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Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 6 }

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Link : Episode 5

Recap – [past ] Swara gets a scooty and drive off with it . Swara meet lakshya . He fall in love with swara means Love at first sight with swara . Sanlak conversation . [Present ] shomi wants to talk to swara something very important .


♡episode 6 ♡

??Sanskaar’s flashback [past ] ??
Sanskaar – [confusion cleared ]ohhhh .. so that is the thing …. ?? [teases ] so my sir is love with that girl ….. [again a question struck in his mind ] but what is she doing here ???? ??
Lakshya [same question struck in his mind ] yes ….. u are right ???? ??
Sanskaar [became frightened ] – I think so she is planning to kill u … have u not seen in lift how she was saying that ”she will kill that AUDI MAN” ??
Lakshya [becomes angry ] – this is not a time to joke …. plz enquire about her that why she came here ???? ??
Sanskaar gets frightened seeing his boss anger and was about to go out to enquire about swara when our angel came and knocked the door of lakshya ‘s cabin …
Lakshya [becomes happy seeing his angel through glass of the door ] plz come in …. ??
Swara comes in and was shocked to see lakshya there .
Swara [angrily ] mr. AUDI MAN …. u here … what are u doing in my office ???? ??
Sanskaar goes to swara her to calm down .
Sanskaar [tries to calm swara ] – miss …[he was about to say her name but he realizes that he doesn’t know her name?? so he said …. ] whatever …

Swara becomes angry by sanskaar adressing her as ”miss whatever ” … ??
Swa [angry and blurted lakshya’s nager on sanskaar ] – hey what u said just now ….”miss whatever ” if u don’t know my name so u can ask me … what is meaning of ”miss whatever ” ??? U know what u are like this ?? [pointing towards lakshya ] AUDI man .. now I will keep ur name …. [keep one finger on her chin and thinks ] yes I got the name ….. u are …. this AUDI MONKEY …[again pointing towards lakshaya ] he is AUDI MAN and u r AUDI MONKEY …. I think so u both are brothers that’s why u have same quality ….. [sees towards lakshya ]one doesn’t know to say sorry [sees towards sanky ] and one doesn’t know how to talk with AN BEAUTIFUL GIRL … ??
Hearing swasan fight all staff of office gathered outside lakshya’s cabin putting their to listen their talk .
Sanlak was hearing swara’s talk with wide opened moyth that how someone can talk so much . And when sanskaar heard swara addressing her as BEAUTIFUL GIRL he laughed aloud .
Sanskaar [while laughing hold his stomach ] – from which angle u are looking BEAUTIFUL …. ”miss whatever….. ” ??

Swalak became angry . Before could answer lakshya blurted out his anger on sanskaar.
Lak [angry ] – just shut up…. we are not here to talk about ”audi man ” ”audi monkey ” or about ” miss whatever ” ….. we are here to work … [pointing to staff who were peeing through lakshya’s cabin’s glass door ] all of get back to work … ??
Staff immediately ran from there listening their boss anger.
Here sanskaar controlled his laugh and swara was seeing sanskaar with anger .
Lakshya [smiles seeing his angel but hides it ] hello … i am lakshya oberoi … the chairman of this company …. and [pointing towards sanskaar ] he is my pa cum dost. …… ??
Swara jaw dropped listening lakshya as Chairman of company and sanskaar as his pa .
Sanskaar [teasing swara ] – close ur mouth or mosquitoes will enter in it .. ??
Swara psses sanskaar death glare .
Lakshya [in a bossy tone ] – plz settle down on this chair [poiting towards a chair in front of him ]Swara nods and settled down . Words were not coming out from her mouth .

Flashback ends …


Present ….
Sanskaar was crying remembering their cute fight .
Sanskaar’s pov ..
Why … why this happened to me … why …. ?????? Why my angel my love … my ”miss whatever ” left me leaving me alone .
He cries .
Pov ends …

Here shomi and swara was talking something important.
Shomi [enquiers about something ] – beta have u talked to sanskaar about feelings …. I mean u should talk to him .. ??
Swara was about to cry listening sanskaar’s name when she controlled .
Swa [diverting the topic ] – maa… I am starving see its morning na. .. so lets eat bf … baba is waiting for us ……
Shomi [understands that swara is diverting the topic ] – beta … don’t divert the topic …. I thought after that incident u will never believe in love again but u believed …. but I am having unknown fear in my heart that something sanskaar might betray u …
Swara started crying making shomi shock and confused .
Shomi [shock and confused ] why are u crying ???? Is everything ok ?????
Swa [while crying ] – maa…. u are right … he betrayed me … I again got the betrayal …. why no one loves me truely ??? Am I so bad ???? ….??
Shomi hugs her and tries to console her bit swara is continously crying. Shomi makes him sit on bed and and gives him water . Shomi wipes swara’s tears .

Time up !!!!! Now I have to do my regular h.w I mean reading all ur ffs … so its a bye from me …

Wait … wait …. I am thinking to give u a bonus today so giving u one more scene ….

Shomi – [wiping her tears ] plz don’t cry shona … now tell me clearly actually what happened ???
Swara tells about sanskaar’s betrayal [that u all don’t know … ]Shomi hugs her consoles her and makes swara lay on bed and goes to bring bf for swara .

Now bonus finish so chalo bye …..
So what is the ”incident ” described by sarmishta ????

Keep guessing ….

So chalo finally bye …. .

Wait wait …. take a precap also why all are u running ….

Precap – [present ] – swara decides to take take revenge from sanlak . [Past ] lakshya take interview of swara and ask her to sign some documents .Meanwhile shekhar gets asthma attack so swara rushes to her home .

Ok bye bye
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