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Tashan-e-Ishq 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Well here’s the episodic analysis for those who couldn’t watch today’s episode
The episode starts with simple asking uv did he think something. Uv says it’s weird till today people naturally hated me but now when I want ur parents to hate me they aren’t.simple shouts at him that just keep thinking n they start arguing.
Just then Kunj comes and asks simple to help out twinkle to get ready for marriage.
Simple says to twinkle I’ve never made such good friends in my life.Twinkle says mostly like uv right.
The goons with biddi enter the sarna house to kidnap simple but mistakingly kidnap twinkle
Simple informs everyone about twinkle getting kidnapped
Kunj slaps uv n shouts at him that u can never change.
Uv says stay off from me I haven’t done a thing.Leela says that Anita can never change she would never let us stay happily
Anita shouts back saying I have no time to waste on ur daughter.dont give urself so much importance.
Simple says just stop it I know where twinkle is the guy who I was suppose to marry has kidnapped twinkle by mistake
Kunj simple n uv leave to get twinkle
Biddi sees twinkle instead of simple n says she would come to save her friend so we’ll wait
They arrive at the godown there the goons take simple forcefully she shouts for uv n uv saves her from them
While twinkle hits biddi with rod and he asks simple to save him from this woman
He says he’ll never disturb her again
Kunj asks twinkle if she’s fine she says let’s hurry up marry
He says let’s go my siyapa queen
They leave in car uv n simple remember the time they spent n smile
At home Leela asks twinkle if she’s fine .
She sees uv wound n asks him to get it dressed twinkle says simple will do it n they leave them alone
Simple says to uv I want to say something n I’ll speak directly she proposes uv
While uv is shocked
The episode ends here.
I don’t couldn’t see the precap so sorry for that


Update Credit to: sneha

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