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Swasan: my incomplete love story (chap- 28) part 1

Hi guys! How are u all? Hope Ur doing well. Thank u so much for Ur comments and sorry I could not reply to them. Thank u so much for rating and I was so happy to see every one rated me above 8 I guess. Well thank u so much for it! So let’s move on to the chapter……………….
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Recap- swasan patch-up and meher at the door way swara shocked.
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(Guys I forgot to include a part in the previous epi so I am including it here….. plz don’t get confused)
Swasan at beach:
They were sitting on the sand.
Swara was drawing patterns on the sand while sanskaar was taking fistful of sand and letting it flow.
Sans- diva!?
Swa- hmmm
Sans- I thought u might be crying like other girls would do if I yelled at u but u didn’t, y is that?
Swa-(smiled) people who don’t know u would cry but I know u very well! U always do this! First u yell like a mad person and then come convince them because u need time to rethink it! Not for everyone but only for the ones u care and LOVE the most!! Am I right?
Sans- absolutely positively correct! He grinned.
Then both enjoyed and went home………
Chap- 28-1
Swara was staring at meher, her heart started beating faster…………
Swara- did she hear it? Does she know everything?
Swara thought…
Meher- swara!
Swara- hmm
Meher- y r u staring at me like this?
Swara-I am so sorry meher but I was helpless…….wait what?
Meher- what r u blabbering?
Swara-noting….when did u come?
Meher- A second ago… y
Swara- really? I mean y?
Meher- u said will help me in the maths lesson Na?
Swara- Omg!! I forgot… come lets go…
Both went…..
Later that day….
Meh- Shona?

Swara- hmmm
Meh- do u have any photo of sanskaar?
Swa- a lot y?
Meh- I wanna see them….
Swa- duffer first of all concentrate on Ur studies…
Meh- Shona please.
Swa- ok! Here…
Swara held her phone and showed many photos of sanskaar but with swara. Meher smiled at something which was in every photos…..
Sanskaar comes there and sees swara showing something to meher…. He smiled and went towards them…….
Sans- hey div……swara, hey meher.
Meher & swara- hey…


Sans- meher shall we go?
Meh- yea… bye Shona….
Sans- bye….
Swa- bye…
Next day:-
Swara was at home when her phone buzzed…
Swara picked it up… it was from sanskaar.
Sans- swara we need to talk…
Swa- yea sure but what happened….
Sans- just come to the place where we first met in 1 hour…
Swa- ok!
At the park:-
Swara saw sanskaar sitting on the bench alone…
Swara knows something is wrong because where ever sanskaar called swara meher will be there and then meher will leave because swara is not punctual and sanskaar needs company…
Swara walked towards him…
Swa- hey sanskaar….. Where’s meher?
Sanskaar looked at her angrily…
Sans- she is not here…
Swa- y didn’t she come?
Sans- because we broke up!!!
Swara looks on shocked…
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Precap- swasan a huge argument….. Sanskaar accuse swara……

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