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Swasan SS Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Teaser )

Hello ….. M back unfortunately with a teaser …. I know u people must be getting violent by now …. As already m late that too with a teaser but wat to do m unable to write r8 now due to studies and all but I promise will b back with a big wala episode as a compensation for delay on Sunday (may b)…..

So here we go ……


Scene 1

Sanskar: Why the hell this idiot is sticking to my Swara ? I swear I’ll just kill him r8 now ……

Swara was sitting with a boy , talking happily with him and in between laughing too …..

Suddenly some1 tapped on her shoulder when she turned she was shocked to see the person….

Scene 2

A boy is shown sitting on his knees before a girl seems like he was going to propose her ….

The girl was truly shocked and numbed to react ….

Boy: I love u ….. I really love u , I can’t stay without you

She was just standing like a statue not knowing wat is happening in her lyf

Scene 3

A boy was shown sitting on floor crying his heart out he was in a miserable state …..
His eyes were swollen but reflecting pain and just pain in them …..

Boy: Y God….. Now wat r u doing with me ….??? I thought now everything will get set but u have planned some thing else in our destiny’s ….. But I’ll not object in fact I’ll just do wat is r8 …..


So this was the teaser…. I know it would b worst but this is my first teaser so hope u will forgive me ….

Chalo let me start my questioning .

So with whom was Swara sitting and taking so happily ?

Who was the boy proposing the girl?

Y the girl was not reacting?

And Y the boy was crying?

Wat was wrong with his faith????

So stay tuned to get ur answers ….. Bubyee

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