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Swasan SS Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 11)

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Previous episode- Episode 10

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So let’s start with the next episode

Recap: Swasan conversation …. Swara considering Sanskar as a stranger

Swara left the party and came outside as fast as possible

She hardly controlled her tears but now it was nearly impossible for her to control them… She was feeling weak …..

All her past movements were flashing in her mind since she entered the function….. First of all their dance , how they were lost in each other and how they were brought back to senses by hearing clapping….
Then Laksh and Aditya’s compliments
Aditya’s words ” but Swara … We must say you dance very well it seemed u both have practiced a lot… However, u met at the dance floor K only”
( I guess u people remember )

And lastly Sanskar’s ” m none to interfere in your personal matters …. It was a matter b/w u both ….. M sorry ”

Swara was feeling too lonely today…. She was having none to share her feelings or could say that she never wanted to make others stressed ….. She was bearing the pain from last seven years but now it was probably increasing despite of decreasing….

Swara-(monologue) Y God…. Y this is happening….. I am trying to soothe my pain but on the contrary it is increasing ….. I always considered love as a beautiful and blissful emotion but today I can declare that it is not for me ….. I indeed enjoyed this feeling years ago in fact I felt blessed to have my Sanskar in my lyf but now it is the biggest misery of my life…. Ohhh God wat I said my Sanskar…. No he is not mine …. Even I don’t have any rights to call him Sanskar … Earlier he was my love, he left me I never complained I just prayed for his welfare but now he doesn’t consider me a friend even …..m none to him….

He is still thinking m in relationship with someone else but Sanskar u don’t know I can never give the place to anyone which is secured by u only u m…. It hurts when u think so wrong abt me but still I love u ….
I love u …. I love u and I only love u …..

By saying this she broke down…..

Note- let me clear that she’s in garden and everyone else is busy inside…. So she is all alone there

She was busy crying and talking to herself when someone put a hand on her shoulders …

She was startled but soon after seeing the person she stood up and hugged him tightly (so any guesses who he is…. Let me know in the comment box)

Swara: He still think the same…. He said a mere sorry to me for slapping me but he is not knowing that physical pain which he gave was nothing before the pain which he gave to my heart

Person: Shhhhhh swaru …. Calm down sissy …. Calm down …. Pls don’t cry dear …. It will affect ur health

(By wiping her tears)
U know na I can’t c u crying
(Till now u must have guessed the person is Kunal…. )
Swara: Han…. I can’t fall weak …. I will now never face him… I’ll not interfere in his life …. (By wiping her tears)
Chalo let’s go inside every one will get worried….. Chalo
(She started to leave, when he caught her hand and dragged her towards the bench )

Kunal: u first sit here …. Swara I know u don’t want to stress any1 but you have to tell ur heart out to someone …. The pain u r bearing will just destroy u …. It will make u weak dr…. And will only give you more pain…. U shud tell ur feelings to others…. U shud share them swaru…. U Don’t need to hide them at least not from me

(And he again hugged her)
(He could easily feel her calming a bit….
After few minutes of silence she just narrated every thing that happened this evening

After sharing her heart out she was feeling so relaxed she knew with whom she was sharing her feelings and he is the only one who could understand her so much

She hugged him and said ” You know Kunal whenever I feel that m all alone , there is none with me to my side …. God always send you… To soothe my pain… I really don’t know from past yrs what would I have done if u were not there…. You are the true meaning of friendship ….. You …( but interrupted by Kunal)”

Kunal: Achha m only ur friend nothing more than that na … Koi nhi let me tell u madam m ur bro ….. Ab Rona dhona band kro aur andar chalo ( now stop this crying session and come inside)

Swara quickly wiped her tears and went inside by composing herself ….
Swara while walking: Waise how come u here?
Kunal: oh madam lagta hai (I think that) u r becoming mad …. Are u suffering from partial memory loss ….
Swara: Oh idiot nothing like that I know that u r also a business man and came here for that purpose only woh toh I asked lyk this only….

Kunal: Huhhh ….

They went inside and Swara was fired with several questions

Ragini: Swara where were u ….? Y were u not picking ur phone? You know I was tensed ?
Laksh: Ragini relax…. First take a deep breath …. And let her speak some thing …

(Sanskar was also standing there near Laksh)
Swara: Han Ragu…. Dr calm down… I was getting bore here so just went outside to take some fresh air…. And coming to the phone wait let me c …. ( checking her phone) oh sry actually phone is on silent mode so I couldn’t answer …..

Rag: oky chalo koi nhi …. (Then only she observed Kunal)
Hey Kunal bro…. U here that also wid dii … How come u here …?

Kunal: (by slapping his forehead slightly) Oh God! these both sisters are same …. Ragu I came here for attending a marriage function…

Rag: Huh? Marriage?

Kunal: Are yar let me tell u m also a business man and this is a business party so I came here for THAT ONLY ….
Ragini: oh achha, sry I forgot
Kunal: no problem…. Now may I get in waise bhi ur sister ate half of my brain outside only ….
Rag: hehe
Ragini: achha meet him he is Laksh …. ( interrupted)
Kunal: Han I know … Laksh Maheshwari … Ur …. Mmmm … Han friend (winked at her)
Ragini: Han whatever…
Achha Di …. I forgot to introduce him …. (By dragging Swara towards Sanskar)
Di he is Sanskar…. Sanskar Maheshwari… Laksh’s brother …..
(Swara was beyond shock but Kunal was not affected just worried for Swara’s reaction as he already knew Laksh)
Swara: Laksh’s brother (then she remembered laksh told her after the dance but at that tym she was too busy in herself)
Ohhh…. Hello Maheshwari …. (And forwarded her hand for hand shake)

Sanskar was again shocked…..

The scene splits on shocked face of Sanskar and emotion less face if Swara…..

Precap: Sanskar’s POV …..


So this is all which I could write …. M not getting tym to write due to my academics …. Hope u will understand … And m really sry for dispointing u all …… And this chapter is according to ur wish Kakali dii nd even mine …. Hope u all will like it …. Do comment

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