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swasan ss ‘Doorie…Sahi Jaaye Naa…’ (chapter 16)

Hi guys sorry for late…but here internet connection is not good that’s why this delay..
Sanskaar was shocked n nubm to see the scene before him..

A film was going on on a screen…..where kavya n kaveri were talking …
Kaveri- (shouting) kavya are u insane…how could u do this…what was the need of burning sanskaar’s file
Kavya-(shouting at the same level) coz I don’t want swara n sanskaar to be together…I want sanskaar at any cost…nd to be with him I can go to any extend…DID U HEAR..ANY EXTENT.. I was about to succeed in my plan but don’t know how swara prepared that file…(angrily) she flopped my all plans..damnit..i just hate her..
Sanskaar was shocked to see the video..he remembered how hescolded swara for file n how swara completed his work…he was guilty that he raised his voice on swara without any fault of hers…


Then again a video started to play..where kavya kaveri n swara all were there..
(in video)( it was the video of the day when sanskaar slapped swara)
Swara was sitting on ground crying n kavya n kaveri were standing …nd smiling evilly….they r on the same place where sanskaar slapped swara n after he left the scene took place..
Swara-(crying) why u both did this to me.. why u both separated me n sanskaar..what was my fault..what u want
Kavya- I want only sanskaar..only sanskaar…I did all this only for sanskaar..
Kaveri(smiling evily) nd I did this all for property..
Swara was shocked..

After the video ended..
Sanskaar was teary eyed…he was guilty for not trustin swara..he was guilty for misunderstanding swara just because of a girl to whom he don’t know properly also…he remembered how he slapped swaran how laksh warned him to not believe kavkav..

He with teary eyed which was full of guilt nd love move towards swara but before he could reach to her laksh interrupted..
Laksh went to kaveri nd then took a glass full of water n splashed it on her face n kaveri with jerk came into her senses..nd then laksh went to stage..
Laksh- hello ladies n gentlemen…(turning to kavya n kaveri who was shocked) so how was my surprise my SO CALLED BHABHI N BUA …..enjoyed na…so everyone this was the special film directed by me,kabir nd..(before he could say..he got interrupted)

Everyone turned n found Annapurna there with police..now sanskaar was more shocked…he looked at ap with confused look but ap ignored him n went on saying
Ap-(to police) inspector arrest them..they are the culprits..
For sanskaar everything was just a shock..he don’t know what to do…he was super confused..nd he was more shocked to see ap involved in this..
Dp who was seeing this from starting was hell confused…he don’t know whats happening in his house..
Dp-(hell confused) will anyone tell me whats going on here…whats happening in my house..
Laksh-dad I will tell u…when u guys went to abroad..(nd he tells him everything) nd when u came back bhai told u that he wanna marry kavya coz bhabhi cheated him…but the truth was that he didn’t believed bhabhi (saying this he gave sanskaar a angry look)..

Ap- but I believed my swara( going towards swara) that’s why I decided that I will bring kavya’s truth out along with them… I told laksh to give kaveri the medicine by which she can blurt out all the truth..
Laksh- I was having doub on them from starting that’s why I always kept my eyes on kavya…n I observed her every movement..that day when she came back after burning the file..i saw her n I followed her..n when she started to talk to bua..i made her video.. then again on that day when she acted nd bhai slapped bhabhi I again made the video of conversation b/w them…I wanted to show this earlier but kabeer n bhabhi wanted to show it with all proves then mom suggested me the medicine n I executed theplan..(smile winningly).
Sanskaar looked towards swara n went to her he was about to talk when swara interrupted..
Swara- kabir tell him that I don’t wanna talk to him..
Sanskaar(pleading)- swara plz don’t say this…I know I have done a mistake but plz talk to me..
Swara- who swara…do I know u mr…
Sanskaar(now almost crying) plz swara I know I have done a blunder mistake but plz forgive me..
Swara- who m I to forgive u mr. maheshwari..coz I remember u only said that m dead for u..swara is dead for sanskaar no..so according to that m no one to u..n I don’t know u also..

Kabeer- swara!!
Swara- no kabeer not this time
Kabeer- ok as u feel..do whatever u want..but remember m always there with u
Swara smiled sadly at kabeer then again turned to sanskaar..
Swara- mr maheshwari how easy it is na…to do a mistake nd then say soory…have u ever thought that how would I feel…u knew it na that u r only one for me after my parents…I loved u the most after that…I thought that whether anyone would be my side or not…but u will be always there…but what u did…u left me at the point where I neede u the most…why sanskaar why..(by this she was crying hardly)
Sanskaar- (also crying) m sorry swara..plz forgive me for the last time..plz swara..

Before they could say or hear something..there was a gunshout in the hall…everyone lloked towards the source n found that kavya is standing with kaveri being held as hostage n gun in her other hand..
Kavya- enough…enough of ur whole drama…I m just fed up of all this..
Everyone tried to go near kavya

Kavya- hey u all…stop there right now…no one will come forward or else I will shoot this kaveri..nd u( pointing to kaveri) u budhiya….how dare u to blurt out everything…coz of u only now I wont get sanskaar n his money n moreover now I wont get property also..( now she started to act like insane) but don’t worry..now me n u bhudhiya…we both will go from here then I will kill u…but before that ur brother mr. dp maheshwari will give me his whole property..
Seeing kavya kaveri understood that she has got the attack…she got scared..
Kaveri- please..plz save me…plz she is mad…she will really kill me…she is mentally unstable…
Now everyone are more shocked except swara as she knew it from very first time…
Kavya dragged kaveri from there nd sat on the car outside n went from there …following her sanskaar also went outside n sat in his car n went from there chasing kavya..seeing sanskaar swara got worried she also started her car n followed sanskaar…seeing swara lakbeer got tensed about her health n they also sat in their car n followed swara..
Nd now the sequence of cars are kavya along with kaveri as hostage, sanskaar, swara , lakbeer , nd police..
Sanskaar was continuously chasing kavya n swara was just behind him followed by laksh and kabeer…
Kavya was continuously increasing the speed of car…sanskaar after lot of struggles reached beside kavya’s car…he started to dash his car with kavya to stop her..but she was not ready to stop…in all this sanskaar didn’t notice the truck which was coming from other side …but kavya n swara noticed it…kavya smirked evilly n swara got tensed..
Kavya turned her car by jerk n now sanskaar is alone on the road nd before he could understand anything

Kavya who took turn towards jungle stopped her car n smiling evilly turned to see sanskaar’s accident but what she saw shocked him along with kaveri..
Sanskaar was not understanding anything n before he could understand he saw the truck n he heard a sound and his head banged on steering wheel…suddenly sanskaar opened his eyes nd felt that he is not feeling any paini… nd when he looked outside the front glass his breath stopped at the moment…he saw that between the truck nd his car..there stood an another car in middle..to which his car from one side nd the truck from other side has banged…he tried to take a clear view n was shocked to see that it was swara’s car…

When swara saw sanskaar’s car n truck was about to collide she speed up her car n get in b/w their path so that sanskaar n truck could not collide..( I hope ui guys are understanding)
Flashback ends

Sanskaar saw swara who was on the driving seat..n was smiling sadly with teary eyed like bidding goodbye to sanskaar..n then she collapsed on there only with her head on steering wheel..
Sanskaar who was in immense shock by all this happening.. came into his senses..
Sanskaar-(shouted) swaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Everyone were just numb at their places after this accident..


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