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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Epilogue)

Thank you my dears…Here we comes to the epilogue of this FF. I have to thank each and one for supporting me in this whole journey and it is really grateful to have you all …thank you so much. And please keep on supporting me in my another FF. I wish to dedicate this Epilogue for all the Swasan fans. Love you all.

Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (EPILOGUE)



Swasan sits in their room in each others embrace and swara leans on his chest and sanskar rests his cheeks on her head. Both of their hands entwined with each and stares it peacefully. Sanskar suddenly seperates him from her and cups her face saying, “Swara, will i able to be a good father for our child? I am really afraid now and i did so wrongs before and how can i be a role model for my kid…no i should not…i am wrong..i am not fit to be a good father”

Swara sees lot of confusion, worries, tension and fear in his eyes and controls him, “Ssshhhhhh….sanskar, relax. What happen to you? and who said you cannot be a good father? I am sure you and your kid gonna rock the city. You never hurted anyone sanskar…including me…i believed you when i met you first..i don’t know some unknown feelings i got to belive you..how come it was possible? You are good by your heart and no one can compare with you in that. Your love was, is and always strong for me and our child..so don’t worry about anything. I promise you will be the best papa for your kid.”

She kisses him on his lips to soothe his confusion, now he is all smiling hearing her and hugs her tightly saying, “I love you Swara” and she too hugs him saying, “Love yo too Sanskar”

5 years leap,

The whole maheswari is so noisy now..the driver, gardener, other servants looks inside the house and all are smiling seeing the scene there inside. Inside it is fully noise with the kids. In the hall, AP is running behind a girl whose age is of 4 years, she is in school uniform and runs here and there to escape from her dadi of not eating the breakfast. AP runs behind her calling, “Avanthika..beta…just have little more..you are getting late and how much you make your dadi tired. Pls my lovely sweeto Avanthi na…pls have little more beta.”

Avanthi, “No no no…i don’t want tohave this bread and sandwich daily…yuck…i wont eat. dadi..if you are tired then don’t run behind me. I am not going to eat this”

saying this she runs to the living hall but shocked seeing there how Sanlak is sitting and working.

Sanskar is on one sofa working on his laptop and having call on simultaneously, but his hands are moving everywhere on his body..it is nothing but a kid is rolling on him from his head to toe and to make the kid land safely, sanky is doing all the gymnastics without even moving from his place.

Avanthi looks opposite to him and finds Laksh also doing something in his laptop but often gets disturbed by another kid who is disturbing him by putting something on his ears, nose and mouth. Laksh tries hardly to control the baby.

Avanthi keeps her hands in hip and shouts, “Chinnu, Chintu….”

Both the kids stops their work and looks at her with their big browny eyes and giggles seeing her and shouts, “van di…van di..van di”

Avanthi closes her ears saying, “Offooo….it is avanthi chotus…not van di…you boys are just 1 year younger than me and still not saying my name correctly”

Sanlak are not even looks at the kids and continues their work.

Again the kids calls her as same before and she keeps her hands in her head and looks at Ragini who is coming from kitchen having milk in her hand and her eyes are searching something. Soon Avanthi understands what she is upto, soon she runs to the other side of the hall and enters into the room and shouting, “Shona ma…shona ma..pls save me from ladoo ma”

She stands at the doorstep and looks at the exhausted swara who is tired of tying diapers to the 1 year old babies who is running here and there when one is free. Yes she is struggling with twin girls here who is of 1 year now. Swara looks at Avanthi with tiredness and she too runs and stands behind her hiding from Ragini and says, “Save me from the milk shona ma”

Ragini finally comes to her and tells, “Swara..you leave her to me…what is this? daily i have to fight with her to have this milk. Today i am not gonna leave her without having this milk. You move away”

Avanthi tightly holds swara chudi from back and swara stops ragini saying, “Ragini..leave her..she is still kid…kids will always refuse milk. You are daily scolding her and that’s y she is running. Ok give me i ll try to give it to her”

Ragini gives the milk glass to swara and swara turns to avanthi and kneels down to her heights almost she hides avanthi from ragini’s eyes and says, “Avanthi beta…see this milk is good for health and you should not avoid it..everyday you should have then only you can become so strong like us. Come on have it”

Avanthi makes face and just nods no..swara then silently drinks that milk by winking at Avanthi and stands to look at ragini sayng, “See i made her drink. You should give with love then the kids will also drink”

Ragini looks at her with shock and says, “Swara…you and avanthi are same.. i couldn’t find difference between you. You are mother for 4 kids now and both are twins but you are behaving like a kid still. I will send sanskar here”

Swara blinks at her and looks at Avanthi who laughs at her by closing her mouth and runs outside saying, “Shona ma…you are so funny” she giggles and runs out.

Swara is standing at the same and thinks about Ragini words and to disturb her the kids in the bed giggles at her and moving here and there. Then sanskar comes to room and looks at her who s still thinking about ragini words.

Sanky comes to her and hugs her from back saying, “What is my tigress is thinking?”

Swara tells him what happened just before and asks why ragini says like that. He turns her to face him and gets shocked seeing her face and starts laughing looking at her face.

Swara gets irritated and says, “Y r u laughing at me like this..anything on my face or what?”

Sanky with laugh, “Haan..swara…ha ha ha…yes…something on you face”

Swara touches her cheeks and says, “What is there?”

Sanky comes to her and takes the moustache made by milk on her upper lips and shows it to her and says, “That’s y ragini told like that. You try to cheat her and it shows her about you”

Swara gives a sheepish smile at him and hugs him, “What so? if i have 4 kids i should not behave like this or what? I am always kid for you, ragini and my parents”

Sanky kiss on her head and says, “If you deliver another 6 kids also you will kid for me ”

Swara shockingly lifts her head and says, “Another 6 kids….you are insane Sanskar. You don’t have mercy on me. Already i am unable to manage these two and the outside ones…again you are saying 6 kids…how dare you” she points the kids on the bed and hits his stomach.

Sanky, “Ouch swara..pls yar. But the universal truth…i am not feeling to control myself whenever i see you. You are driving me crazy swara. Your beauty makes me forget all the mercy which i has”

Swara gets blushes but still shows fake anger and says, “Be careful sanskar…i already prepared my soldiers to stop you from coming to me”

Sanky, “Soldiers? Who are they to stop this great business tycoon Sanskar maheswari”

He hears a two kiddo voices from the door step, “papa…Papa”

Swara shows him them by raising her eyebrows and sanskar gives them a defeated smile and extends his hands saying, “Come on my shers”

Both the kids runs to him and jumps on his hands and he lifts them easily in both hands saying, “So they are your soldiers is it?”

Swara just nods as yes and looks at the babies who is giggling seeing them. Chinnu and Chintu gets down and sits beside the babies saying, “This is for me” and another saying, “This is for me”

Swara opens her mouth in shock saying, “Chinnu..chintu..what is this? Y u r saying she is for you and she is for him”

Sanky interrupts saying, “They gonna become the supporters for their lovely papa in getting another 6 kids”

Swara beats him, “Shameless you are sanskar. How can you talk infront of them?”

Chinnu and Chintu holds each babies hands and giggles at them and swara hugs sanskar seeing them lovingly and says, “I never think that my life will be this much happy and beautiful. Thank you so much sanskar to come in my life”

Sanskar reciprocates the hugs saying, “You are the best present in my life swara and you gave me double happiness giving birth to twin boys and twin girls…my happiness is going beyond everything in the world now. Once this house was very silent and no one dared to speak but now everything is just opposite…the house is full of children and their beautiful smiles, laughing sound, giggling sounds…i feel like i am living in heaven. And you gave me the path to heaven…you are my light which shoves the darkness away from me. I LOVE YOU SWARA. Thanks for being with me by accepting all my flaws. I LOVE YOU till eternity”

Swasan hugs each other tightly and stares at their kids whose is playing with their siblings with so much of love. A happy tears oozing from both of their eyes and they did not think to wipe it and let it go off.

A voice over says, “Love Defeats the Lust when it finds the right person at the right time to share our life. Both swasan were in trouble when they met each other and Sanskar named it as Lust but he did not find his love on her at his first sight and that love only makes him to get her at any cost and does not allow anyone to harm her. Because he became the saviour for her not only that time but for life long. Both share a beautiful bond and one named it as a lust and another named it as a friendship but soon it turns out to be a beautiful love which is everlasting one.”

Last but not least , Swasan POV:

“You came in my life when i had lost faith in love. I was completely immersed into lust but when i saw you it gives me a different feeling.
When i was sad, you made me smile and when i was lonely you made me feel loved. When i wanted to cry you my head on your shoulder.
When i was tired you made sleep in your lap. When i was shatered and scattered you held me together with yourhugs.
When i was scared you held my hand. You made me overcome my all fears and helped me shed my inhibitions. You love me, pampered me and made me feel so special.
In all those special moments i spent with you i found my soul mate in you. I saw love in your eyes and beauty in your soul.
Now just promise me you will stay because i wont be able to live a single without you. I am so used to waking up in your arms.
I love you so much more each day”

————————THE END———————-

So that’s the end of this Love behind the lust FF. I know it is very short but i just have shortage of ideas now…and i did write the epilogue at my best. Pls pour your comments for the same.

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