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Hi friends ur friend divya is back with os dis is my 7th os so I came with different concept tat which I heard in fm long back prg called love guru…

Those who bash or bush my work as like ur giving salary for my work especially in fb pls try to understand if one girl writing means if u can u appreciate or else u keep quite bec wat can I do with ur bad comments with ur criticism or with bad feedback wheather I. M taking master degree with so much efforts I. M bringing new concepts ideas even i.m so much busy I. M spending my whole day for u u keep ur tat dis with u moreover I m sensitive girl and I. M angry bird if u make me angry I will turn has 100 watt blub ..???


So bashers beware of me.

And dis os is dedicated to one who crazy about actors and one who die for them like jubra fan..

And specially I think to dedicate to anup and joyti for Thier birthday but I can’t write bec due to my busy work sorry once again and read and tel ur opinion..

Copyright right issue from my brain and radio city 91.1 fm.

Let’s begin

A girl of age 13 knocking d door mumma mumma wat u doing can’t u open d door wait shona y ur shouting like dis as u keep something in house( s dis our shona Shekhar godia d only child of her parents sumi and Shekhar
Shona: how much time I want to tell u don’t close d door while I. M returning from school
Sumi: shona y ur angry I. M preparing lunch for my little daughter go and fresh up I hv make ur fav dish ur fav kheer..
Shona: oh mom kheer ah( she thinks in mind he too like kheer know) wow I want now only she runs to kitchen and pour kheer to bowl and moves to her room and bolt d door and on d TV swaragini swaragini song plays in bg..oh sanskar if one sec late I would hv miss u darli, do u know sanskar today my mom means ur future MIL made u kheer..so today I feed u k she came near to TV screen and give one bite to sanskar and another bite to her like wise she finish off..sanskar how many days I shd keep my love within me only i want to do something something something wat something ya I will search u in fb she took her mobile and search has sanskar she didn’t find sanskar name later she think oh I want to put his real name Wats his real name oh varun kapoor k now let search and send request to him she send friend request if he doesn’t accept my request wat to do let msg him in advance, she types hi sanskar I. M shona I. M biggest fan in d world I may skip my food but I want skip swaragini serial in tat ur my fav actor ur acting is superb especially u look cute and when u cry I also cry when u smile I also smile ur just sweetest actor I told my friends to watch dis serial they also following ur serial without missing I like u so much if u accept my friend request I. M d luckiest girl pls accept my friend request..later she went to washroom and fresh up and comes and took her book to do home work as she has to finish her work and study before 9.30 bec her sanskar coming on TV at tat time only know so..later she finish her work and take her note book to study but she can’t study she keep on thinking tat wheather sanskar receives her msg wheather he accept her req or wat later she watch serial and finish her dinner soon she goes to room and bolt d door took her mobile and open her fb I’d she gets notification as varun kapoor accept ur friend request she gets immense happy her dearest actor her love accept his friend request soon she send msg to him hi sanskar I. M so so happy u accept my friend request thank u sanskar thank u so much ur so sweet sanskar now also I. M seeing ur serial only without seeing ur face I can’t get sleep sanskar once again thank u so much and says gn and sleep well bec tomorrow u hv to go to shooting u sleep well bye tc

Here varun place( here varun is unmarried boy age 21 years )
His mobile beeps he sees msg from shona gododia
By seeing her msg he thinks oh another crazy fan and reply to her msg thanks for ur love and affection keep supporting me and gn tc too..

Later shona used to msg vk daily morning afternoon in class Evening night etc she told her classmates tat vk is her fb frnd he msg me daily I like him so much her frnds thought she is crazy about him she may saying like dis days goes on daily shona send edits to varun..varun says thanks and all..and her parents daily gives 10 rs pocket money she daily go to cyber and take print out of sanskar image and paste in sheets and make book with full sanskar image and send to sanskar adress sanskar receives it..??? has he not object to his fans ..tat too she is crazy fan later one day shona asks sanskar number tat she want to hear his voice and want to say something in phone and gives her no I. M waiting for ur reply..Sanskar thinks so much but one think echo in his hear I. M ur true fan..as a fans wish he give her phone no she says thank u so much she daily keeps on talking in free time sometime he is busy in shooting and all and she calls she used to say today in pink blazer u looks so beautiful most of all dress u look pretty but when swara kiss u on cheek I can’t tolerate bec I should only hv right to kiss on ur cheek ..he gets shocked and thinks as she is kidding like crazy fan…daily she change what’s app images she put sanskar images with caption and writing status like ur my sweetheart ur my breath u lies inside me I love u so much sanskar…sanskar with or without notice he won’t take it as serious ….one day she thinks to confess his love she calls to him and he didn’t receive after sometime he receives her call she asks y ur not picking my call he says I hv some work she says more than recieving my call u hv other work ah k now r u free I want to say something he says tell me she says I love u sanskar I love u so much I can’t leave without u if u won’t love me means I don’t know wat I do I will become mad I even won’t love my parents as like u..I like u tat much sanskar pls love me back i love u sanskar ur my love everything…sanskar says wat r u crazy now u go and take rest I will call u in morning and he cuts d call she goes on msging I love u I love u I love u I love u I love u love u so much he gets 100 msg he doesnt bother morning she gets up again calls to sanskar no but it was not going somewat like not reachable type after tat she goes to school she dont hv intrest to listen class she keep on thinking y he is not recieving my call or msg y is not going y he avoiding me..and her friends asks y she is dull today she says nothing, in dis days she avoid talking with Thier classmates bec she involved in sanskar world…later she came to home her mother told to had lunch she disagree and take her mobile call his no but its not connecting she got angry she thought he has block his msg and call then to his fb I’d she message ur blocking my no ah now its 4 exact 10: 0 clock u shd call me and u shd say i love u and u shd accept my proposal or else I don’t know wat I will do.. even I m ready to die !!!??

Later 8:0 clock finished 9 also finished swaragini finished at exact 10. She comes to room she took her mobile call to his no again not reachable then open her fb I’d msg also not delivered she thinks he neglecting me I love him so much but he won’t love me for whom sake I want to leave >> then she opens d door and moves to father mother bedroom They r sleeping peacefully and she says sorry papa ma I. M going I can’t leave without sanskar then she goes to bathroom she cries whole heartedly and says I m going away from u..u didn’t won’t my love know u be happy i will go and she took acid bottle kept in bathroom and start drinking!!!!!!

Here sanskar busy in day and night as he is busy in shooting he inactive all his account….at exact 11 he finish his shooting and open his cell he get 100 missed call and many msges like I love u and all lastly he c even i.m ready to die !! Then he calls to her no she is not picking later he receives call and screames shona!!!!!

Friends do u want know what happen to our shona read below

City hospital ?

All 3 standing outside doctor Icu ward doctor comes and says she is out of danger they enter d room. Sanskar comes to swara and asks r u alright she says sorry sir today I made a big mistake if i died i would loss my parents, they hv given so much to me they didn’t object anything but due to attraction I thinks has love i make big mistake sorry sir then he says it’s k dis is d age one who do mistake but v should rectify it..c shona v r serial actor v too hv our own life family etc v love u as a fan of mine i can love u as my friend but I can’t love u other than tat ur so small in dis age attraction happen tats common in love but u shd take suggestions from frnds family u shd share with them and take solution from them. death only is not solution for ur prb today v r Thier tomorrow v will go but ur parents will stay with u long time they made u dis much big do u think once about ur parents if u die means they only shd cry not v we may feel papachi tats it not more than tat so pls rectify ur mistake don’t fall in dis attraction of love..after some days u will grow up u stand on ur own feet u love some one or marry a person show by ur parents now forget all dis be happy and talk to ur parents she says papa ma sorry I won’t repeat dis mistake I love u pls forgive me….later
Shekhar sumi thanks sanskar for saving my daughter life she is d only child for us if something happens to her v would hv died ur not only reel hero ur real hero for my daughter life thank u then he left from Thier

Lastly do u know how sanskar come to hospital whom told him how shona survive here d answer…

Shona drank acid ( but it’s not powerful as real acid it’s diluted means 3/4th water+1/4 th acid = diluted acid ) She falls down..and Shekhar heard d voice they get up and comes outside d room and c door was open they rush to outside and c washroom light is on and knock d door no response and soon breaks d door and c d scenario tat her child lying on bathroom side bottle is empty shona mother screams shona wat u hv done Shekhar call ambulance immediately later Shekhar came to know shona made sucide bec of sanskar he calls to him and told about shona..later he arrive hospital…

●●●●●●●●●END ●●●●●●●●

MORAL : FRNDS do u know y i hv wrote dis os bec many girls like dis only they like hero and heroine so much they love them they become mad about them they dream about them many love actors more than Thier parents friends do u know wat they too hv Thier own life they hv Thier own imagination in serial they show them has hero but real life many is zero..many suffers a lot for simply to get fandom they came to acting field but many comes like passion many comes to fullfill Thier stomach hungryness due to acting.. frnds dont blindly falls for them if u like Thier acting u tel them appreciate them don’t love too much as thier ur life, today serial is Thier tomorrow it may go off it wont come through out ur journey… Here sanskar/ varun is genuine man so he doesn’t misuse her but no one is like him many misuse like fake I’d phone no..if u like it tel him tat I like u so much tat dis if u feel u can’t leave without him u meet tat actor and tell i’m sinciar fan my like converts into love if u agree v can marry tat dis etc if disagree or if he has any relationship or he doesn’t like u means leave him freely bec his life his choice..when u hv life means he too hv his own life then too much sweet his injurious to health like loose motion..if u die for unknown person or for any actor he won’t cry he will be happy u only loss dr think about ur parents leave for them sake not for unknown sake u may get 100 people like tat actor but u won’t get 1 caring parents one who feel for ur tears..many use our love and they misuse it so pls aware of it…lastly I want to say one thing in our language one serial is coming and end in 2014 it’s remake of is pyar ko kya nam dena tat serial hero showed in high business tycoon very stylish very but real life he is nothing recently he died his age 26 when he was doing another serial he getting stomach pain later they told has appendix he went to his village to arrange money later it’s turn high he admitted to government hospital then he died friends no one comes to funeral his parents only with him till last..v fans c in TV and feels papachi tats it.. nothing in acting anyone can do acting only thing v doesn’t get suitable platform or v hide within urself tats it..so acting u take as acting..film u take has film singing u take as singing only nothing more than tat everything has some limit v die for them care for them..but they didn’t bother for us they r happy with Thier life family etc only v r dieing fighting tat dis etc..pls some girls pls stop dis especially teenage girls be careful it’s d time ur mind not on ur control so v called has transition period many stress storm is Thier if ur in dis type prb call love guru and take suggestion or else call me u know my no knw it’s simple u dail 1001001001… thank u

Sorry for mistakes bye tc

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