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Swasan- Mita dei na har lamhe uske (episode 3)

Hello everyone.
M not well at english and more ever m nursry kid. M 4 years old. So for imrove my english m writing it. If we guys are not liking my story then i will stop writting. Now bear this part-
after swaragini talk swara goes to washroam and start to wash cloths.
Sanky comes and shout: aree we send our cloths to londry. If then to u want to wash cloths then goes to left side of house.
Swara just nod and take the bowl in arm.
San: by the ways what are u washing.
Saying this he takes a cloth.
“How dare u to tuch my blazar”
yes it is sankys white blazar . No more white colorfull blazar.
Here swara start to crying. Whole family is front of him. Dp sholds sanky.
After all leave.

San in mind: u have to bear. Nw get ready for insult.
Thiking this he smirks in mind.
San: sorry.
Swara nod only.
San: today my frind will come. So get ready.
Swara agaih nod.
Sanky fell ireted so leave.
Swa: huh.
Then she goes near copbord and start to do something.
Precape: sankar is kising some.

Some one said she is not gwar. Lets see vishu. It will reaveled on nxt or after nxt chapy. If no then she is. Gawar.
Ok keep gusing.
And my reader m not faighting for cmnt. Just tell is this story ok.


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