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SwaSan TS : I Won’t Leave You – Character Sketch

Hello everyone.. Sorry bt I cant post IWL fr next 4 to 5 days bcz my bua is expired nd m in no mood to write any mastiiful & romantic epi of IWL which u all wanted frm me.. So m posting this TS which I was written already few days back bt dint posted.. so enjoy it.. I’ll return soon with my ff.. Thanks!

 Characters :

Swara Gadodia : Daughter of topmost business man in kolkata.. Very cute, bubbly & kind hearted girl.. loves music.. loves her father very much.. Her mother died when she was 3 yrs old.. Studying in Engineering clg of kolkata, 1st yr..

Shekhar Gadodia : Swara’s father.. a billionaire business man in kolkata. Loves swara a lot.. Has many business rivals.. So always too protective towards swara.

Sanskaar Maheshwari : Son of Durgaprasad Maheshwari. Studying in Engineering clg of kolkata. 1st yr.. A handsome hunk of clg.. Girls totally drools over him & dies fr his one look.. Flirty guy.. Loves music..

Durgaprasad Maheshwari : Father of Sanskar.   Well knwn business man in kolkata. Best friend of Shekhar Gadodia.

Annapurna Maheshwari : Mother of Sanskar. Very kind hearted & caring..

So guys here’s the introduction of main characters… Other u’ll get to knw in TS only..
I’m giving u a promo..

Scene 1 :

A girl was pleading a boy & crying..

Girl : Don’t  do this to me plz.. plz.. I love u.. y? Y u did this? What I had done to u? Y u played with my feelings? Plz.. dont leave me.. plz.. ? ( falls in his feet )

Boy : ( Giving irritated look ) Hey u.. r u deaf?? Dint u hear what I said? I dont love u.. u were jst a toy fr me nthing else.. got it? Now just get lost frm here.. ( jerks her )

She was abt to fall when sm1 cm & hold her..

Girl : Don’t u hv manners Mr ? Hw u r behaving with a girl? Oh yes! I frgt! Hw will u hv manners? U are a spoilt brat of dis clg.. useless! Who thinks that girls are only fr use & throw.. Disgusting! ( to girl ) & u.. u r begging to him who has no care of u.. who dont love u.. ( made her stand ) U r nt weak! U r strong.. & This cheap dont deserve u.. cm.. lets go.. ( starts to leave )

Boy : Hey.. whoever u r.. u insulted me infront of whole clg.. u’ll pay fr it sure.. mind it! ( angry )

Girl : ( sternly ) will see.. ( leaves )


So hw was d promo?
Who is dat girl & boy??
I knw u guys r brilliant enough to guess who r they.. ?
What will happen next?
Hw will that boy seek revenge frm that girl?
Or he’ll fall in his own dig pit..
Stay tunned to knw more..

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