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Tashan-e-Ishq will be missed.

Okay, guys.
One of the best shows ever ended.
I felt like punching the producers. How can they? It’s just 1 year n 37 days n they ended it.

1st promo that one of party contract, when I saw that for the first time, I felt that’s a show worth watching.
Honestly, whoever be Kunj, I would always love Zain. Good, he’s cute AF.
When, I saw Zain in the promo, I was like HE WAS IN KYY. YES. WOW, HE GOT ANOTHER ONE. TASHAN-E-ISHQ. I’M GONNA WATCH THAT. 10th August, one of my friend had her birthday. So we went to bar cum restaurant to celebrate. But, there also, I had this thought °Tashan-e-ishq start ho gaya yaar. Dekhna tha.°
Now all I can say is TASHAN-E-ISHQ will be dealt missed. The shows I loved always end soon.


Never mind.
I will always have hopes for Season2.
Keep loving TEI
Keep Missing it, too.

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