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Tashan-e-Ishq Season 2 Episode 2

Hello everyone I know kuch zyada hi late hogayi but kya karoo meri halat kuch tik nahi haiii sooo I couldn’t type n I’m off from school today sooooo I’ll post my both the ff’s n coming to this one thanq sooooo much guys for supporting me thanks a lot u all don’t know how happy I am actually don’t laugh after reading this hamesha 25 comments chahti thi mein u all know I would always get only 15-20 comments n I would be soooooo happy reading those but hamesha voh feeling more than 25 comments I would feel little bad but vohi mera pet bhaar dete but still that feeling uses to be n this ff I thought that I would not get much comments as cv’s of tei ended it as they do not want to stretch it anymore even I thought what will I write when they only cannot do n I thought I would get the same response but I was wrong!!!! I mean u all supported me soooooo much mei kya bataoo like I was I don’t know what to say thanq sooooooooooooo much guys plssss keep supporting like this only really it means a lot to me so enough of my bak bak let’s start what say ???

Episode 2
Twinj move to Mumbai for surgery n kunj gets admitted in the hospital
Surgery was going on twinkle was standing outside she was very tensed UV came there as kunj knew that twinkle would be tensed so he informed UV n asked him to take care of twinkle as soon as twinkle saw UV

T: UV tu yahan???(UV u here??)
UV: kunj ne bataya mujhe isske baare mein aur dekh apne aap ko tu sherni se chuha bangayi(kunj told me about this n u look at ur self u became a mouse from lionesses)
T: yeh kya keha raha hai tu?(what r u speaking)
UV: tujhe pata haii kunj ne muhje inform kyun kiya (u know why kunj informed me??)
T: no
UV: kyun ki voh janta tha ki teri halat aisa hi hone wala haii issliye mujhe bulaya(because he knows ur condition would be like this only that’s why he told me to be with u )
T: jo bhi hoo I’m tensed that’s all I mean mein kaha tha koi zaaroorat nahi hai surgery ki par voh meri baat hi nahi maana (whatever it is I’m tensed that’s all n I told him no need of surgery but still he did not listen to me )

UV: I understand but he told its not risky right
T: mujhe uss par barosa nahi haii kyun ki jab bhi mene doctor se karna chahi toh vo mujhe karne nahi diya soo smthng is fishy(I don’t trust him because whenever I wanted to talk to doctor regarding this he did not allow me to do so so there is definitely something wrong)
UV: tu jassosi bhand kar aur thoda relax hoo jaa (u stop ur investigation n relax)
After 4hours doctor came out n said everything is fine we will cut his plasters after 5 days
T: thanq doctor can I see kunj
D: he is unconscious u can meet him afterwards but I need to talk to u
T: sure doctor

Twinkle turns to UV
T: I guess tuune simple ko bhi saath lee ke aaya hoga u go I’m fine now
UV: pucca
T: pucca
UV leaves from there n twinkle also goes to doctors cabin
T: doctor u wanted to meet me

D: ohhh twinkle sarna aapke husband ne aapko bataya hoga ki yeh surgery kitna risky tha n yeh unka 2 nd surgery haii so aap ko unka bohut kayal rakhna hoga paati kolne ke baad hi pata chalega natija aur patti kolne ke baad u have to be very careful for 10 days unhe yahan vaha gumne nahi dena chahiye n unka diet ka bhi kyaal rakna chahiye aur unke face ko koi chot nahi lagna chahiye n his face is very very sensitive thoda time lagega normal hone mei 1 month shayad so ur ought to be very careful n yeh bhi dhaynn rakhiye voh medicines time pe le raha hoo (I think ur husband must have told u that this surgery is very risky as it is the 2nd surgery of his life n u have to be very careful after removing the bandages only v r going to know the result but after removing bandage also u have to see that he won’t roam outside more n his face is very sensitive u have to see that he won’t get hurt on his face it take approximately 1onth to get back to normal state n u have to also see that he maintains a proper diet n give him medicines on time)

Twinkle was fuming in anger
T: thanq soooo much doctor n I’ll take care of him
D: okkkk Mrs.sarna
Twinkle was going towards ICU where kunj was there
She was weeping badly as well as she was very angry in kunj for not telling her that this surgery was complicated actually not for telling for lying that there are no complications
She went to kunj he was still unconscious His face was covered with bandages n twinkle sat beside kunj n was still crying catching his hand
Kunj regained consciousness but he couldn’t see anything because his eyes were covered but he could feel twinkles hand he smiled to himself that his lady love is beside him

After 5 days finally the day has arrived for which kunj n twinkle were waiting
Kunj was more eager to get back his identity
Doctor came to remove his bandages he slowly removed the bandages
His eyes were visible his eyes were attractive innocence was clearly visible in his eyes along with that they were so daring n next nose it was symmetrical n his lips they were like berries n his cheeks were perfectly carved out n as sunlight falls on his face he covers it while nurse closes the curtains of the window doctor brings mirror as the mirror is brought slowly his face was visible and

[Oh my god!!!!?]He was sooooooo handsome with a cute little smirk on the end of his lips he was like kinda happy and his face is revealed [batana zaarori hai kya itne words kaafi nahi voh kaun haii identify karne ke liye ????? Chaloo bata doongi yeah!!!!! He is sidhant our sidhant the heartthrob ]He was looking dashing
Doctor came out n informed twinkle who was eagerly waiting to see kunj
D: Mrs sarna u can meet him
T: thanq doctor
Twinkle came inside she was sooooo happy to see kunj back
She ran n hugged him tightly tears of happiness were gushing out of her cute little eyes kunj was trying to calm her but she was not in a state to calm down
She broke the hug n both of them were equally happy they chatted for a long time n kunj slept
Twinkle was admiring him (sajna ve plays in the BG)
She kisses him on his cheeks and was about to go but felt something on her hands she turned and saw kunj catching her hand with his big cheezy smile on his face
T: what
K: nthng got my first kiss it was awesome
Twinkle widens her eyes while kunj laughs n a funny tune plays in the BG
T: Matlab tum acting kar rahe the
K: yeah
T: aur ek din ruko baatati hoon tumhe bohut kuch dena haii

Okkkkk soooooo how was the episode???? I mean how was it good???? Okkkkk sooooo plsss do tell me ur suggestions!!!
Love u all
I’ll try to post the next one soon don’t be miffed with me byeeeee

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