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Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake {episode 4 }

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Link : Episode 3

Recap – {past }Swara seeks permission from her beloved parents to do a job and stand on her own feet . Shekhar said yes . and sanskaar and his family ‘s sweet time and introduction to lakshya oberoi … lakshya told sanskaar to give an advertisement in newspaper for new accountant .


♡Episode 4 ♡
Its morning . Our beautiful princess was sleeping but not peacefully . Whole night she was continously crying bcoz of sanskaar’s betrayal . There were tear marks on his cheecks . Sun ray disturbed her sleep . She gets up and rubs her eyes through her hands . She goes to washroom to freshen up . She calls a person . The person picks up her call .
Person {casually }- hello swara … ??
Swara{filled with anger } – don’t take my name through ur bl***y mouth …. I have just called u tell u that I am resigning from the job … SIR ??
She put pressure on the word sir .
Person – {became angry }Ok I don’t care … u resign from the job …. I had just done this for revenge which I completed .. so now send me resignation letter and I will sign on it .. then u can free … ??
Swara {boiled with anger but at the same time confused } – REVENGE … means ….. ??
Person {smirks } – what’s the need tell u .. now my revenge is conpleted …. ??
Swara {angry} – u …. ??

Before she could complete her sentence the other person cut the call . Swara -{angry } I will see him … ??
She try to calm down and think to write diary . She opens the page from where she left . She picks up the pen opened the cap and closes her eyes recalling her past . She opens her eyes and start writing .

???? Inside the diary ????
Page 3
{Past }
After gadodiya’s finished their bf swara searched for newspaper and started marking the places where she could job with a read marker . And when she was turning the page she saw the advertisement of Oberoi’s … OBEROI’S GROUPS OF COMPANY …. she read the whole advertisement and decided to work here …. She immediately goes to shekhar to show the newspaper who was busy playing CANDH CRUSH in her lappy .
Shekhar completed a level and jumped in excitement.
Shekahr{jumping in happiness and excitement } – YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
Just then swara comes there.
Swara – baba I got the job… ??

Shekhar {with full concentration in his laptop } – ok good … next time score full marks ….
Swara {confused }{to herself } – full marks ????? But I came here to show him the advertisement … full marks kahan se aa gae ????? ??
Swara {to her candy papa?? } – papa … I am talking about this advertisement not my report card …. ??
Shekhar looses his next level and fakely cries .
Shekhar {while crying .. arre fake wala ???} – swara …. see bcoz of u I lost my next level…. I had to play again now …
Swara becomes angry and closes shekhar’s laptop .
Swara {anger guys this one also fake } – papa … that’s not fare .. u only play candy crush … what about me …. plz listen to me once … I came here to show this advertisement {and makes a cute pout }
Shekhar smiles and takes the newspaper from her hand .
Shekhar {after reading the advertisement }- ok u can work here … but there is a condition ….
Swara {confused } – what ????? ??

Shekahr {in a serious tone } – u have to come home early …. and u have to take care of urself properly …
Swara sits beside shekhar and side hugs him .
Swara {assures shekhar not to worry } – baba … don’t worry … I will take care of my self …. ok … and waise bhi jab tak mere {pulling shekhar’s cheecks } cute papa mere saath hai tab tak mujhe kuch nahi ho sakta …. {when my cute father is with me nothing can happen to me .} ??
Shekhar smiles and nods yes .
Swara from there .

Next morning .{past only }
She got ready and left for interview after collecting proper information about the oberoi’s company . She comes down .
Shekhar – good morning princess …. ??
Swara – good morning handsome … ??
Shomi was suprised to see that her daughter waked up so early . She kisses on her forehead and blesses her .

Shomi {giving blessings } – kush raho meri bachhi {always stay happy my child } ??{in a teasing tone } and aaj itni subah subah kaise udh gai {and how u waked up so early today }
Swara – hey beautiful.. u forgot today I have to give interview in the office .
Shomi {while keeping hands on her forehand } – ohhhooo main bhi na kitni bulakkad hooo {ohhnooo I forgot .} ??
Swara smiles and gadodiyas eat their bf and swara leaves for office . She comes out of her house and can’t find any driver there.
Swara – why there is no driver ????
Swara then sees her watch .


Time up !!!!!! Now I have to study …
And who the guys who is talking to swara and why he/she want to take revenge from her .
Stay stunned for more updates ….
Do u want precap … but I not in a mood of giving ?? … kkk if u want so take it …

Precap – [past ] Swara gets a scooty and drive off with it . Swara meet a man . The fall in love with swara means Love at first sight with swara . [But who is the man sanskaar or lakshya ???? Guess …]

@ and if u have any confusion regarding any of the episodes plz tell me … I clear it ..

Ok tata
Keep smiling ..
stay blessed …

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