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Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 61

Usha is surprised to see Yuvi at the door.
Usha: Yuvi? How come you are here?
Yuvi: Aap hi to kal phone pe keh rehi thi ki ab tu hi kuch ker sakta hai…Bus vahi kerne aaya hun…
(You forgot? You were the one who was crying on phone yesterday. I came here to help you out.)
Usha: But what about your studies? Your project was to be submitted…Right?
Yuvi: Yesterday was my project submission and I have done that. So don’t worry. I have approx. 1 month study leave.So thought of coming here.

Usha (with a doubt in her face): But you said you have not yet finished with project when I called you in morning. I doubt you are lying..Have you left your studies behind for Kunj? Is that so?
Yuvi: Mom, Hadd dhoti hai ditectivegiri ki bhi…Agar itna hi shakh hai to, college me phone kerke puchlo…Beta itne door se thak ke aaya hai to aise nahi ki pani puchle…
(Mom, Height of detectivegiri…If you don’t trust me, go ahead and ask the college authorities. I am here after a long journey…Can I get a glass of water, please?)
Usha seems to be convinced and rushes to kitchen to give him water.
Yuvi thinks. “Itni jasoosi aapne twinj pe ki hoti toh aapko pata chal chukka hota ki unke beech me issue kya hai…Aur muje yahaan tak aana hi nahi padta…”
(If you have done this detectivegiri on Twinj, by this time you would have known what the issue between them is. I didn’t have to come all the way from Mumbai for that…)
Usha (giving water): Chalo…Kamse kam tumhare padai toh dang se ho rehi hai…Kunj ne kaha tha ki tumne bohut mehnant keri hai iss project ke liye… Atleast teri taraf se toh me tension free hun…
(I am happy that your studies are going well. Kunj told me that you have worked really hard for this project. I am relaxed…Atleast your studies are going well.)


Yuvi has turned pale and tries to hide his expression from Usha. Usha is happy to see Yuvi and goes back to kitchen for preparing food.
Yuvi thinks. “Mummy, I am sorry I am lying to you. But I am forced to…I had to choose between Kunj’s love life and my project submission. I chose Kunj. I am sure I can handle the college authorities later. I will manage it somehow.”
Twinkle had come back from office and is surprised to see Yuvi.
Twinkle: Tum kab aaye? (How come you are here?)
Yuvi: I am on study leave…I was thinking to stay in Mumbai and study there only. Suna tum ek mahine me jaa rehi ho..To socha tumse fir mil nahi paaya to..Isliye chala aaya… (I heard you are leaving Amritsar in one month. So thought of coming to Amritsar and spending time with you. You never know whether we will meet after this or not.)
Twinkle looks at him suspiciously to know whether he was tonting or was talking in general.
Twinkle: Happy to see you.
Yuvi: Me too…In fact I am the happiest… Everyone out here except Kunj is living their life to the fullest for the next one month. Mummy and Papa are trying to collect maximum memories with their DIL from this last 1 month…Now that I am on study leave, I have also got time to collect some bhabhi- devar moments with you…All thanks to you…
Twinkle: Yuvi, Stop tonting…I am not in a mood to talk. I am exhausted. I will talk to you later.
Yuvi: Sure.

After few hours Yuvi has gone to meet Twinkle.
Yuvi: Now Mummy Papa has agreed to this relationship. You both love each other. Then what is the issue?
Twinkle: Yuvi, please understand..I don’t want to talk about it.
Yuvi: See, I understand..You had an issue with the things Papa has told about you and your family…I completely understand…And I know you are 100% right on your part… Mummy has told me everything. You have made him regret. He has apologized to your parents on phone and they have also forgiven him. Now from my point of view, everything seems so perfect…I do not understand what is the problem now?
Twinkle: Please understand… It is between me and Kunj and I don’t want to discuss it with anybody…It is over and that’s it.
Twinkle leaves from the room frustrated.
Yuvi (to himself): Me apna career daav pe lagake aaya hun, aur tum muje attitude dikha rehi ho… Ek baar mera beja khishak gaya, toh fir me kya ker guzrunga ye muje bhi nahi pata…
(I can’t believe this. I have kept my career on stalk for you both and you are showing attitude to me… I am controlling my anger any how..Even I don’t know what all I will do if I loose my temper.)

Yuvi has come to talk to Kunj. Kunj nowadays mostly stays out of home so that he doesn’t have to face anyone. Yuvi tries to talk to Kunj and Kunj leaves from there saying he has some urgent work. Yuvi is kind of fed up with their behavior.
Yuvi: Kaminon…Me apni career ki wat lagake aaya hun tum donon ki love life set kerne ke liye…Aur tum donon to aise pose mar rehe ho jaise kahin ke maharaja or maharani ho…Aur tumhari lovestory ko pura kerna tumhari nahi meri zaroorat ho…
(You idiots, I am trying to set your love life by keeping my career aside. You both are throwing tantrums as if you are the king and queen of somewhere. You both are behaving as if it is my duty to complete your love story.)

Next day Twinkle has gone for office. Manohar and Usha have gone to market.
Yuvi: Bhai, Bus suspense bohut ho gaya…Ab yahan koi nahin hai..Sirf me aur tum…Ab batao kya problem hai?
(I am done with the suspense now…What is the problem? Now no one is here and you can tell everything to me. Come on…)
Kunj: Yuvi, It is between me and Twinkle. She doesn’t want it to be discussed with anyone else. So let it be like that. I think we were destined to fall in love, but live separately… We can’t do anything. It is over.
Yuvi: Ohhh..Now I understood…Ok bro…Continue with your tragic love story and your grieves.
Yuvi is about to leave from the room and then turns around.
Yuvi: Actually I had an issue at college and wanted to discuss it with you..But anyways..You are busy with your tragic love story..I will solve it in my own way.
Kunj: What happened? Everything alright? You need money for higher studies?
Yuvi: leave it bro…I will handle it myself.

Yuvi is about to leave and Kunj stops him and makes him sit.
Kunj: Tell me what happened..Don’t worry about me. I am alright…Is it financial one? Don’t worry about the money part. I will handle everything. Whichever course you want to join after this, you can..I am always there to support you.
Yuvi: No…It is about my career and I have decided that I should not take help from anyone else. So I will find a solution.
Kunj: Ye tuje kisne kaha ki me aur tu alag hai…Tera problem tujse pehle mera problem ban jaata hai…chahe vo kuch bhi ho aur kitni bhi badi ho…Aur usko solve kerna meri zimmedari..Bol..Kya hua hai?
(Who told you that we both are not connected? Any problem in your life is my problem. To get your problem sorted is my prime responsibility. Tell me what is the issue?)
Yuvi smiles.
Yuvi: Tikh kaha bhai tumne… Jab mera problem automatically tera problem ban jaata hai aur usse solve kerna teri zimmedari…Toh jab tere life me kuch issue ho to me chup kaise baitun…Tab vo problem sirf tumahari kaise ban jaati hai…
(Very well said…Bro…So my problem automatically becomes your problem and solving my issue becomes your prime responsibility. Then how do you expect me to sit back and see you go through this pain. And you are telling me that it is your problem and I should not interfere in your matter.)

Kunj: I am sorry..Yuvi..I didn’t mean to hurt you..
Kunj comoposes himself and is ready to talk about the issue.
Kunj: She doesn’t trust me anymore. She believes that I have remained silent when Papa was talking rubbish about her and her family. She doesn’t want a man who could not stand for his love.
Yuvi: What rubbish..We all know how hard you have tried…
Kunj: Alisha told her all this and she is not ready to listen to me now.
Yuvi: How could she believe Alisha?
Kunj: I am at fault..I never talked to her about that night. I always remained silent. I should have explained this to her timely. So she believed the only available source, I mean Alisha.
Yuvi: Damn…This Alisha…She has created this misunderstanding between you both and now is ready to come back to Amritsar for her engagement.
Kunj: How do you know that?
Yuvi: Mummy was the one who has matched alliances for her and now one is kind of finalized. I don’t know when, but she is coming to Amritsar to meet him and for her engagement.
Kunj: Ohh..
Yuvi: How can she start a new life after making her best friend’s love life a hell…

That evening Twinkle is walking towards home and a van stops in front of her. Before she could realize anything, someone from the van pulls her inside and closes the door keeping her mouth shut with his hands.
Twinkle wakes up at an unknown place where she was tied to a chair. She looks around and has no clue what is happening. Twinkle cries out loud for help. But in vain. By then two people came hoding a person whose mouth is kept shut by cellotape. He is also tied to the next chair and they opened his mouth. Twinkle realizes that it is Kunj.

Kunj: Bhaiya…thoda aaram se…Dard ho reha hai… (Please tie me softly..It is hurting…)
Kunj is also surprised and shocked to see twinkle there. Both the kidnappers leave and one stands on the doorstep to have an eye on them.
Twinkle: Koi kidnapper se aise baat kerta hai kya? (How can you talk to a kidnapper like that?)
Kunj: Ohh…Ab kidnapper se baat kerne ke liye bhi user manual nikla hai..ye muje nahi pata ta…
(I am sorry. I didn’t know that there is a user manual on how to talk to kidnapper.)
Twinkle: How do you manage to crack such cheap jokes and that to at situations like this…
Kunj: Ohh..I have done this course from the same place where you have done it.. Remember…double role of mummy….It is just that you are senior to me in this course.
Twinkle: Kunj…You are impossible…
Kunj: I can’t understand..What’s your problem? You have problem with whatever I am doing…i can’t even talk to kidnapper the way I want…
Twinkle: Uff…
Kunj: Same here…
They both are in tashan and look at each other for sometime and then realize the situation.

Kunj: How come you are here?
Twinkle: They kidnapped me when I was coming back from office. I have no clue what is happening.
Kunj: I don’t know who has issues with us. Why would anyone want to kidnap us? We haven’t done anything wrong to anyone.
Twinkle: I don’t know..
Kunj: Acha..suno…Ab fursat se tumse baat kerne ko mila hi hai to ye baat clear ker hi deta hun…
(Now please listen to me. Now that you can’t leave from here and we are stuck here, let me clear our issue.)
Twinkle: I don’t want to talk to you on that matter. I expected an answer. But now I don’t need it.
Kunj: Haat paav bandhe huye hai, Kurzi se hil nahi sakti…Aur akad to aise dikha rehi hai jaise kahin ki maharani ho… Bhad me jau…
(You are tied to chair, you can’t move your hands and legs…And still you are showing attitude…To hell with you..)
Kunj after few mintues realizes that he shouldn’t have said that.
Kunj: I am sorry for that. Please try to understand. I tried my maximum that day…
Twinkle interrupts and calls the kidnapper.
Twinkle: Bhaiya…ek minute…

Kidnapper comes and looks at both of them.
Twinkle: Muje inke saath nahi baitna..Please mera chair thoda vahaan shift ker do yaa fir dusre room me laga do…
(I don’t want to sit with him, Either you shift me to another room or shift this chair to a place which is far away from him.)
Kidnapper: Oh…Madam..Picnic pe nahi leke aaya hai tere ko..Samji na… Kidnap kiya hua hai…Chupchap baito…
(Ohh..Hello…You have not come here for picnic…You have been kidnapped…So just shut up and sit.)
Kidnapper leaves…
Kunj: Wow…Aap toh bade ache tarikhe se baat ker rehe the kidnapper se..Toh ye likha hai user manual me…
(Ohh..So this is how we should talk to kidnapper…Thank god..You have read the user manual…)
Twinkle: Shut up…

Precap:- Twinj fights and they try to escape

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