Hi Guys I know I am quite late and you guys expect an episode today but I am sorry because before the next episode I want to give a summary of my ff Its just Like Kahane ab tak types (Story till now) I don’t know how many of you read my ff but the comments are decreasing day by day and I get demotivated the fact is that I am tying these episodes with great difficulty hiding it from my parents though My mom wants to write a novel when she gets older If I tell her that I write she would ask me to concentrate on my entrance examination preparation rather than writing so I wont be able to write anymore if I tell her
Though I am a bad or say the worst writer I Love writing these stories and reading them its like a passion for me So Please do read it and I would only continue If I get 25-30 comments(I am not blackmailing you guys but still guys please take it seriously ) so please do comment a short one word comment would also do So please do comment
I have lost a few readers due to the gap and so I am posting this summary for them and those who forgot my story
So here it is :
Kunj:Siddhant Gupta
Twinkle:Jasmin Bhasin
Randhir:Param Singh
Sanyukta:Harshita Gaur
UV:Zain Imam
Mahi:Shritama Mukherjee
Parth:Ankit Gupta
Vidhushi:Nisha Neha Nayak

Rohan:Karan Tacker (Twinkle’s best friend a grey shade character his real motive to be in the ff is still not revealed )
Aryan:Ashwini Koul (Sanyu’s best friend and Loves her too )
The story starts with Twinkle and Snyu being pregnant and Kunj planing of taking revenge with Twinkle he wanted to do so but he had stopped his brother UV from doing so Twinkle on hearing half of the communication leaves from their devastated she reaches her brothers house in Delhi who is Rd ,Sanyu and Rd ask Twinkle to move on in life by working and Twinkle does the same Twinkle then decides to live with Rohan because she does not want to be a burden on RD Vidhushi and Parth are also introduced where in Parth is like a brother to Sanyu and Vidhushi is Parth’s wife The coming episodes reveal that UV apologies to Kunj after seeing his state (The way he is trying hard to find Twinkle) He then makes Kunj meet his wife Mahi who is also pregnant the episodes also show Twinkle’s and Sanyu’s mood swings and some flash back happy moments of Twinj which makes both of them sad The episode also shows a flash back of Sandhir and Vidhart where in Rd and Sanyu make Vidharth marry and then finally confess too and they kiss (in the temple) It is also revealed that Vidhushi too is pregnant The next episode reveals the reason for revenge which Kunj takes on UV’s behalf UV and Twinkle were best friends one day UV proposed Twinkle but Twinkle rejected it hurt UV went to Kunj and made up a story and framed Twinkle of playing with his feelings Kunj then decides to take revenge and comes to Inda he then plans his meetings with Twinkle (They look unexpected but they aren’t ) He then meets Twinkle and starts Loving her On their trip to Malaysia where in Twinkle makes his Jealous and Twinj confess their Love and there Kiss and the whole conversation (The first episode one is revealed )Kunj had made UV confess that he told the wrong story but now its too late Mahi who had been listening to this story narrated by UV decides to meet Twinkle and clear the misunderstandings On the other side Sanyu writes down her story in her dairy the story from Sandhir’s arranged marriage turns out to be a Love one Sanyu’s gang had a lot of pairs but the only single people were Parth and Aryan Arykta’s bonding irked Rd a lot and even Sanyu’s and Parth’s but later he comes to know that Parth loves Vidhushi During the freshers party Rd then confesses his feelings for Sanyu but Sanyu did it on the day Vidharth got married Twinkle and Kunj miss each other badly each time Rohan talks about buying stuffs of her kids Twinkle goes into a flash back she misses Kunj a lot Mahi soon finds Twinkle and meets her but Twinkle does not wish to talk about Kunj so she decides to shift to London after her delivery with Sandhir,Vidharth and Rohan
The next episode shows the entry of the child actors
Kavya -kreesha shah-14th September 12:01am
Tarun-Divyam Dama-13 th September 11:59pm
Snehal-Spandan Chaturvedi-11 th September
Jasmine-Tasheen Shah -10 th september
Pihu-Amrita Mukherjee-12 th September

The episode shows everyone (Vidharth,Sandhir and Rohan) getting ready for Tarun’s birthday it is a mid night party so that the next day early in the morning they can celebrate Kavya’s birthday too On the other hand it is seen that Kunj spends his time in the orphanage with the kids celebrating his Kids Birthday Yuhi on the other hand spend some family time with their daughter
The next episode shows that how Twinkle still refuse to go back to India but complies as Kavya has asked for it she also need to go for a deal with TWINJ company as Rohan,Parth and Rd are busy with the other projects on the other hand Kunj gets prepared for his meeting with KT company
In the next episode Twinkle and KARUN(Kavya and Tarun) reach India and Kunj waits for them Twinj feel restless but ignore this feeling before they could meet Kunj is informed that Jasmin (YUHI’S DAUGHTER) has meet with an accident so he leaves Twinkle then reaches her house with the kids Kunj then goes to her house as he wants to find a person with O -ve blood group Twinj don’t see each other Twinkle leaves for the hospital while Kunj takes care of the kids Twinkle on seeing Yuhi comes to know that the man she meet was Kunj so she decides to leave immediately after she gives blood to Jasmin In Twinkle’s house Twinj come face to face with a lot of emotions flowing in their mind but at that moment Rohan comes their Twinkle then introduces him (Rohan) as her husband and Karun as their kids and not Twinj’s kids saying they are 4 years old Kunj then smiles saying that Twinkle cant lie and he know that Rohan and Twinkle are not married and Karun are his Kids while Sandhir and Vidharth both have a good family time with their daughters and Aryan enters the scene and Sanyu uses him to make Rd jealous
Kunj then meets Yuhi and tells them what all happened and then Yuhi plan to know the whole truth along with Kunj Sandhir and Vidhart along with Aryan shop for their friends marriage that is (Kush’s and Sanaya’s marriage Here on Twinj’s side Twinkle were a short dress and comes to office where KT and TWINJ company meet in short Twinkle and Kunj meet the office staff comments on Twinkle calling her hot and Kunj looses his col he fires those men and makes Twinkle understand that it is India and London where she can were such kinds of clothes So he decides to take Twinkle and Karun on shopping where Twinj talk about divorce the next day according to Yuhi’s plan and the court notice Twinkle and Kunj are suppose to live in a house for 1 month at the sometime Rohan exits from the scene because he needs to go to his Uncle’s house in Amritsar for an urgent work
Karun come to know about Kunj being their dad and happily accept him Yuhi along with the kids leave for a camp leaving Twinj alone where Twinj decide to go to the mall and watch a movie the watch a horror movie which frightens Twinkle and then they watch a romantic movie and sleep late at night the next day Yuhi and the kids come back in the evening and Twinj had woken up in the afternoon they had not eaten food till now and so Twinkle faints at that time Rohan enters the scene and the doctor is called who asks them to be careful and not let Twinkle be hungry Kunj has also found Twinkle’s dairy which he wishes to read
On the Sandhir have a cute fight and then Aryan takes Sanyu out for a date which makes Rd follow them he gets jealous seeing Aryukta together

Kunj then finds the picture of his parents in Twinkle’s dairy with Revenge written on it and he gets angry and comforts Twinkle on the empty road but before Twinkle could tel the Truth a truck hits her and she falls down She is the rushed to the hospital the doctor tells that Twinkle needs to get conscious in 12 hours or she would die Rd is also been informed about Twinkle’s sate and Sandhir set out to meet Twinkle Rohan then makes Kunj read the dairy which reveals that Pooja (Played by krystal d’souza) Kunj’s best friend had told Twinkle about UV’s and Kunj’s revenge and also about Kunj’s parents being her parents murderer Hece Twinkle had decided t take revenge from Kunj but when she came to know the truth she was forced to stay quite and away from Kunj if she wishes to see Kunj’s family safe and hence Twinkle says away from Kunj

Meanwhile Twinkle gets conscious and when Kunj hugs her she pushes him back asking who he is?

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