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Tashan-e-Ishq 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Simple asks Yuvi if he thought some plan? Yuvi says i am thinking, people hated me naturally but now when i want them to genuinely hate me then i dont know plan, Simple says you keep thinking and.. Yuvi says i should throw chutni on your grand father, he will hate me then, Simple says think about his sword, Yuvi says dont know why he keep showing his sword, Simple says this way we will get married, Yuvi says i should kill you, Simple says i am lioness, dont even think about it. Kunj sees them and says if they keep fighting then how will they listen their heart thing, he asks Simple to go and help Twinkle, Simple leaves.
Twinkle is trying dupatta on her head, Simple comes and says i never made friends like you people, i really enjoy with you people, you are all nice, Twinkle


says especially after meeting Yuvi, right? Simple looks on.
One goon says to guy(Piddi) that i saw bhabhi in this house. They stealthily goes in Yuvi’s house. They switches off lights and comes to Twinkle’s room. They see Twinkle and Simple in room but doesnt see their faces, they kidnap Twinkle and take her away.
Simple comes to family and says Twinkle got kidnapped, all are shocked. Kunj slaps Yuvi and says you wont change, you had to do it today too? Yuvi says i didnt do anything, i told you that i have ended all animosity and i didnt do it, why you doubting me? Kunj sayg give me one reason to not doubt you, Yuvi says Simple… all are stunned, Yuvi says i mean i didnt kidnap her, Twinkle is always in trouble when she is with you, you always put her in danger, it must your enemy. Cherry says we should think who kidnapped her. Leela says Anita you wont change, why you kidnapped my daughter? Anita says we have other works then kidnapping your daughter. Simple says silent you all, i know Piddi kidnapped her. Kunj asks who Piddi? Simple says he was getting married with me before i ranaway from house, he saw Twinkle with me and thought Twinkle was me so he kidnapped her, Simple’s grand father says i will kill that Piddi, Kunj says she is my wife and i will bring her back, Yuvi says i hope she is fine. Simple says i know where Piddi would have taken her, give me sword grand father.. Kunj says its not needed, Simple says fine you become hero, lets go, they leave.
Piddi brings Twinkle to godown, they see its not Simple but Twinkle. Goons say to Piddi that we mistakenly brought her here, Piddi says till Simple doesnt come to save her, she will remain here. Twinkle is tied to chair and says you are idiots, free my hands then i will see you, when two macho men come here with Simple then you people will know.
Simple, Yuvi and Kunj comes to godown. Yuvi says you sure she is at this place? Simple says its Piddi’s romantic place, he wanted honeymoon with me here. Yuvi says this tiny is gone, Simple says tiny is my grand father’s name, he is Piddi, Yuvi says i am stuck in all this. He says how dare he try to kidnap you Simple? Kunj says my wife is kidnapped, lets save her. Piddi’s goon sees them. He inform Piddi that Simple have come with two guys. Piddi asks them to beat guys and bring Simple to him, he says to Twinkle that simple is here so you have to leave.
Goons come and starts fighting with Kunj and Yuvi. One goon grabs Simple, she screams for Yuvraj.. Yuvi sees her. He leaves other goon and starts going towards her, ajab si song plays. goon hits Yuvi with wooden stick but Yuvi doesnt stop going towards Simple. Otherside Twinkle beats Piddi with stick, she says dont think girls are weak. goons are grabbing Simple’s hand, Yuvi says leave her hand, goon says we wont, Yuvi says leave her else i will beat you. Kunj comes and asks where is my wife? Yuvi and Kunj beat goons. Kunj listens Twinkle’s name and goes to her. Simple beats goon, Yuvi looks on stunned. Simple comes to Twinkle, Piddi says Simple save me from this Twinkle. She says you tried to kidnap me? he says i am sorry but save me from this witch, Twinkle is about to beat him again but Kunj asks her to spare him, Yuvi says you have 2minutes, dont ever come near Simple else you will be beaten by me. Kunj asks Twinkle if she is fine? Twinkle says yes but before anymore trouble comes, lets go and get married, Kunj says lets go my Saypaa queen.
Yuvi is driving car. Simple is sitting on passenger seat, she smile at him, Main agar Kahun plays, Simple recalls how they met, their antics and everything, Twinkle and Kunj sees Simple drooling over Yuvi. They come home. Leela hugs Twinkle and says thank God you are fine. She says Yuvi is injured, she says i will do your bandage, Twinkle says Simple is here, lets go inside. Kunj and Twinkle takes Leela away. Yuvi starts leaving, Simple says Luthra.. i mean Yuvi you know i dont keep anything inside, i say everything i think, he says good policy, she says i want to say something, he says yes, she says will you marry me.. Yuvi is shocked and says what? Simple says dont take tension, i wont runaway from wedding venue, i am tired of running, i want to walk with someone who can match up with my speed and how you saved me from goons.. Yuvi says what are you saying? Simple says you are daring and crazy and i am same, we are perfect for each other, we are not like to hold hands and walk under stars, we are spontaneous people, we are like take bike and go on journey, we dont care about destination, we dont play songs for our partners but we make our own song, look i dont know about promises for seven births, i know i am not perfect girl but i know when we will be together, we will be happy, we will spend life smiling and laughing. She sits on her kneed and asks him if he will make her partner in crime, will he marry her? yuvi looks on.

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