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People… I know you all were waiting for the next chapter and you are upset that I am not posting the next chapter.. But guys there have been a series of things happening around and I am just not able to manage. First, my friend who had an hammorhage. Then my seminars, then I fractured my left hand and now my father is admitted at hospital. He is not well. He has stomach ache for some unknown reason. Doctors are currently observing him. Drips are attached to his body and it feels miserable to be away from him. Today morning only I got know about it and till noon I am leaving. I am going to fly back to India in some hours and you all will surely understand why I’ll not be able to post for some days. Sorry..

There’s a teaser for you all… I don’t know what to do next…. Upset a lot..


SANSKAAR was standing at a balcony. Swara came from back and placed his hand over his shoulder. He hugged her tight. Swara departed herself from him and gently swiped away her hair from her back. She wore an off shoulder top. Sanskaar was amazed to see.

“SWARA”, he said in shock.

“SURPRISE SANSKAAR”, replied Swara.

A tattoo of SANSKAAR’S name was carved beautifully on her back. Sanskaar eye’s poured with happiness. His hands caressed his name and Bending down, he sweetly kissed her back where the tattoo was made. She shivered at his touch. He made her turn towards her and his eyes struck at her pretty face. He leaned towards her and Swara moved her hand to tuck her hair behind but sanskaar held it and kissing her soft wrist, he placed it on his hand and moved her hair behind. He lightly kissed her hair and snuggled his thumb over her lips. The sweet, sweetest torture was enough for Swara. She placed her lips on his and they kissed ever so softly and lovingly.

How did shy, naive Swara witnessed such a big change? Keep guessing##


SWARA- sanskaar.. Pick up the phone.. Pick up the phone SANSKAAR .. (She shouted).. The phone fell from her hand and she creeped and sat with a thud on floor. Burying her face in her knees, she cries miserably.. She shouted, ” kanha Ji.. Why me?? Why meee? Why have you made things so complicated?? Why do you want to snatch my love for me?? I’ll not be able to live without sanskaar. I’ll never be able to live without him. She stood up and moved towards the window of her room. She closed her eyes to let her body’s weight fall down. At that time someone pushed Swara inside and he himself fell, rolling over her. <<<>>> He stood up and made Swara also stand. He felt guilty by seeing her state. Her eyes were all puffed and red by crying. He tried to cup her face but Swara jerked her hand.

SWARA- don’t try to come close to me. I hate you..

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