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TEI family ff episode 14

Hello guys, finally I’m back wid another episode of TEI family ff. I’m sorry, I made u all wait for so many days. Plzz forgive me if possible. Ok, do without wasting much time, let’s begin wid d episode.
RECAP: Mahi talks to Leela n Rt abt Twinkle n Kunj’s relationship. Leela n Rt agree. They decide to talk to Sarna family, abt Twinj, in d evening.

Episode 14


Sarna house
The house is beautifully decorated as it’s Mahi’s muh-dikhayi. Sarna family is greeting all d guests. Kunj is waiting for d Tanejas. Actually he’s waiting only for Twinkle. The Tanejas arrive. Kunj is lost in Twinkle’s beauty. Twinkle is wearing a pink lehenga n cream long kurti.
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Twinkle n Mahi notice dis. Twinkle blushes n Mahi smiles seeing her blush. Mahi touches elders’ feet n goes Uv. She tells Uv abt all d matter of Twinj. Uv was abt to go to Kunj, but Mahi tells him not to do so. She tells something in his ears n then both show thumbs up to each other. Mahi’s muh-dikhayi ritual starts. All d ladies praise Mahi n give her gifts. Seeing everyone busy in d ritual, Kunj goes near Twinkle.
K: hey, Twinkle.. I wanted to talk to u.
T: I also want to tell something.
K: ok, but first listen to me.
T: no, first u listen to me.
K: Twinkle, it’s important.
T: but, mine is urgent.
K: arey, but..
T: Kunj, ladies first na..so let me say first.
K: ok, say.
T: wo..
Jst then Leela calls Twinkle.
L: Twinkle, come here puttar.
T: yes maa, coming. I’ll talk to you later Kunj.
T: wat happened ma??
L: talk to Kunj later, first help Mahi in keeping these gifts. Mahi will handover d gifts to u n u keep them on dis side table.
T: ok maa.

After sometime, d ritual is completed n d guests leave. Mahi signals Leela n Rt to talk to Sarna family elders. Leela goes near Bebe.
L: Bebe, I wanted to talk to u.
B: yes Leela ji, plzz say.
L: actually, I wanted to talk to all of u. Can we sit n talk?
U: yes, ofcourse Leela ji.
They all sit on d sofa.
L: wat hv u all thought abt Kunj’s marriage. Have u found some girl for him.
U: no, we have not found any girl yet.
L: oh, in dat case, I can suggest u a life partner for Kunj.
A: but Leela ji, Kunj does not want to marry any girl.
Twinkle is shocked n so r Mahi, Leela n Rt. Twinkle looks at Kunj.
K: no no. It’s not like dat..
A: arey, wat not like dat. Today morning only u told na dat u don’t want to marry anyone.

Twinkle feels betrayed n could not control herself. She goes to Kunj.
T: how could u do this to me, Kunj!! I trusted u so much n u broke my trust.
K: Twinkle, listen to me..
T: no. Now u listen to me. U don’t want to marry anyone ha.. Then why did u make so big big promises.
She gets teary eyed. All others were not understanding.
M: wat r u doing Twinkle, stop it.
T: no di, he did so many promises. I love u..I’ll always be with u..I’ll spend my entire life with u..I’ll marry u..now wat happened haa!!
B: wat r u saying Twinkle!!
U: wat us dis Kunj!! U love Twinkle??
A: Kunj, u hid dis from us!!
K: arey, plzz do dis KBC later..Twinkle, listen to me..
T: no, I won’t..dat day, I listened to u, n made a mistake..u told dat u’ll marry me n now, u don’t to marry anyone. Y did u do dis to me?? Tell me..
Twinkle sits on d sofa n cries covering her face.
B: Kunj, wat Twinkle is telling..u love her!!
K: yes Bebe. I love Twinkle.
A: from when is your love story going on Kunj??
K: from bhai n bhabhi’s wedding day. Dat day I told Twinkle abt my feelings.
U: y did u hide dis from us Kunj??

Before Kunj could say anything, Twinkle speaks up..
T: coz he didn’t want to marry me. The thought dat u all will ask him to marry me, so he thought better not tell u all. Right Kunj..
Kunj hits his head wid his hand.
K: arey, siyappa queen, will u listen to me??
T: no, now wat will u explain ha..I know, u jst don’t want to make commitment n..
Kunj finally keeps his hand on her mouth n does not let her speak.
K: now listen to me. Today, in d morning, maa, taiji n Bebe were giving me options of girls for marriage. I cud not find excuses to reject those, so I said dat I don’t want to marry any girl..but it was all jst to escape those proposals. Do u still don’t believe me??
Twinkle does not say anything.
K: say something..
Uv comes to Kunj.
Uv: first remove your hand, then only she’ll be able to speak na..
K: oh ya..sorry

Kunj removes his hand.
T: u couldn’t tell all dis earlier..stupid, I was shouting like mad n u didn’t tell dis..
K: I told u almost 10 times, listen to me Twinkle, listen to me..but no..u being siyappa queen, had to create a siyappa..
T: oh ya, sorry..
All laugh at Twinkle’s childishness.
K: Twinkle, I love you n I want to marry u..only u..
T: I’m sorry Kunj, I didn’t trust u. I’m really very sorry. Plzz forgive me.
K: it’s ok, plzz dont say sorry.
B: so now r u ready for marriage??
K: yes Bebe..we r ready for marriage..
T: no Bebe..I’m not ready for marriage..
K: wat!!

PRECAP: y did Twinkle say no..last episode..

Guys, I hope d episode was funny n u all enjoyed it. Plzz tell your reviews through comments. N get ready for d last episode. I’ll try not to make u all wait much..bye??

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