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Tashan-E-Ishq when will happiness arrive in our lives chapter 5

Sarna Manshion
Everyone in the house were shocked with the revaltion . Maya was not ready to believe the truth.
Ch- please try to understand
M- what shall I understand … Veer is my son and will always remain mine… I gave birth to him
Y- no you never ! He is Bai and Bhabi son
U- shut up uv.. She is your elder sister
Y- mum you will never accept the truth
He left the room followed by Mahi
Yuhi room
Uv went to the room and got a vase and chucked it on the floor
Mahi- yuvraj…

Y- just shut up… How selfish can you be… You could never understand your own sister..we all knew how maya is like but still you believed her over twinkle Babi … She is your sister
Mahi- sorry I got carried away in maya di word
Y- you know what just leave me alone for some time cause I feel ashamed calling you my wife
Mahi – Uv please listen to me
It was to late uv left the room in anger
Abhay and Chinki room
Chinki was feeding Varun whilst abhay was standing there in shock
A- how could they have hid this matter for nearly 4 years… They have got a big heart..
C- I know … I can never imagine giving varun to anyone…. On top of that veer would be in front of their eyes before they left the house
A- I am coming baby … I hope everything will be fine now
Saying this abhay left the room leaving chinki confused


Abhay left the house and went to a small house that was near the Gudwara. He was shocked to see uv there. They both looked at each other and proceed towards the house
They went inside the house and saw a lady mediating . They waited for her to finish.
The lady stood up and smiled as she saw them
A&Y- sasriakla Bebe ….
B-kush roa …. The lady is reaveald to be Bebe
B- so that day is finally here when you guys have arrived
The day twinj left the house Bebe also left she told everyone that they were wrong with twinkle and one day when they find out the truth it will be too late . A day will come when a shock will arrive in your life’s only then come to me otherwise I don’t want to keep any relationships with anyone here.
Flashback ends
Bebe would often visit twinj as she was her favourite daughter in law.
B- it’s time I come back home
Twins residence

K- come on drink this soup …
T- please I don’t feel like..
You have to puttar ji they heard Bebe say . They smiled at Bebe and went to get her blessings
B- don’t worry everything will be better now..
T- hmmmm
K- thank god your back we missed you so much.
They spent some relaxing moments together …. Making twinj feel better ….

Precap – Bebe in Sarna Manshion….. Veer meets with an accident …. More suspense to unfold

Thank you so much guys for commenting …. It made me feel so good …. I know there were not much twinj scene but there will be some in the upcoming episodes

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