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Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 66

Hi Friends,
I am back…I know I am too late…Actually me and ammu (my kid) both were down with viral fever… So couldn’t write episodes. I will try to upload regularly. Not promising coz still getting back to the normal health. Hope you have not forgotten the story.

Precap:- Yuvi, Kunj and Twinkle are at Rocky’s farmhouse as Yuvi has kidnapped them to clarify the misunderstandings.
Yuvi: Finally…everything is sorted. Do you both have anything else to get cleared? Get it cleared here itself?
Kunj: Finally…
Twinkle: Thanks Yuvi for doing this. At least we both are clear now….
Yuvi: Uff…Bus yehi sun na tha…Tum dononki saare confusions clear ho gayi, isse zyada muje kuch nahi chahiye…So Mission kidnapping twinj successful…
(Thank god…You guys have cleared the misunderstanding…That means a lot to me…So Mission kidnapping Twinj successful….)
Kunj and Twinkle smiles.
Yuvi: Ab aap free ho ghar jaane ke liye…Door bhi khol diya hai…Mere partners (kidnapping assistants) aapko ghar chod denge…
(Now that everything is solved, you are free to go home. Doors are open and my assistants will drop you home.)

Twinkle is ready to leave and gets up.
Yuvi: Arrey, Ek baat toh puchna hi bhul gaya… (I forgot to ask you one thing.)
Twinkle turns and looks at Yuvi.
Yuvi (With a smile and wink): To shadi kab hai? Mere Mumbai jaane se pehle ya mere exams ke baad?
(When is the wedding? Before I leave to Mumbai or after my exams?)
Twinkle: Kaisi shadi? Mera decision abhi bhi vahi hain…Haan tumne hamari misunderstanding clear ker di… (Whose marriage? My decision is still the same and is not gonna get changed. Yes, you have cleared the misunderstandings.) Thanks to you… But that doesn’t mean I trust him.
Yuvi: What?
Yuvi is perplexed to know her decision and looks at Kunj as to what to do now. Kunj to his (Yuvi’s) surprise, looked calm and composed. Kunj seemed as if he expected the same response from her.
Yuvi sits in chair frustrated.
Yuvi: But…everything is sorted. You know why bhai had to leave you. How the confusions happened? Now what is left?
Twinkle: Who said anything is left? Everything is clear now. But…

Yuvi: What?
Twinkle: Ab muje pata hai ki kya hua tha aur kya nahi…Per me ek aise bande pe bharosa nahi ker sakti jo muje kisi bhi waqt chod sakta hain… Kya pata kal kiss mod pe vapas Kunj ko mujme aur apne family ke beech chun na pade… Aur muje yakeen hai ki tab bhi vo muje chod dega…
(Yes, I know what happened that day…But I can’t trust him anymore. You never know…He can have similar situation in future where he has to choose between me and family…And I am sure he is gonna leave me again at that point.)
Yuvi: Per tum donon ek dusre se pyaar kerte ho? Kertey bhi ho.. ki nahi? (But you both love each other… Don’t you?)
Twinkle: Kerti hun…Muje pata hain ki Kunj bhi mujse utna hi pyaar kerta hain… Itna kuch ho jaane ke baad bhi Kunj ne ek baar bhi hamare pyaar ke liye kuch nahi kiya…Bus haar ke baith gaya… Muje Kunj se ye ummeed nahi thi…
(I love him. I know he too loves me. But after all this, Kunj didn’t do anything to save our love. He just sat back like a coward. I didn’t expect that from my man.)
Twinkle gives a sharp look at Kunj. Kunj is about to say something. But Yuvi interrupts.
Yuvi (hits hard on his head): Arrey yaar…
Twinkle: Me ek independent girl hun… Me apni zindagi, ek aise aadmi ke haath kyu dun jo kal kisi bhi waqt mera haath chod de… (I am an independent girl. Why should I spend my life with a person who can leave me at any given point of time?)
Yuvi: I can’t believe you are walking out of this relationship just considering an imaginary situation which may or may not arise in future. You are doing blunder…
Twinkle: May be…But this blunder is better than a life with a person who has a priority list in his life. And I know I come last in that priority list.
Kunj: Dekh… Maanta hun maine galat kiya hain tumhare saath…Tabhi me chup chap tumhari baatein sun reha hun… Per ab tum muje galat samaj rehi ho…Tum mere life me bohut important ho aur tum bhi meri priority ho…Bus vo situation aisa tha ki me kuch ker nahi paaya…Aisa bilkul nahi hai ki tum meri life me kisi se kam ya zyada important ho…In fact me tumhare bina jee nahi sakta…Ye hum donon ache se jaante hain…
(See…I was listening to you coz I know I have done a mistake. I shouldn’t have done that. But now you are getting me wrong. There is no such priority list. You are equally important to me. That situation was like that I had no choice other than that. You are an essential part of my life. In fact I can’t live without you…You very well know that…)
Twinkle smirks…
Twinkle: Tikh kaha tumne… Per kya pata kal aisa situation vaapas aa jaye aur tume chunna pade… Me ek aise zindagi kyu chunu, jahan har lamha muje ye darr laga rehe ki kaunsi modpe tum muje chodke chala jaaye….Isse behter hai ki me akele hi zindagi guzaar lun…
(Very well said…But you never know…Such situations may happen in future too…I don’t want to lead a life where every single moment you have a fear in mind that your man will leave your hand… It’s better I am single than a relationship like this.)
Twinkle walks towards the door.
Kunj: Twinkle, please…. You are very much important in my life. Please don’t do this to our relation. I know you don’t trust me anymore… I promise you…I promise you that I will make you realize that how important you are in my life within this month.
Twinkle stops and turns around.

Twinkle: Muje jo samajna tha vo me samaj gayi hun…Muje aur explanation ki zaroorat nahi hai…Per muje pata hain…Tum manoge nahin….Aur muje convince kerne ki khoshish keroge….Muje jo sehna tha maine seh liya…Ab aur nahi…
(I have understood what I want to. I don’t need anymore explanation from you. I am sure you will try to convince me. But I am not interested…I am done with this… I have suffered enough from this realtion…Not any more…)
Twinkle leaves and reaches the door. She is about to leave and then stops as if something is left to say..
Twinkle: Aur haan…Iss galat fehmi me to mat hi rehna ki me iss ek mahine me tumse convinced ho jaungi…Muje pata hain tum haar nahi manoge aur muje explain kerne ki khoshish keroge… Per ab muje tumse kuch bhi nahi chahiye…na explanation, na tasalli aur na pyaar… To me issi hafte Amritsar se chali jaungi…
(One more thing…Don’t even think that I will get convinced within this one month period. I know you won’t listen to me and will try to give explanations. But now I don’t need anything from you…No more explanations, no more care and love…Better I leave Amritsar this week itself. )
I can get a job with my prior experience itself and I will leave this job this week without serving notice period.
Twinkle leaves. Kunj and Yuvi seem shocked to hear her leaving this week.
Kunj bangs his hand on the wall.
Yuvi: Damn…Had dhoti hai arrogance aur attitude ki…Itna kya bhav kha rehi hai… (Height of arrogance and attitude. What does she think of herself?)
Yuvi: Me toh kehta hun jaane de…Tu bhaav dena band karega na toh akal tikhane aaayegi… (I think you should just let her go. She will realize your importance when you are not around her…)
Kunj: Nahi Yuvi… Vo jo keh rehi hai sahi keh rehi hai…Maine bohut galat kiya hai uske saath… Uske nazar se dekhe toh samaj aayega… Ussne apna sab kuch mere liye choda aur maine usse chod diya jab usse sab se zyada meri zaroorat thi… Uske har thaane sar aankhon pe…
(Whatever she said is correct. I have done that much to her. Just think from her side. She left her family for me…And what did I do to her…I left her at the time when she needed me the most… I deserve to hear this.)
Yuvi: Maana bhai teri galti hai…Ab kya bache ki jaan loge…Ho gayi galti…Maafi mang reha hai banda…Pyaar kerta hai tumse…
Aur kya chahiye…
(I know you have done a mistake. But you regret it and you love her to the core…Whatelse she wants? This is too much…)
Kunj: Uska yuh react kerna jaayez hai… Muje pata tha ki vo aise hi kuch kehne vali hai.. Maine usse itna dard diya hai ki uska har taana, har gussa sar aankhon pe…
(I knew she would react like this. I have given her so much pain…I deserve this.)

Yuvi: To ab kya? Usse jaane doge? ( Now what? You will let her leave?)
Kunj: Aaj tak usne mehnat keri hai hamare pyaar ko bachane ki…Aur me bas baitha reha…Aur yehi complaint hai usse mujse ki maine kuch nahi kiya….To ab meri baari…Ab hamare pyaar ko mukaam tak pohchana meri zimmedari…
(Till today, she had worked hard to save our love..I have just sat back and that’s the complaint which she has…Now it’s my turn to save our realtion. I will make sure that our love story gets flourished.)
Yuvi: Per vo toh issi hafte jaane ki baat ker rehi thi? Aur tume kuch bhi kerne se warn kiya hai toh tum kya karega?
(But she said she is leaving this week. And has warned you from doing anything. How is it possible?)
Kunj: Vo nahi jaayegi…Usse rukhna hoga… (She won’t leave…I won’t let her go…)
Yuvi: Agar vo yahaan rukh jaati hai toh, tu kuch ker paayega… Per usse rokega kaun? Teri toh koi baat ab vo sunegi bhi nahi….
(That’s true…You can do something, if she stays back. But who will stop her? I don’t think she will listen to you anymore.)
Kunj: Ab jisne ye raitha failaya hai, vahi samethegi…
Yuvi: Matlab?
Kunj: Alisha…Alisha Luthra….Vo rokhegi meri do dhari talwaar ko… Ab usse me pura kerwaunga hamari lovestory. (Alisha…Alisha Luthra…She will stop Twinkle from leaving Amritsar. And she is the one who is gonna unite us too..)
Kunj smirks.

Precap :- Kunj’s plan

Jisha ?

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