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Tashan-e-Ishq 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
father says to family that you all are liars, my brother saw news and told me that Yuvi trapped Simple in murder case, Twinkle says its all misunderstanding. father says shut up, where is Simple? Simple and Yuvi comes there. Mother says we will take you home now, Twinkle thinks Yuvi react, stop her. They drag Simple away from Yuvi, Yuvi sees her being dragged away, she pleads him to stop her. Yuvi recalls time spent with her, how she proposed him, Kunj says Yuvi speak something, stop her. Yuvi says stop.. Twinkle have sigh of relief. Yuvi walks upto Simple and says uncle i am sorry, i know it all started with lie but i want to say truth now that i want to marry your daughter, father says what is this drama now? Yuvi says its truth, i want to say something to Simple, he says to Simple that i loved someone dearly and it changed into obsession and it pained me but then i met you and you brought old Yuvi back, the one who was carefree and smart, i dont know if our life will be easy but we will spend it smiling and enjoying together, i thought that i would find someone who has tashan and i found you, i like you. He asks Simple’s father to give Simple’s hand to him, i want to marry her, Simple’s brother says he wants to act like lover, if we leave him alive today then it will be insult for us, let me kill him today, he is about attack Yuvi, all get worried, father stops brother and says to Yuvi that when husband and wife are ready then what can father do? he says to simple that he is really nice guy, he will take care of you, no guy is more good than him, Simple hugs him and thanks him, father thanks Kunj and Twinkle and says this couldnt have happened without you both, Yuvi says what? Kunj says it means this was all Twinkle’s plan, we asked father to act so that you both accept feelings for each other, Yuvi says it was you Twinkle? Twinkle says yes as i want to see you happy always. Anita says i am so happy that my son is finally getting married, Babee says we should not wait, mandap is set, after Kunj and Twinkle, Yuvi and Simple will get married, all hug each other.
Anita comes to Leela and says Yuvi is moving ahead in life and getting married because of you and your daughter, thank you, Leela says we should move forward too and forget past, Anita says on one condition, you have to remove board from your gate that says “dogs and Luthra are not allowed” because i am going to come to your house a lot now, Leela says then you should remove board from your gate that says “insects and Tanejas are not allowed”, Anita laughs and says done deal.


Scene 2
Kunj and Simple are sitting in mandap. Twinkle comes there dressed as bride, Ajab si plays as Kunj smiles at her, Twinkle sits beside him. simple asks where is Yuvi? father says if he ranaway then i would kill him, Kunj says i will bring him.
Kunj comes to Yuvi’s room and asks why he is panicking? Yuvi says this is it, from now on Simple and i will be together for life, i am going to miss it, Kunj asks what you would miss? missing flirting with girls? missing partying and drinking? Yuvi says i am done with all this, i am not going to miss it, Simple is nice girl, she is fun, and i know i will have more fun quotient with her, Kunj says what you going to miss then? you said no to everything, you are ahead of all that fun, just think if Simple is not in your life then what you will miss, you are stressed but its okay but when you will Simple’s face then you will be happy, when you will come home after work being tired, you will see her face and will be most happiest person in life, Yuvi says you are always sorted man, how? Kunj says i had been married earlier, i had to leave my bride to come and get you, if she gets angry then you know everything will be out of control, Yuvi says true that, they hug each other and says lets go now.
Yuvi and Kunj comes in lounge, Simple comes there and asks Yuvi why he wasnt coming down? he wants to marry her? Yuvi says i was late but i am ready now, lets go and get married. Wait a second, he lifts Simple in arms like bridal style and says we will enter mandap in Simple-Yuvi style, what say? Sab tera plays, everyone sees them entering mandap like that and hoots, Twinkle is surprised. Simple and Yuvi keep looking at each other. Yuvi puts Simple down and they sit in mandap. Kunj sits beside Twinkle. Babee says call Pundit, lets start wedding ceremony. Cherry calls Pundit but his phone is switched off, he is good for nothing, Twinkle says one more problem? Kunj will we get married this time? Babee says we will arrange something. Raman asks if there is some part time Pundit? Cherry says if i should try to be Pundit. Manohar comes there dressed as Pundit and says if this Pundit will work? Leela and Anita says in unison that it will work great. Manohar sits in mandap as Pundit and starts pious chants. Cherry says two minutes back both couples were pale faced. Manohar asks to fill her forehead with Sindoor(vermilion), Kunj applies Sindoor to Twinkle’s forehead, Twinkle touches it and smiles. Yuvi applies Sindoor to Simple too. Yuvi-Simple and Kunj-Twinkle starts taking pheras, bhajan plays in background. everyone showers rose petals on them. Manohar says after pheras that Wedding is done, you both are husband and wife. They takes blessing of elders. Twinkle says to Yuvi that finally inbetween war of love and obsession, only love won, Yuvi says you are right, our kind of love won that is Tashan-e-Ishq. Photographer takes family photo in which everyone is smiling.

(P.S- I Still remember doing this show’s first episode’s update, will surely miss doing its updates though I liked Yuvi and Twinkle together better but whatever.. Thank you all for reading and supporting, you all are great.)


Update Credit to: Atiba

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