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The episode begins here

@ MM

Swalak comes to MM after arranging swara’s cabin in her old ofc
Ap gives water to both of them.
Later raginj comes with two glasses of juice.
She gives ti swalak.
Ap – swara beta u know yeh juice ragini ne khud banayi hai sirf tumhare liye. She never entered kitchen before this….
Ragini – ma…..(angry)
Ap – taareef kar rahi hu beta….
Ragini – tareef nahi tang keechre ho meri…
Swara – haha tanq ragu….(swara stands and hugs her)
Ragini too hugs her back.
Laksh first gets shocked later gets surprised and finally becomes happy seeing their bond.
Just then sanskar comes.
Swara acts to be normal with him but ragini ignores him.
Laksh observes this.
But thinks to ask later

Laksh – di i will leave now….
Swara – lucky…woh..
Dp – have dinner and go beta.
Laksh – no uncle actually I think mom already prepared for me.
Swara – it’s ok lucky I will talk to ma.
Laksh agrees.
Aftr sometime swara and ap starts arranging the table.
When swara goes to kitchen laksh too follows her.
Laksh – shona y is ragini ignoring juju ??
Swara – it’s all because of u lucky. ….. (tells everything now ragini fought with sanskar)
Laksh feels guilty for hurting ragini and at the same time thinks to thank her for supporting his sister.
He thinks to talk to ragini after dinner.

@ dining table

Swara starts serving everyone. She made laksh’s fav dish but she does not serve him.
Ap – are swara beta serve laksh….
Swara – rare ma first all of I eat afire that I will serve this bhukkad warna ye sab khajayega.
laksh – ha u r right main bhukkad hi Apr banana kisne….aunty u know Bachpan se itna Kaam karwathi thi ki main kaam karte karte bhukkad hogaya….see even now i am coming aftr doing her work…
Swara(opens her mouth wide) – hooo jhutaa..y r u telling lies…ha….i used to do all ur works…..
Laksh – now u stop telling lies….aunty u know how much lazy she is ?? I used to wake her up bh pouring water on her head…that is the only way to wake her up….
Swara(angry) – lucky stop ur bakwas and eat fast….
Serves his fav dish…
Laksh – haha mujhe pata hai tujhse kaam kaise karwana hai…and winks at her…
Swara realises that she served him and beats him.
All enjoys their cute fight including sanskar.
Later laksh leaves.

@swasan room

Sanskar is still confused about his feelings towards swara whereas swara is sad thinking about sanskar’s words and his deal with laksh…

Sanskar gets an idea…he thinks to search about love.
He reads hundreads of definitions for love and the only person gets into his mind is miss.scarf.
Sanskar(frustated) – ahhhh miss.scarf…..u r getting into my nerves…..y can’t i forget u. Y do i remember u wen i read about love…..ha ?? No i can’t love u becozzz i love swara my wife….
One sentence which he read starts revolving in his mind. “Love cannot happen bh seeing the outer beauty…its all about the inner beauty”
He starts remembering how she helped the children her helping nature,purity in her eyes and then her touch the moment wen their lips touched several times……
All those starts revolving in his mind…..
Wen he thinks about their kiss he feels the utmost happiness which he had never experienced.
All the feelings of love which he had read r the same to his….he is confused….
Many questions are arising in his mind.

Sanskar’s pov
What do i feel for miss.scarf ??
Is it love or hate ??
Y am i desperate to meet her ??
Is it just to take revenge or something else ??
Revenge means hurting her ?? Hurting her no…i can’t hurt her ……ahhh y can’t i hurt her ?? She is the reason for my loss and my reputation is at stake becozz of her but still i amnot able to think of punishing her ?? Y ?? Is this love ??
Then wat is the feeling i have for swara ?? Wat’s hapening to me ??…

By thinking all these sanskar falls asleep.

Nextday as it is weekend….swaragini and laksh goes for shopping…

@shopping mall

Ragini – bhabhi….plzzz remove this scarf…we came inside….
Swara – ya ok….
Wen swara is about to remove the scarf she gets call so she goes out to attend it without removing the scarf…..
Laksh – ragini….(with a lot of care and guilty)
Raginj gets happy to listen her name from his mouth.
Ragini – ha laksh…
Laksh – i need to talk to u…alone…
Raginj – but bhabhi…
Laksh – she went to attend a call wen she comes she will call us so u come with me.
Laksh takes ragini with him.
Here swara returns to the place but wen she doesnot find them she calls them but due to low network their mobiles r not working so she starts searching for them. (Without removing scarf)
Just then sanskar enters the mall as he came for a casual meeting with his business partners family.

Swara searches raglak in every boutique.
Sanskar goes into men’s section whereas swara too goes there to search them.

Sanskar comes from one side and swara comes from the opposite side.
As swara is in hurry she dashes him and both falls down and their lips meet again….
Swara closes her eyes as well as sanskar but wen he feels her lips on his he immediately opens his eyes and gets happy to see his miss.scarf….. there is no limits to his happiness.
Swara is closing her eyes.
Sanskar again kisses on her lips…..wen swara suddenly opens her eyes. She gets shocked to see sanskar. Sanskar stops kissing her and sees her. His eyes r filled with tears of happiness. Swara is seeing him in that state for the first time. She can see only love in his eyes. And by seeing that immense love she forgot everything wat ever he did.
(Swara forgot that she is wearing a scarf and she is thinking that sanskar too can see her)
sanskar cups her face.
Sanskar(tearg eyed) – do u know how much i missed u ?? Where did u go ha ?? I want to say u one thing…..i wanted to destroy u at first as i thought becozzz of u i got insulted but no i was wrong…i……(again pecks her lips)…love….

Swara gets up fast and runs away to stop herself from falling week.
She goes to a corner and starts crying hard remembering everything but wen her hands reached her eyes to wipe the tears then realization hit her. She went to a mirror and saw herself. But still she is thinking that sanskar recognised her but then the thing happened which brought a storm in her life.
Swara removed the scarf and again started moving insearch of raglak where as sanskar started searching his miss.scarf…..
Then he found swara. First he is shocked. Swara too saw him. She thought of ignoring him as she doesnot want to fall weak but his question broke her.
Swara started moving wen sanskar started speaking.
Sanskar – swara tum yaha kya kar rahe ho ??
Swara is shocked….then she remembered his words and his way of speaking being different. He was speaking as if he had met aftr along time.
Swara is about to ask him to clear her confusion but just then raglak comes to swara.
Laksh greets sanskar whereas ragini takes swara forcefully. Laksh too goes.
Swara somehow escapes from ragalk and starts searching sanskar then she heard something.
Sanskar asking a sales person – did u see a girl with scarf….red colour scarf….
Sanskar went on asking everyone who is present there. His face is telling how desperate he is to meet her….she gets shocked.
She understands that sanskar doesnot know that the girl under the scarf is swara….
Swara(monologue) – y r u searching for the scarf girl sanskar ?? Do u love someone ?? If so then y did u marry me ?? U hav to answer me sanskar and i willnot leave this matter so easily.

Precap – raglak conversation and swara learning the truth from prateek.

Now wat will be swara’s reaction ?? Keep guessing….if this chapter is confusing plzzz fotgive me. I am not getting time to write so i am writing at mid night in half sleeping mode

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