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swasan ss: Story of Revenge/Hatred/Lust (Promo)

helllooo.. my dear cute friends. . don’t panic. . it is me only.. I’m sorryyyy for such a long gap. but what to do? was busy with my studies and onam festival. . forgive me please. .

so here is a promo of the ff. hope you don’t forget my story..

4 years later…

sanskar was holding a photo frame on his hand and talking to it. tear drops are falling through his both eyes.. this 4 year he changed a lot. the killer smile and charming look of him vanished away from his face. pain it is the only feeling which reflects in his eyes. he became dull and thin. he is living a painful life.. he is living in swara’s memories …
sanskar felt the warmth of a soft palm in his shoulder. he turned ..
” sanskar beta .. Please come and have something. . you don’t eat anything from morning. . ” a concern voice asked to him.
“no maa.. I don’t need anything. . I want to spend some time with her.. look she is smiling beautifully. . ” sanskar shows swara’s pic.. tears fall down from that lady’s eyes also..
” forgive us beta.. we are the reason you loss her.. forgive us.. I’m the worst mother in the earth. because of me my swara leave us.. ” (yes the women was shomi)
” maa.. don’t say like that every parents were selfish for their children. it is not your fault maa.. my fault. first I did so many wrong things to her and then I was not able to save her.. she left us.. because of me.. my wife.. my love my swara.. ” sanskar couldn’t able to continue his words.. an immpense pain hold on his heart.. he felt that he is burning in the pain.
” sanskar.. maa.. what you are doing here.? look I made a special soup.. come and have it” kavita said by bringing a tray . ( kavita is there.. so obvious laksh also will be there.. )
” shomi maa, sanskar don’t have this soup.. it is so weird .. huh.. I felt like vomiting” laksh came and try to crack a jok
” how mean laksh.. maa.. Please taste it.. sanskar please prove this monkey wrong. have it na” kavita asked..
shomi wiped her tears and take a little of soup from the bowl and taste it.
“it is good kavita beta.. ” shomi said by trying to smile ..
“aww.. thank you so much maa” kavita hugged shomi.
“shomi maa you will take kavita’s side I know.. sanskar taste it and said her how weird the soup is ” laksh turned to sanskar.. but sanskar was not hearing anything. he was lost somewhere. laksh understand that their talk didn’t had any effect on sanskar. laksh moves towards sanskar and patted his cheek.
“sanskar” laksh called in soft voice. sanskar looked ti laksh’s face. sanskar’s eyes were red by continous crying. laksh feels so much pain by seeing his condition. kavita also had tears in her eyes. shomi excuse herself and goes to her room because she was in verge of crying..
shomi enter in to her room and bolt the door. there was a big photo of swara which hanged in thr wall.. shomi runs towards it and bury her face on that large photo frame..
“why swara. why you left us? sanskar is dying in each second without you.. why you left us swara.. ” shomi cried bitterly
laksh was trying his best to console sanskar.. but sanskar didn’t listen anything. he was crying and cursing his fate. laksh take one sleeping pill and dilute it in to sanskar’s milk and make sanskar drink it. after drinking it sanskar lay on the bed and sleep. kavita and laksh looked him in pain.
“laksh how could we make him our old sanskar? I can’t see him like this ” kavita asked to laksh.
” kavita today is swara’s 2 nd death anniversary. in this 2 year sanskar live like a lifeless body. but now he should move on in his life” laksh said in a determined voice.
“but how can we laksh? sanskar will never ever forget swara. ” kavita asked in return.
” I don’t know kavita. but we have to.. else swara’s soul also will not get peace.. we also did wrong to her and lied to her. so we are also a reason for her death. we have to give sanskar a life. then only swara’s soul will get peace” laksh said in painful voice.
” it is true laksh. but one more thing we should do.. ” kavita said..
” I know kavita.. that bl**dy bastard should get punishment . he kill our swara. He also should get punishment. ” laksh said in anger.
“yes .. now he is living happily. but aoon we will find evidence against him and he will get punishment . ” kavita said .
laksh and kavita looked each other in determination.

screen freez with determined face of kavlak, sleeping face of sanskar whose lips murmuring swara’s name , crying face of shomi and smiling face of…. swara (in photo frame )


so how was the promo?

swara died?
who killed swara?
what lie kavlak told to swara?
why shomi living in sanskar’s house?
what happened in these 4 years?

a big mystery. . hehe..

precap : entry of ragini and clue about swara’s murderer. .

guys please comment. if i get good response then only I will continue

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