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Swasan- mita dei na har lamhe uske {title changed } [old tittle: dard vala love] episode 2

Hi guys . M not well today. Today i weke up late with head pain. When i get up from pain when i feel evrey thing black. Nw m much better. Today i did not goes to school. so was felling bored . Thats Why write. M not sure about my other ff.
Lets start-
sanky wake up from sleep and sees swara sleeping. He took the waterful jug and poor the water on swara.
As a rusalt swara wakes up with a jerk. First see give an angry look to sanky and then thinks something. Then gives a moist eyes.
San: dont give this eyes . N why are u sleping so peace fully. I bought u here for work not for sleping. Ms sleping beutie oh not beuty u ugly.
Saying this he smirks and leaves. Here swara gives a evil smile.
Swa in pure english: lets see mr handsome.
Evry thing is seen by a giri of 4 years. She is none other than our raglaks daughter lara.
Lara in mind: chacu did not done good by giving pain to masi nw just wait for me.

@daining table
swara is ready in yellw n brwn chainncoli. Bun in her head. No make up.
Sanskar is coming dwn . Seing swara he start to cugh.
Lak: bro r u ok.
San: yap bro.
Sanky is wearing a black gence brwn blazar n yellw tee.
He sit at chair.
Swara starts serve breakfast to them.
Ap: lets see swara how u cock.
Swara just nod.
She sarve first dp then rp then ap n suju then sanky.
San in mind: behen ji ki food iss ke tarah hei hogi.
Saying this he take a small peace of pararta.
San: mmm very nice.
It is first step . He is giving a place to swara.
He is looking at swara.
Here our lara smartly put a red chili in to his parata.


Here our hero take another pice and jump from chair.
San shout: chil chili water water.
Swara pour water on glass n gives to sanky. Sanky drinks and again shout: pani pani.
Swara: ab hamre hat ayee.
Saying this she drag sanky into kitchen.
She feed sanky honey. Air starts to flow. Swaras buns foll. San gets mermarized to seeing her. They give a small eyelock.
Swa: ap ka nashta khaye.
San without saying anything leaves
all finish thier bf.
Dp:relly swara beta u make very good breakfast. Here is ur gift.
He gives a dimont set to her.
Then rp gives dimond earrings.
Ap give a royal blue lehenga and suju give 10k.
After all leave.
Rag:shona kya behen ji look liya hei.
Sw: just wait for next night sanskar beta .
Rag: hope so ho jaye.
Sw: ovesly hoge.

Perecape: sanky evil plan.
So whats the secret.
Keep gusing

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