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SwaSan TS : All I need is your love Episode 2…( Betrayal??)

Hello frnds.. Here I am with a next part of TS..


Episode starts with swara’s phone ringing.. She looked at caller Id & got extreme happy..

Swara : Raginiiiiiiii…..

Ragini : Swara ki bachchi!! Where were u haa?? I was calling u frm long tym.. ( naughtily ) bzy with jiju na?? ?

Swara : ( blushes ) Ragini! Shameless!! Stop it!!

Ragini : Oyy hoyyee!! Someone is blushing.. bas bas swaru! Dont blush more.. If jiju see u like this na then they cant able to control.. ( laughs )

Swara : ( turns crimson red ) Ragini!! Stop it u idiot! Achcha, nw u tell me, y did u call me??

Ragini : ( hits her head ) See.. I forgot! Tmrw is my wedding reception.. I called u to invite u both.. & u hv to cm coz u were nt in my wedding.. so u shd cm in reception party at any cost! Got it??

Swara : Yess mam.. sure!!

Ragini : Ok then.. see u tmrw.. ( whispers ) nw continue.. bye.. ?

Swara : ( blushes ) Bye! Huhh! Paagal! I shd tell sanskaar abt tmrw’s party..

She went in sanky’s study & knocks..

Sanskaar : come in..

Swara : Sanskaar.. r u busy??

Sanskaar : ( looks up ) Arre swara no.. cm na.. sit..

Swara : ( sits ) wo actually, u knw ragini na.. my bestie! Tmrw is her reception party.. she invited both of us.. U’ll cm na??

Sanskaar : No swara.. actually tmrw is lucky’s reception party too soo.. ( suddenly strikes smthng ) ek min.. whats d full name of Ragini??

Swara : Ragini Singhania.. Y?? ( confused )

Sanskaar : ( laughs ) arre then we’ll surely go there..

Swara : hw?? I mean what abt lucky then??

Sanskaar : we’ll go there too..

Swara : sanskaar! Hw can we go to 2 places at a same time..??

Sanskaar : haha.. bcoz dear wifey, dat 2 places are nt different.. Ragini is d one who is married to our Lucky..

Swara : Whattt?? Wowww!! Thats gr8! Ur bestie weds my bestie..

Sanskaar : Haha.. yes! Chalo.. nw we shd sleep.. tmrw we hv to go there in tym..

Swara : Arre ha.. yes! Good nyt..

Sanskaar : Good nyt ?

Both sleeps.. next day, both reached at venue.. Both were looking absolutely stunning.. MADE FOR EACH OTHER!!! Swara excuses & was going to meet Ragini.. bt suddenly sm1 called her frm behind.. she gets shocked hearing the voice..

Voice : Looks like sm1 is very happy in her married life.. Aahhan!! Not bad.. not bad! Bt happiness doesnt last long.. hai na??

Swara : ( whispers in fear ) Aditya!!!

Adi : Yes behena.. its me only.. I thought u forgot me after going to ur husband’s house.. bt u remember me.. ( winks at her )

Swara : ( sweating ) What.. what do u want???

Adi : U knew it baby.. ( angrily ) What d hell u r doing haa?? Dont u knw y I sent u there?? I want my work done on tonight itself, understand???

Swara : No.. I wont do it.. I cant cheat him.. I cant betray him..

Adi : ohho!! Looks like sm1 fell in love.. bt bad luck baby.. u hv to do this.. or else..

Swara : Yes! I love him.. I love sanskaar! Hv u heard?? I love him.. & I wont cheat him at any cost!

Adi : Ohh really?? ( laughs like a mad ) hahaha.. Do u think me as a fool haa?? Look, if u wont do it na then I’ll tell ur bl**dy truth to him.. Then will see hw he’ll love u?? Hahaha.. he’ll throw u out!!

Swara : ( hell scared ) Nooo.. u cant do that.. nooo.. ( cries )

Adi : I can baby.. I can.. & if u dont want this, den do wat I asked.. choice is urs.. bye bye.. ( he left )

Swara went blank.. she just doesnt getting whats happening around her.. tears were continuously flowing frm her eyes.. suddenly Ragini called her..

Ragini : Swara!!!

Swara : ( wipes her tears & smiles ) Ragini.. hw r u?? U r looking very beautiful..

Ragini : M fine dear.. & u r not less than me madam.. cm will meet my husband.. ( she went near laksh ) Laksh.. she’s swara! Swara Maheshwari.. My bestie & Swara he’s laksh.. laksh Kapoor.. My hubby..

Swalak smiled at each other..

Laksh : No need of intro wifey.. we knw each other.. Hai na bhabhi?

Swara smiles faintly..

Ragini : Bhabhi??

Lucky : Yes! Bhabhi! She’s wife of my bestie.. Sanskaar Maheshwari! Hey Sanky.. ( calls him ) cm here..

Ragini : Omg! Really?? Dats gr8! Hii jiju.. vaise manna padega! Ur choice is gr8!! ?

Sanskaar : ( smiles ) so to hai saali sahiba!! ?

All laughs.. Suddenly Swara felt dizzy.. She holds ragini..

Ragini : ( worried ) Wat happened swaru?? R u fine??

Sanskaar : ( looks at swara in concern ) Swara??? What happened??

Swara : ( managed to smile ) Nothing.. just my legs are paining.. From hw long I was roaming here & there.. dats y..

Ragini : ( not convinced ) ok.. cm with me.. will back in sm tym.. Jiju, laksh.. will just cm..

Sanlak nods..

Ragini : Swara, tell me.. what happened?? M seeing u frm long tym.. u r in tension?? Tell me..

Swara burst out crying & hugs Ragini.. She tells Ragini everything.. Ragini gets shocked & cries too..

Ragini : ( composing herself ) Swaru.. u beared this much pain alone?? Hw dare dat bastard to play with u.. I wont leave him.. Dont wry.. m wid u.. will tell laksh & jiju..

Swara : No.. no ragini.. not nw plz.. I’ll tell him by myself wen ryt tym cms..

Ragini : Ok.. lets go out now..

Swaragini cms there.. Sanlak looked at them & smiled..

Lucky : So finished ur chattings??

Ragini : yes..

Sanskaar : Ok guys.. I think we shd leave nw.. Its getting late.. cm swara..

Swara : Yes.. bye Ragini.. by Lucky..

Raglak : Bye..

They leaves..

In car..

Swara was lost in her thoughts.. her face was looking dull & pale. Sanskaar observes this..

Sanskaar : Swaraa..

Swara : Hmm??

Sanskaar : R u fine??

Swara : Ya sanskaar.. m fine.. jst little tired..

Sanskaar : Okay.. ?

Both reached at home.. Sanskar was parking car.. suddenly he looks at swara & gets horrified.. a truck was cmng frm opposite side & swara was lost in her thoughts.. Sanskaar shouts & run towards her..

Sanskaar : ( shocked & shouts ) Swaraaaa!!!! ( he runs & pushed her.. both falls down )

Sanskaar : ( gets up & looks at swara ) Swaraa!! Swaraa.. r u alryt?? Ohh god!! ( he got angry ) Where d hell u lost ha?? Cant u see?? Wht if I didnt saw dat truck?? What if u got hitted by it?? What if smthng happened to u?? Did u think abt me?? Haa?? Answer me damn it!!

Swara : M sry sanskar!! ( cries )

Sanskar : ( in next second hugs her tightly & cries ) Dont do this again swara.. I cant live widout u.. I love u swara.. I love u..

Swara : ( Shocked at his confession & et extreme happy.. ) I.. I love u too sanskaar.. I love u very much.. Never ever leave me.. ( hugs him tightly )

Suddenly sanskaar feels her loosen grip.. He looks at her & gets shocked seeing her fainted..

Sanskaar : ( panics ) Sw.. Swwaraaa!! Swaraa!! Hey.. what happened?? ( pats her cheeks ) Swara utho.. open ur eyes plz.. ( cries )

He picks her in bridal style & rushed inside house.. He called doc.. Doc came & checked her.. Sanky was tensed..

Sanskaar : How’s she doc?? She’s fine na??

Doc : Nothing to wry Mr. Maheshwari! She’s absolutely fine.. Just lil stressed.. take care of her.. She’ll gain consious in smtym..

Sanskaar : Thanks doc.. ( doc left )

Sanky sits beside her caressing her hairs.. He looks at her with teary eyes remembering d truck incident.. meanwhile, swara gains her consciousness..

Swara : ( faintly ) Sanskaarrr…

Sanskar : ( happy ) Swaraa!! Thank god u r fine.. U really scared me.. hw r u feeling nw??

Swara : Better..

Sanskaar : ok u take rest I’ll bring soup fr u.. ( kisses her forehead & leaves )

After sanskar left, swara gets call frm unknwn no. She lifts it..

Swara : hello..

Opposite person : did my work??

Swara : ( sweating ) Adi.. plz.. I need tym..

Adi : Enough!! Not nw.. I sent u there to snatched his all property frm him.. & wat r u doing?? Haa??

Swara : I knw.. I knw I married sanskaar to get his property bt ( suddenly gets shocked ) Sanskaaarrr!!!

Sanskar was standing at door listening her talks.. Tray falls frm his hands.. Tears started to flow frm his eyes.. swara rushes to him..

Swara : ( cries ) Sanskaar.. listen.. this is nt truth.. Just listen to me once.. plz..

Sanskaar : ( hell angry ) Stop ur nonsense… Y?? Y u did this?? I loved u unconditionally & u?? U betrayed me?? Y?? Y swara y??for money??

Swara : no.. no sanskar.. I dont need ur money.. ALL I NEED IS UR LOVE.. plz.. listen to me once..

Sanskaar : Enough!” Not a word!! Get out! Get out of my house ryt nw!! I said out!!

Swara : sanskar.. no.. dont do this to me.. I cant live without u.. I’ll die.. plz..

Sanskar didnt listen.. He drags swara towards the door.. Throws her out of house & closed the door.. He burst out crying sitting on floor!!

Screen freezes on Crying faces of SwaSan..

Precap : Kidnapping.. Revealation of truth.. Rescue..

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