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SwaSan! wajah tum ho!! -episode-7


Sanskar was staring at swara from the window with a cute smile on his face …while swara was busy in writing the exam
…he was just staring her each movement lovingly ???
He was having peaceful and cute smile …after seeing a peace on his love’s his swara’s face …… his heart was perching when he saw tears in her beautiful eyes ….but now he his happy coz he is the reason behind his loves his swara’s peace
…yes he is happy not bothering abt his exam which he dnt wrote to see thz peace on his love’s face ….


After sometime

The exam got over …..swara comes out of the class sanskar looks at her …goes towards her ..

Sanskar:(lovingly ) swara …

Swara looks at him …and gives a angry glare to him coz she thinks sanskar intentionally throwed tat chit on her …unaware of the reality ….she leaves from there without replying himhim

Sanskar looks at her angry face …smiles

Sanskar: (smiles) arrey swara listen …….

Sanskar was abt to go back of her but stops by rithik and yuvi calling him

Yuvi / rithik: bhai

He turns and looks at them …

Yuvi:(confused) bhai y did u saved swara &
Put the blame on urself …as we know tat u will never take chit for exams …
Sanskar: (confused) how come u came to know abt thz
Rithik:arrey bhai it’s a hot and a breaking news which whole CLG is lipsing ki sanskar the handsome hunk taking interest in a girl …..tat girl who once slapped him u know ….

Sahil also comes there

Sahil: haan bhai y did u saved tat girl …
Sanskar:(covers it) hey nothing yaar …she is innocent …the chits wasn’t hers …so I don’t want tat teacher to scold her unnecessarly …that’s the reason I saved her …so tat she can write the exam
Sahil:hmmm k bhai ….but did u frgt tat she is the one who slapped u. …insulted u ….
I don’t think so u forgotten tat ….
Rithik: haan sahil is right … U never frgt the person who insults u …I’m sooo confused how can u forgave swara ….so easily bhai
Sahil:bhai r u playing a game with her ….r u making her a b***c for u ??

Sanskar who was quite .. Listening to them all thz time ….got furious by sahil’s words ….his eyes turned into a blood shot which can easily kill anyone ???
He angrily looked at him and holder his collar …..took his hand to punch him hard but……

Yuvi:(holds his hand) bhai wat r u doing. ….
(Surprised look sanskar as never took hands on his friends no matter wat they

Sanskar closes his eyes and took back his hand ….looks at sweating sahil angrily

Sanskar:not …not a word against swara …or else mai bhuljaunga ki u r my friend (stern tone)???

Trio …rithik,yuvi,sahil r shocked seeing thz side of sanskar ….tat too for a girl ….
Rithik got some hints of Sanskar behavior …he decided to ask sanskar to confirm it …
So he took a sigh

Rithik:(fumbles) bhai ……r ….u …in ….love… With swara …..I mean do u love swara

Sanskar looks at his friends …..

Sanskar: yes I love her. ..lover her like anything ….love her like a mad. ……

Yuvi and sahil were taken a back …coz they aren’t able believe ki the sanskar …who is least interested in girls …is in love ….

Rithik:?? r u serious bhai …
Sanskar:yes ….(looks at sahil) and dare anyone disrespect her …I will kill them ????
Sahil:(downs his head) I’m sorry bhai…..
Yuvi: bhai maaf kardo usse….
Sanskar:(take sigh) ..hmmm k …but listen I wanna make her my princess ….my everything ….not the thing which u said got tat (raises his eyebrows)
Sahil: (nodes ) hmm k …I have some work …have to go

Sahil leaves from there ..

Yuvi:(hugs sanskar ) I’m sooo happy bhai. …?? u r in love wow!
Sanskar: yeah me too☺
Rithik: waise bhai ….I’m confused how come u fall for tat thiki mirchi …oops I mean swara …???
Sanskar: hahaha it’s all love man ….u will also come to know soon ….abt love’s magic don’t worry..
Yuvi:hahahaha …bhai who will love thz idiot hahaha. ..
Rithik:haha very funny ….

Yuvi:huh! ….waise bhai when r u going to propose our bhabhi
Sanskar: propose don’t yaar …I’m sacred of her reaction
Rithik: hahaha??? the great sanskar is finally scared of someone hahaha????

Sanskar gives him a death glare ….he keeps mum

Yuvi:bhai I think u should …express ur love to her so tat dilwale hi dulhanya lejaye …
Rithik: haan bhai or else …dulhanya koi aur lejayega aur app dekthe reh jaao gai
Sanskar:but .I’m…
Yuvi:no if and buts …u r gonna propose her 2mro means u will do it
Rithik:haan bhai …I know u r worried abt thiki mirchi’s expressions ….but don’t worry I have a plan
Sanskar: (curiously) wat …
Rithik:yehi ki( tells something)

After some time trio leaves from there


Next Day ..

Maheswari Mansion

Ragini’s room

Sanskar was waking ragini ..

Sanskar:choti oot…na ..

Pulls the bedsheet and was shocked to seeing ragini shivering from cold …he touched her cheeks …it was sooo hot …

Sanskar: (worried) oh god she’s having high fever …… (Shouts) mom…mom…mom

Sujatha comes there

Sujatha: wat happen chore
Sanskar:mom WO choti ko high fever hai did u consult her to a doctor
Sujatha:haan chore …but instead of decreasing her fever is increasing more and more (worried)
Sanskar: hmmm k call the doctor …let her check choti once

Sujatha nodes and leaves from there

Sanskar looks at ragini. ..kisses her forehead lovingly

Sanskar: bye choti ….and get well soon .
Ragini:(smiles) bye bhai ….

Sanskar leaves from there ….

Here …
Ram was talking on the phone ….shouting at his p.a badly

*on call*

Ram:do whatever I don’t care but I want my business to be save got tat …(shouts)
(Other side): k sir but ..Mrs gadodia .. Wat should we do to her ..as I already told u ki she is not the person …whom we can bribe easily …
Ram: ?? I don’t know …do whatever
…I’m repeating again I just want my business to be save …or else u better know me (dangerous tone)

Cuts the call

Ram:Mrs Gadodia ….argggh ???


Gadodia Mansion

Swara :(hugs sumi & shekar) bye ma …bye papa ☺☺ getting late for CLG
Sumi and shekar: haan bye angel ☺☺. ..

She looks at laksh who is doing some work on the laptop …she smiles and goes towards him …and hugs him

Swara:bye …bhai ☺☺
Laksh:haan bye my sweet sis ..(kisses her cheeks)☺☺ and take this
(Gives a big chocolate)
Swara:??? wow! Bhai thank u sooo much (hugs him) u r the best bro
Laksh: haha I know ☺☺

Swara takes the chocolate and leaves from there


Xyz clg

Kavitha was standing out …waiting for swara to come ..

Kavitha:arrey yeh swara bhi na…uff

Just then swara comes there …

Swara:hi kavi (hugs her)☺☺
Kavitha: oh god ..finally u came. .or else I thought ki I will stand whole day here only waiting for u (dramatically)
Swara:hahaha Bas kar dramebaaz ….come let’s go ..

Both swakavi enters the CLG …and was surprised to see tat all were staring them

Kavitha: (whisphers ) arrey swara …y thz donkeys r staring at us
Swara:wat I know…
Kavitha: hey wait Wait …(looks at everyone)
Swara look there all r staring u …not me yaar

Swara:(looks at everyone ) haan kavi …but y ????(confused)

Just then a girl comes to them

Girl: hi swara …
Swara:hlw misha…misha do u know y all r staring at me???
Misha:(surprised look) don’t u know swara y they r staring u …

Swara nodes in ‘no’

Misha:oh swara they r staring u coz ..u r the hot and breaking news of CLG now …
Swakavi:(confused) wat …
Misha:haan ..wait I will show u …

She drags swara and point’s to a wall

Misha:look at there. .

Swara looks and was shock …to see the wall ..it was written “I love u swara” “yours sanskar”

Misha:not only thz. Look at there (points to another wall)

Swara looks now it was written ….
” you r my love swara ” …she points to another wall it was written ….
“I’m in madly love with u …my love swara”
“Yours sanskar”

Misha:swara u r sooo lucky …clg’s most handsome hunk …sanskar loves u ….
U know all girls r mad for him …and would die for his one look but he never cared to give tat to anyone ….but now he madly loves u swara ….wow!

Swara who was shocked seeing all thz …got furious now …

Swara:??? but I don’t love him ..how dare he to do all thz. .today I’m not gonna leave him at any cost …(turns ) kavi
(But she wasn’t there) abb yeh kahan chali gai ….abbb is idiot sanskar ko khud hi dundna padega .

She angrily leave’s from there……searching sanskar ….just then she hears voice …soon recognised tat ki it is song ….

Muskurane ki ” wajah tum ho”?
Gunguna ki “wajah tum ho” ?
Jiya jaye na ..jaye na
O rey piya reyyyy piya rey

All looks at person curiously as his back was facing them ….he slowly turns …all gets surprised coz it is non other than our hero cute Sanskar ….swara’s mouth was widened seeing him signing
He smiles and comes forward

O rey lamhai tu kahin mat jaa
Ho sakai tho umr bhar than jaa
Jiya jaye na jaye na jaye na
Piya Rey ….piyaaa rey

He sits in his knees in front of swara spreads his hands and points to her

Muskurane ki ” wajah tum ho”?
Gungunane ki “wajah tum ho”?

He smiles and takes a rose from his pocket ….forwards it

Sanskar: I love u swara ……meri har muskarne ki har khushi ..srif ..” Wajah tum ho”???

He gets up

Sanskar:I love like a mad …u r my everything swara …

He comes closer to him ….while she gets angry by all thz and gives a tight slap to him ….the sof red rose falls down …all looks on shock

5year leap


A girl and two boys r waiting for someone to come

Girl:arrey rithu and yuvi bhaiyo …y sanskar bhaiyo is taking soo much time to come huh! U know I’m soo excited to see him and hug …..after 5long years

The girl is ragini ….and two boys r rithik and yuvi. ..

Rithik:me too choti …aur yeh baar I will not let bhai to leave us
Yuvi:(smiles) exactly …and u both look at there…..(points) bhai

Ragini and rithik looks at the direction ….
There comes our hero ….dressed in black and white tuxedo ….with a shades ..looking hot ,cute and s*xy …not less than Greek god …..bodyguards around him …..
Looking like a perfect businessmen
….but but but something is missing …yes it is smile there is no smile on his face …he is not the old sanskar who just know to enjoy everything ….he is changed completely changed …he looks at his sis and friends
….who were similng looking at him ….he too gives a smile ….but is the smile is true ??????????


How was the episode hope u all liked and soooo sorry yaar I know u r all waiting my ff but I already told u ki my leg got fractured yaar ..and also wasn’t feeling well all these days hope u all understand my prblm
….and inshallah if I can I will try to write …
Yrml k…..

Thank u all guys ….for support and love
..bye ..take care. .love????????????u all

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