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SwaSan SS WHO AM I? [Prologue]


He came running towards ward no. 197, he banged and opened the door and entered in. She was facing her back, but hearing the sound she turned and looked at him confused. As he saw her, he took a deep sigh, he felt like he got his life back, his LOVE back. He ran and pulled her into a bone crushing hug. He hugged her as tightly as he can. And said in her ears

“I missed you soo much sweetheart”

She was still confused on what was happening around her. He pulled her back and saw her, actually stared her with lots of love in his eyes. And began to kiss all over her face. Then suddenly smashed his lips over hers. Her eyes were wide open, she was all confused and shocked. He bent his knees a little and reached her height, he smooched her passionately showing indicating how much he missed her and how much he love her. Of course she didn’t respond at all, because she didn’t knew Who Was He? All of the sudden a STRANGER comes to her, hugs her and kisses her! She questioned herself

“What’s happening here? Who the hell is he? Firstly WHO AM I?”

He stopped kissing and left her, and looked at her again. But suddenly she fainted! Now He looked shocked and confused, he immediately called Doctor for help!


Hello people..!! Myself #Dreamy am totally new to this world, world of writing..!! This SS is of course about SwaSan, but full of mysteries you know..!! Here i’ll not at all introduce you’ll with the characters, NO CHARACTER INTRODUCTION..!! You’ll get to know as you read further..!! But you can read further only if you give me positive response, to write or not..!!? I don’t know how much parts would it include, let’s see how much can i write..!! ?
By the way the name of SS is Who Am I?

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