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Swasan – I thought it was love but it was a mistake { episode 1 }

Hey guys … I am back so soon.. I was having time so thought to give u one more update .
Thnx for suggestions
@ I will give past between present …. but past will be more than present …
@ lakshya opposite will be ragini .. if the situation will suit I will add her sry but I can’t promise …
@ and plz try cooperate with me if will give u short updates .
@ I will concentrate on each and every charcter of ff … so the story will go slow … so plz don’t panic….
@ thnx for ur comments in Proglogue …



Link : Prologue

Recap – Proglogue ; A girl confronts a boy .


♡Episode 1 ♡
The boy was sitting on bed and was crying recalling his past . His face is revealed . He is none other than sanky {many or all of u have guessed right }
Sanky {monologue}- why ???? Why have u done this with me . . Why ???? When first time I falled in love u snatched it with me … why ????? I know I have done wrong with I should not …..
His chain of thought was disturbed by someone’s knock on the door . It was her mom sujata .
Sujata – chore , come food is ready … ??
Sanky nods yes . Sujata was about to leave when she notices tear marks on sanky’s face and his eyes which had swelled bcoz of crying .
Sujata {with concern }- chore , are u crying ???? ??
Sanskaar {hiding his tears and with a fake smile }- no mom , just work stress and nothing… u go na I will come down …. ??
Sujata {in a little ordering tone } – ok …. freshen up fast and come down … ur papa is waiting for u …. ??
Sanskaar {with again a fake smile } – ok meri mata now go …. ??

Saying this sanky takes sujata out of the room and closes the door from inside . Here sujata is still thinking what had happened suddenly to his son . SHe goes from there with unsatisfaction.


Here the girl reaches to his house and he rings the door bell . A lady in late 50’s comes opens the door .
Lady {with little concern }- bohot jaldi aagai tu shona{ u have came so early shona } ??
{ So the girl is one other then our shona urf swara … again most or many of u have guessed correct and the lady is swara ‘s ma shomi }
Swara {with blank expression as she is still thinking about sanskaar } – there was much work in office …??
Shomi sensed something is fishy so she asked – I am ur mum I can easily sense that something is wrong so tell me clearly where u were till now bcoz u should have returned one hour before this … ??
Listening shomi’s queries about his life swara became furious and blurted out snanskaar’s anger on shomi .
Swara {with his full anger } – ma… I am not a small nursery kid …. I am big enough to take care of myself & who are u to question me … I am ur daughter not ur servant to answer ur each and every nonsense question … so never try to ask me this question again that where I were ??? I can …. ??
She was interrupted by his father’s voice .
Shekhar {swara’s father} { with same angry tone as swara }- PRINCESS…. how dare u to speak like this with ur mom … she is also ur mom …. not ur servant ….??
Swara {realized what she said to shomi and asked for forgiveness} – sorry papa ….
Shekhar {with a little calm tone but still angry } – ok … bit remember taht ur mom is not at all ur servant …. she does work of the whole house but never complained … she neither asked for holiday nor a break …. I know there are servants in house to work but still she had to work … but where in house where there is no servants .. then these women work day and night for their .. sometimes a woman had to work in home also and outside also to earn their livelihood … so now mind ur tounge … and go to ur room now .. ??
Swara goes from there with a guilt in her face .
Swara goes inside her room and closes the door and cries .
Swara {monologue } – why god ??? Why have u done this with .me .. this is second time … I hate u SNANSKAAR MAHESHWARI … now enough … I can’t bear this pain … I want to share this pain with someone .. but with whom .. ??
Suddenly swara sees a diary kept on her study table . She goes near her table and sat on the chair .
Swara {a idea popped out in her mind }- DIARY …
{Hope u guys understood the idea }


So guys … this was the 1st episode hope u liked it … do share ur valuable comments …. and i know today chappy was boring but i want tell about mother’s importance in our life. So
… want a precap … ok ..ok… lelo …
Precap – Swara started writing diarry {past } happy moments of papa mumma and princess ….??

Ok tata ….

Next update : maybe on sunday if not then definitely on monday .

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