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Swasan- love happen suddenly episode 14

Thank u guys for ur valuable comments and next epi will be d last and it is a epilogue thank to silent readers.

Both were hugging each other swara broke d hug and said.
SWARA:sanky I am really excited for all our marriage ritual
SANSKAR:and I am excited for our suhagraat.
Swara blushes after hearing sanskar and sanskar smiled seeing her blushness.
SWARA:sanky I will kill u.
SANSKAR:u r already killing me with ur beauty.
Swara smiles and keeps her head on his shoulder and sanskar keeps his hands on her waist.
SWARA:still only four days for our marriage.


SANSKAR:s than u will marry ur idiot sir. Swara chuckles after listening his words. Both had a wonderful time.

GIRL(to swara):what is ur husband name.
Swara whispers something in that girls ears and d girl writes it. After finishing it all asked laksh to find his name in ragini’s hand laksh found it and now it is swasan turn sanskar was searching for his name but he could not find it he was thinking much.
SANSKAR:I found it.
ALL:what is written.

All burst into laughter seeing them fighting like a tom and Jerry. Swara was about to go to guest room someone pulled her to swasan room.

Sanskar pulled swara and closed d door.
SANSKAR:what did u write in d hand. He was saying this while coming close to swara and swara was moving back soon she hit d wall sanskar caged her by his hands swara was feeling shy
SANSKAR(whispered in her ears):today u r looking extraordinary I am really mesmerized by ur beauty. Swara blushes after hearing his compliment. Sanskar slowly caressed her cheeks with his cheeks and he slowly started kissing her cheeks passionately swara was breathing heavily sanskar slowly kissed her forehead and than her eyes and he kissed her nose tip and he looked at her rosy lips he placed his rough lips on her rosy lips and held her waist tightly swara hands were moving on his neck and pulling him more on her both were lost in d kiss sanskar smiled during d kiss and soon swara dominated him and kissed him hardly whereas he was goarning in pain and pleasure.
Soon they broke d kiss due to lack of oxygen both hugged each other.

sanskar was dressed in blue sherwani and laksh in red sherwani swara was in pink with blue lengha and ragini green with red lengha. Soon they made swasan and raglak to sit and ap and dp danced on suraj hai maddham. Than dp danced with swaragini for say “shava shava” and than full family danced for bole chudiyan.
They had a great family time.

Sanlak were sitting together and swaragini were sitting together first all appiled haldi to sanlak and than all appiled haldi to swaragini.
Sanskar was about to close d door but swara stopped him and came inside and closed d door
SANSKAR:what r u doing here go and get ready today is our marriage u know na.
SWARA:s my dear hubby u know all appiled haldi for u but not me so only I came hear to apply haldi.(pout face)
Sanskar smiled seeing her pout face and pecked her lips.
SWARA:kk apply me haldi.
Sanskar applied haldi

SANSKAR:want u apply me.
Swara came close to sanskar and caress her cheeks with his and whispered in his ears.
SWARA:today u r looking handsome and hot saying this she runs to her room. Sanskar smiles seeing her craziness.
Soon all d four got ready for marriage.

Pandit ji ask laksh and sanskar to sit and asked ap to bring d brides. Apane pari brought swaragini doen and made them sit with there partners first they finished raglak marriage as they r elder and now swasan marriage They stand for phere and take pheres. Sanskar takes sindoor and lifts the veil He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty and fills her maan and dorns the mangalsutar around her neck. Panditji announce them as husband and wife. after marriage both swasan took blessing from elders.

swaragini cried hugging skehar but skehar consoled them and sanlak promised that they will take care of his doll and princess. Swasan were in one car and raglak in another car.

SANSKAR:shona my dear atlast we got married again.
SWARA:s and I am so happy that even my sister is with me.
SANSKAR:oh my god what will happen to me u always spend time with her than who will spend with me(pout face)
SWARA:r sanky idiot how can spend she will be with jiju and I will be with u as if u will leave me if I ask also.
SANSKAR:I will not leave u for a single minute also.(winks at swara and swara blushes)
SWARA:sanskar we came so now close ur stupid mouth.
SANSKAR:arrey swara from idiot to stupid u have given me a promotion.

SANSKAR:even I will give u promotion in 3 months dont worry. Swara first did not understand after sometime see understood and hit him on his shoulders. Sanskar laughed seeing her shyness.

Thats all guys pls post ur valuable comments.

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