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Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 132

Hey guys, really sorry for not posting during the weekend as i was busy with my studies. And also for short update. I won’t be able to write long update for a long time. Hope you guys like it.

Recap: twiraj kitchen fun.


Next morning:
Twinkle woke up and looked around. She realized that they have slept on the couch itself. She looked for Yuvi but didn’t find him.

She went upstairs and found him near the window.

Twinkle went to him and side hugged him.
Yuvi:”you woke up”
Twinkle:”no, i am sleepwalking…. Obviously i woke up”
Yuvi:”ma’am where do you want to today?”
Twinkle:”nowhere. I want to stay at home.”

Twinkle:”i will change…”
Yuvi:”yeah you should. You are looking like a ghost.” He laughed at her.
Twinkle:”what? What did you say?”
Yuvi:”look at yourself”
She went to the mirror and saw flour on her face.
Twinkle:”it’s your fault. You put it on me. And now laughing. Wait”
She took a pillow and hit him with it.

At first he tried to escape her but then he also took the other pillow and hit her with it.
Soon the room was a mess. They look around and laughed seeing the room.
Twinkle:”now, i will have to clean it.”
Yuvi:”you go and bath. Now you are looking worst than a ghost.”
Twinkle stared at him angrily and then went to change.
Twinkle went to the washroom.

After sometimes, she came out and saw the room perfectly clean. She was surprised.
Yuvi:”see, i made your task easy…”
Twinkle:”Yuvi, I didn’t tell you to clean it.”
Yuvi:”yeah but i did it.”
Twinkle came to him and kissed him on his cheeks.
Twinkle:”you know you are the best husband in the world. And also the best boyfriend”
Yuvi:”it’s just because of my baby.”
He kissed her on her cheeks.

He was about to kiss her on her lips but his phone rang.
Yuvi:”wrong timing”
Twinkle laughed at him.
Yuvi went on the terrace to pick up the phone.
Twinkle was combing her hair in front of the mirror.
Yuvi came back upset.
Twinkle saw him and asked him the reason.
Yuvi, upset:”we need to go back. There is some big problem at home.”
Twinkle:”what happened?”

Precap: Twiraj back to India, at home. With problems awaiting for them.
What do you think will be the problem??

Hope you like it and again sorry for late update.

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