar came to dissolve poison in twinj’s life
Twinkle asked Usha for money

T-mummy I want money for kunj’s treatment
U-go and ask ur beloved father
U-(cutting her) what so ever is the condition of my son today it’s just because of uh. I don’t know when in what special moment my husband decided to get Kunj married to uh
T-(cries) why do uh hate me mummy??
U-because uh r unlucky for our family huh and ur child huh I just hate uh both
T-(couldn’t control herself) mummy plzz I know uh hate me but that doesn’t mean uh will speak any thing about me uh want to know how m managing to keep ur son’s health Gud then listen my monthly income is 10,000 and my father is giving me 20,000 every month my family members are giving me all their savings and uh huh uh don’t even know what is a bond of mother and son …. To hell with this mother and son relationship uh just love ur so called daughter Amaya and ur bastard son sameer. We all know his character very well

This whole scene was witnessed by Kunj and he was very much tensed


Kunj was taken to Delhi by ambulance and then was admitted in aiims
He was in a very critical condition.
Finally he was attached to a ventilator and every time he was under the affect of anesthesia
Twinkle use to go to him in the visiting hours i.e, 4-5 pm
She used to go near his ears and would say
“Kunj please come back don’t uh remember me plzzz come back Kunj Ishana is missing uh Kunj I promise I will never ever fight with ur mom Kunj I will never comment on ur handwriting plzzz Kunj come back my whole lyf is incomplete without uh Kunj. If anything happens to uh what will I do. I will die Kunj plzz come back….

(Everyday her MIL used to taunt her for the thing she never did she used to call her parents and cry at her heart out)


Doctors said that his blood is infected so blood transfusion has to take place shocking part he had blood group O- but sum how O- blood was with them


In midnight the blood was slowly transported into his body …..


Around 10:30 or sumthing Lyk that
Kunj was declared dead

Twinkle is still in shock
Leela and Rt are still crying
Krystal is still listening to the song juddai from badlapur just to stop crying
The whole family is crying
Ishana doesn’t know what actually happened


Twinkle= Shubhrata
Ishana=Veda aka TukTuk

This is the story of my bua ( my father’s sister) an my fuffa ji ( my bua’s husband)

My bua always used to tell us that her MIL is just Lyk a daily soap MIL bad we used to laugh at her talks but today we got to know that yes her MIL is truly Lyk a daily soap MIL

My uncle isn’t anymore guys
I am so sorry but I will not start my new ff now
I m in shock and now I will not be albe to write I will start when the condition of my house will be ok ok types
He was just 36-37 guys
I still remember he twisted my ears when he got to know I post ffs and the way we kept it as a top secret we made a deal of dairy milk silk

I wanted to share this with uh all

Believe me guys if uh will listen to the song Judaai and read this story uh will have tears in ur eyes
Bye guys
Love uh
Stay blessed

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