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Tashan-E-Ishq twinj: when will happiness arrive in our lives few slots (Chapter 2)

Hey guys I’m back quickly this time…..

Twinkle and Kunj are still hugging each other tightly when they suddenly hear someone’s phone ring. It is usha ….
K- Jee mum ….
U- listen…tell your wife to dress up properly and come to the baby shower…
L- Kung pass twinkle the phone please
The phone was on speaker


T- hello mum
L- I know that you love with your husband only right now… But don’t forget the upbringing I have given you … Dress up properly not like today she said and cut the phone
Kunj was angry and twinkle began to cry again …
K- stop crying please he said whilst wiping her tears.
She stopped crying after a few minutes
K- you look beautiful in every single form and I will alway love you just the way you are he said and captured her lips with his. They had a long passionate kiss that showed how much they love each other and that they will alway be together with each other in all the hard time
They broke the liplock after a couple of minutes and hugged each other again.
K- I will go and fresh up …then we will eat
Twinkle nodded her head.
Twinj ate there dinner and were upstairs in there room eating the chocolate cake made by twinkle
K- you still like a kid siyappa queen ..
T- what did I do now.?

K- you don’t know how to eat properly … Look there is cake near your lips
Twinkle was about to wipe it with her finger but Kunj stopped her. He went toward her and sucked the chocolate cake off her making her go shy..
K- why do you always blush like a new bride? We are going to be married for 5years soon
Twinkle blushed again and they had a lip lock soon they both got intimate and made love under the bed sheet.
Next day 11am
K- what have you made for our special guest
T- there favourite chole buture and kheer

Kheer my favourite they heard to boys say
Twinj smiled as he looked at them .. The boys are revalued to be uv and abhay twinj brothers
Uv had a 2year old boy in his hand it was his son Aditya
They greeted each other and sat down.it was a ritual for them to go to twinjs house on Wednesday at lunch time .
T- how is mahi and chinki she asked…. She loved her younger sisters a lot
A- they are fine Bhab
Kunj was playing with aditya . Twinkle loved aditya a lot but would never go near him as something happens in the past when he was 4months old and mahi blamed her and shouted at her a lot
Y- Babi I am hungry can we please eat
T- sure.. Just wait for 5 minutes
Twinkle left for the kitchen followed by abhay

A- Babi
T- what happend do you w at something … She asked with concern
A- forgiveness
T- stop being silly … If it wasn’t for you hi would I know that chinki is pregnat . Even though me and Kunj we still love everyone one
A- I know… But mama gave you a invatation when you are a family member your self … I’m sure they must have taunt you a lot….
T- don’t worry I am fine … And mothers have the rights to tell there children off don’t they
She hugged her younger devar and asked him not to worry

Y- all your for only 1 of your devar only
T- no uv…
Y-we ate sorry Babi you have to go through so much because of us
T- don’t be sorry
She hugged him too …
K- what about me ? Kunj said pulling her into a side hug… She pushed him away and ran into the dinning area
A- bai everything can change but not there romance

Y- yeah I know
K- shut up Kunj said with a smile
They had lunch and left…

Pre cap- twinj in sarna house… Chinki godh bharai …. Flashback

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