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SwaSan! you r my life! – (Season-2) (Episode – 26)


It was the was beautiful morning ….
With lots of love for our lovely and heavenly couple swasan who were sleeping in each other embrace peacefully with a angelic smile on their cute faces


The sun rays falls on our cute sanskar
As usual his opens his eyes and looks at his love with cute smile ….his love his swara who was hugging him tightly …..sleeping on his chest
He smiles and gently places her on the pillow ….covers her naked body with a bedsheets ……kisses on her forehead lovingly ..and pecks her lips ……
He getsup from the bed …..takes his clothes from wardrobe and goes to washroom

After sometime he comes out rubbing his hairs with a towel ….and a towel tied around his waist …..he was looking sooooo hot (close ur eyes guys …coz he is mine????) the water drop falling from his hairs to the chest (oh my god) he was not less than a greek god

He looked at his love rubbing his hairs ……
He smiles seeing her sleeping still …with a angelic smile …he shakes his head and goes towards her ……looks at her lovingly
And leans on her ….now he was top of her ….goes closer to her ears

Sanskar:(whisper in huskly) Jaan

Nuzzling his nose on her soft cheeks
……lifted her a little …and held her by waist

Sanskar:Jaan ….getup
Swara:(hugs her tightly) hmmmmmmm

She could feel tat the wet drop of water was on her from his hairs …but hugged him more tightly tat the bedsheets which was covering her was full wet …as a consequence her body was also full wetted ….he smiles and nuzzles his nose on her bare neck

Swara:(giggles)hehehehe ….Sans….hehehe
Sanskar:jaan getup …don’t u remember we have to leave to India (still nuzzling his nose on her neck)

Hearing thz she immediately opens her eyes …..and looks at sanskar who was laying on her with a bare wet body …only towel tied around his waist ….she blushed
He smiles seeing her blushing …

Sanskar:(smiles) oh so my jaan is blushing huh! (Pecks her lips)
Swara:?? sanskar

Hugged him in shy ….kept circling on his

Sanskar:wat r u doing jaan
Swara looks at him and nodes her face in nothing …….

Sanskar:then getup …and fresh up we have to leave for India right

Swara nodes ….smiles ..and kiss his lips ….

Swara:i love u soooooo much (smiles)
Sanskar:love u infinite …..now get up

He gets up from her ….she also gets up wraps herself with bedsheets and leaves to washroom …



Uttara was waiting for laksh to pick her from clg …

Uttara:oh god itni der hogaie (looks at her watch) Aur bhai abb take nahi aye

As she was waiting for laksh ….she heard a voice like someone calling she turned towards the direction ….and was surprised to see the person …..the person comes running and stands in front of her panting heavily


(Yes it is rishi)

Uttara:wat r u doing here
Rishi:u don’t uttara I was searching for u from morning …..finally I saw u
Uttara:?? but y u want to see me …
Rishi:actually i want to talk to u abt something …
Rishi:wo uttara …I know u love me ….but….
Uttara:it’s k rishi …I know u don’t love me ???
Rishi:yes uttara u right I don’t love u ….but
I do like u ….
Uttara:?? wat u like me
Rishi:?? yes …..i want to say tat actually I love someone else …i love her truly
Uttara:?? so u came to say thz
Rishi:haan ….but nit only thz ….I also want to say u tat I don’t want to lose a girl like u
Uttara:(confused) wat
Rishi: (understoood) …wo uttara the girl whom I love ….loves another person
She love him very much ..he also does so ..their love is unconditional …my love for her was only one sided ….
Uttara:oh ??
Rishi:uttara I know I don’t love u ..but still I like u .and don’t wanna lose a girl like u in my life ….(he kneels) so miss uttara maheswari …will u marry me …I’m sure one day I will fall for u …..

Uttara dnt expected thz she was on cloud nine …tears rolled down on her cheeks as he shakes her head in positive …….he smiles ….getsup and helds her hand
Drags her from there



Swasan were already ready standing infront of the private plane ✈✈✈

Sanskar looks at swara who was soooo happy to return India ….he smiles and helds her hand

Sanskar:chalien .. .
Swara:(smiles) haan

Both sits in the plan …it was huge ….plane
But swara was feeling restless
The plane took over

Swara:?? sanskar I’m feeling scared
Sanskar:kya howa Japan
Swara:sanskar ..i don’t know but I’m feeling restless …..u will not leave me again right (tears)??

He looks at her and cups her face ….wipes her tears

Sanskar;never ever …..i will not leave u
(Kisses her forehead) now let me sleep …
On my jaan

Swara slightly smiles ….but fearing from inside…..he looks at her and understood

Sanskar: (cups her face) nothing will happen jaan …see our love is very strong it can fight with anything isnt it

Swara smiles …and nodes
He smiles patts her cheeks ….and sleeps on her lap …hugging her …….while she smiles looking at his cute faces and keeps caressing his hairs lovingly …..

Soon they reaches India ……
Car was already waiting for them ….they got in ….sanskar was driving the car as he asked driver to leave ……swara placed her head on her shoulder and hugged him tightly ……he smiles and keeps his feet on break but Alas! The breaks r failed
Before he could do something

$$$$ BHOOMM !!!!!!!


Guys hope u all liked I was in soo hurry tar I wtote thz chappy …plz paradon me if u dnt liked it ….
Thank u guys bye love u all

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