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Swasan SS Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 10)

M really very happy with ur response and I guess I replied to all comments …..

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Recap: Swasan dance

Sanskar was approaching her while she was just standing there with a blank face trying to suppress her feelings….

He reached up to her….
Sanskar: Hi Swara …. U here ….
( Although he wanted to ask for her forgiveness but he could just utter a formal greeting)

{ See guys still the misunderstanding b/w then Is not cleared but he just wanna ask a sorry for his rude behavior he feels as if he did wrong by raising his hand on her and talking so ill with her …. }

Swara: Hi Sanskar…. Hmmm … Woh dad is also a business man so just came with him
(However, Sanskar knew that he asked a stupid question as it was obvious as she must b related to some business man ….but he wanted to initiate conversation with her )

Sanskar: Ohhh Han ….

(Swara doesn’t knew wat to say next as she knew that if she will stay here for some more time she will say something for which she will later repent )

So after few moments of silence she uttered
Swara: I will take a leave Mr. Maheshwari ….. (formally ) Excuse me

As she turned to go Sanskar caught her wrist and said: Swara wait …. I have something to talk …..

Swara just turned and looked at him and then at his hand holding her wrist ….

He followed her gaze and immediately left her hand sensing that he was holding it from quite long.

Sanskar: woh Swara I wanted to say ….. That ….
Swara: yes say Mr Maheshwari

(Sanskar was hurt by her cold behavior ….. She was never lyk this she always talks like a chatter box but today she was just answering his questions …. Not a word more … He remembered when in past she use to call him by his sr name ….

{Flashback –

Sanskar was following Swara from past half an hour like a shadow… But she was not even looking at him …..
Finally she got irritated by his actions and turned and said
Swara: wat us ur problem Mr Maheshwari …. Y r u following me

Sanskar: Swara y r u calling me like this ( while making a puppy face )

Swara: it’s none of ur business …. It is my wish I can call u anything unless m abusing u ….

Sanskar: Are… Yar … Please scold me… Beat me… Or even abuse me but pls don’t stop talking to me I really feel bad ….

Swara: Achha …. U feel bad and wat I was feeling when u shouted at me in front of whole class …. U know na no one shouts at me not even any teacher or my parents but u….. (Started to cry )
Sanskar: m really sorry … I was just worried for you …. U didn’t even informed me and suddenly disappeared …. Sorry na pls forgive me …..

Swara: but it was not my fault principal called me

Sanskar: Sorry na …. Will never do dat again …. Sorry c wat a brought for u ( Showed her two big chocolates)
Swara wanted to snatch them right then from him but controlled and turned her face

Sanskar: Oky den I’ll sit here like this only (sat with a pout face)

Swara melted at his expressions and said : m forgiving u for now but don’t shout at me without knowing the full reason

“Oky Oky now have this fast otherwise I’ll eat it all” said Sanskar

And they both had their chocolate

Flashback ends }

Sanskar: Woh Swara u r looking pretty
Swara : Thnk u Mr. Maheshwari … Even u r looking gud

Now again their was an awkward silence prevailing b/w them

Sanskar – Woh …. M… M …. So…rry Swara for that day …. I raised my hand on u …. However m none to interfere in your personal matters …. It was a matter b/w u both ….. M sorry

(Swara was now more hurt by his words ….he was still considering her relation with some one else )

Swara: its Oky Mr Maheshwari …. U don’t need to say sorry ….

Sanskar: but I slapped u …. I even said very harsh words for u …. Then y aren’t u angry with me

Swara: Mr Maheshwari I can never get angry from my loved ones …. But u will not understand my feelings ….. In fact m sorry because of me my friend Kunal shouted at u

( now Sanskar was also hurt as she was calling him with his suffix and saying friend for others )

Sanskar: Swara y r u calling me Mr. Maheshwari ….. U…( interrupted)

Swara: We r strangers Mr. Maheshwari …. M nothing to u ….. U left me seven years ago nd u even broke r friendship few days ago …. So according to dat … U r a stranger ( with tears in her eyes)

She left the place hardly controlling her tears and Sanskar was standing their blankly just following her through his eyes …..

So done with this chapter …. Pls avoid mistakes it’s written in a hurry

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