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swasan ss ‘Doorie…Sahi Jaaye Naa…’ (chapter 15)

Hello everyone…serena here..ok so here goes the next part…n sorry but its too small.
Kaveri- helloooooo everyone (turning to dp) hello tablu..sorry sorry takluuuuuu… u all know what m very baaaaaddddd(saying this she started to cry) everyone was shocked n confuse…today I will tell u all something secrettttt (saying this she put her finger on her lips) but u have to promise me that u wont tell this to anyone….ok…sooooooooo…
Swalakbeer smiled winningly whereas kavya got scared n in mid of this sanskaar was confused..
Saying this kaveri fainted… sanskaar went near her her n took her head in his lap…
Sanskaar- bua…bua get up what happened to u bua…plz get up..
Laksh kabeer n swara got disappointed..
Suddenly kaveri woke up with jerk…sanskaar as well as others got surprised coz of this sudden action..
Kaveri-(still in drowsy state) how was my acting….i know it was sooooooooo goooooooooooddddddd….hehe u know what….i m used to do these actings…n u know who is my co star… (putting finger on her chin as thinking something) ummmmm
She started to search someone n then pointed her finger towards the person..
Kaveri-(pointing finger) there…thesrs she is
Everyone turned n got shocked to see kaveri pointing towards kavya..
Kaveri stood from her place n went towards kavya n put her hands on her shoulder from back for taking support as well as to show kavya to others..
Kaveri- u know…this is …ummm…she is…ummm..yup…I got her name..she is karela (bitterguard)…sorry sorry kavya…(while giggling n looking towards kavya’s face) don’t she looks like flat bitterguard..hehe

U know she is my partener in crime….(sees everyone’s confused face) ok..ok…I know u all must be confused…as what crime, what partener… so let me tell u all..she sat on ground
kaveri-( while sitting on ground)arey sit sit all of u sit…(everyone was gonna sit on chairs) no..no not onchair…sit here with me on ground..(everyone shocked) ..u all sit…u know u all will enjoy listening to the story…SAAS BANI DAYAN ..(saying this she laughed aloud)(pagal aurat)
when everyone setteled down she started


kaveri-(making happy face0 u know what I always loved my sanskaar, my bhaiya and my reputation… but what I hated the most is anu bhabhi coz she always knew my intensions n that is to occupy my bhai’s wealth( sanskaar shocked) I even came here to get kavya married to sanskaar so that I can have the whole wealth of maheshwari’s son…but when I came here I saw that sanskaar already got married two days before my arrival….i saw my planning go flop….(now making cry face) u all know what….this girl swara (pointing to swara) she is very genuine girl….she always thought about my son…my family…(now making furious face) but still I hate her…coz she is the reason that my dreams got shattered…then ithought that I will defame her infront of the family…I will create rift between swara n sanskaar..n I along with kavya succeeded in this…we separated swara n sanskaar…
saying this she started to laugh out loud n sanskaar who was shocked till saw towards swar with teary eyes n guilt same with swara but there was something else in her eyes apart from tears…n that is ANGER…

kavya was horrified …whereas lakbeer were smilling winningly..
saying this bua fainted..
sanskaar was still looking at swara with same emotion n taking steps towards swara n swara was looking at sanskaar with teary n furious eyes….her anger was justified..
as sanskaar was walking towards her the lights get off..n when it got on…sanskaar saw something which made him shocked beyond thinking..
Precap- sanskaar-(almost crying) doctor..doctor is..is sw..swara fine…she …she is allright na?
Doc- msorry mr. maheshwari but..

Hi guys sorry for stopping at main time….but no problem keep thinking what will happen now..n wait till tomorrow ..

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