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SWASAN: Swara’s Arranged Love (Chapter – 6)

Hola, I am back with another update almost after 1 month.
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Chapter 6:
As soon as Sanskar went inside Swara went to the parking and started car to her flat. While driving she was remembering all the moment she has with Sanskar today.
It was her best day of life. She never thought Sanskar will be thus much caring and will open up easily. Today’s behavior of Sanskar cleared her doubt regarding their relationship.
With happy mood she reached her apartment and open her flat. Their her roomies were excitedly waiting for to know what n all happen today between SwaSan. How they spent their day?
Swara was very well aware of their excitement. She told them she will first have dinner and than they discuss whatever they want to know. She finished her dinner quickly. Then she told them how they started their day with bappa’s blessings. She showed the gift Sanskar bought for her. Like this she described/discussed everything except changing room incident. They all went to sleep after that. Swara was thinking about that incident and slept with smile in her face.


In flight:
On the other hand Sanskar boarded the flight to Bangalore. He was also thinking about how they spent their day. He is happy that he started their relationship with friendship. He doesn’t want to give anu false hope to Swara. He knows that he had started liking her. But he doesn’t want to move any committed relationship with her. He wants to take it slow. He himslef needs time to overcome his past. And he is happy that Swara didn’t question him about his uninterested behavior during their engagement.
Soon he reached Bangalore. He finished his dinner at subway. He boarded the bus to his destination. As soon as he reached home he messaged Swara and informed her about him reaching home safely. He wanted to call her but he was very well aware that she must be tired and will be sleeping. He was also tired and went to sleep.

Next morning Swara walk up and show message from Sanskar. She immediately replied sorry and informed him that she slept early as she should not reply back. Then she started get ready for office. She has to inform in office today about her sudden engagement. She bought sweets and chocolates to distribute among her teammates and other colleagues.

Sanskar walk up and checked his office mail first in the morning in his lappi as he did not check it in last 4-5 days.
There were usual mails regarding build delivery and some announcement. One mail caught his attention. It was from his manager who has scheduled meeting with Sanskar today at 2 PM.
Then he checked his messages in Mobile. He smiled looking at Swara’s message. He replied back that he knew it and that’s why he did not call her and just messaged to inform as she requested.
He soon got ready to go office. His mom has already packed Mumbai special halwa to distribute in his office.

To be continued.

I know this is short one. Even next episode will be shorter one. Please bear with me for next 2-3 updates. After that I will update longer one. I typed this one while travelling to office as remembered it suddenly I did not update it for a long time. But seriously I was occupied with my office work.

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