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SwaSan! I Love You!! (prologue)


A beautiful manshion is shown ….there was a name plate in which it was written
Inside the mansion a lady ….shown arranging the dining table …

Lady:(to servant) suresh ..
Suresh:haan Malkin
Lady:wo go n ask laksh to come …for breakfast
Suresh:okay Malkin

Just then a voice comes

Voice:uski koi zarurat nahi hai coz laksh khud hi aagaya Maa

Lady turns and looks at the person who was standing with a bright smile on his face ..

Lady:(smiles) laksh …come have ur bf

{It is laksh and the lady is sumi}

Laksh:haan . ..but where is papa
Sumi:morning walk
Laksh:ohh k …

He sits on the chair ..

Sumi:laksh ….as ur papa is not there ..
Do me a favour beta
Laksh:maa just order ….i will do whatever u will ask me to do
Sumi:k. . then plz ..go n wake shona
Laksh:(looks at her) noway …..I’m not gonna wake tat kumbarkan
Sumi:wat….just now u said tat u will do whatever I will ask u
Laksh:haan…but ……
Sumi:if ur papa wouldn’t have gone for walking ….he would have wake her …
Then y would I ask ur help
Laksh:okay okay ma I will wake her
Sumi:(smiles) tat like my son. ..now go

He smiles ..nodes and leaves from there
And a room which is beautiful decorated
With all type of pink and red lace ..paints
…sceneries etc ….
There was huge bed on which a beautiful angel was sleeping with a angelic smile on her beautiful face

Laksh looks at her ….goes towards her

Laksh:(shakes her) Swara…..Swara…Swara

(It is our beautiful swara)

She cover herself more with the bedsheets
He shakes his head in irritation and pulls the blanket

Laskh:swara get up I said
Swara:(sleepy tone ) oh who thz donkey waking me so early
Laksh:swara ….thz is laksh ur bro
Swara:(sleepy tone_) laksh ….arrgg oh God thz bhai always irritate me chi…..I feel to rolll him like a ball …kick him punch him …play football using him as a ball
Laksh:(anger) swaraaaaaaaa i will kill u

Swara gets up with a jerk

Swara:(looks at him) bhai…u (rubs her eyes) wt r u doing here
Laksh:I came to wake u ….and now without wasting any time just get up ….
Swara:bhai u go from here ..don’t disturb my sleep …

She again covers herself more with blanket

Laksh:swara I’m asking u to wake for the last time (anger)
Swara:_ok bye

He shakes his head in irritation …

Laksh:okay I’m leaving ….(he was abt to go but turns and) but I think from today ur clg gonna start right

Hearing thz she getsup immediately

Swara:(keeps hand on her head) omg bhai I totally frgt abt it

Looks at him .. Jumps from the bed and kisses his cheeks

Swara:(smiles)thank u bhai for waking me
Laksh:ur wlcm my sis
Swara:now go from here I should get ready. ……or else I will be late for clg

Laksh shakes his head in irritation and leaves from there


Laksh ,sumi,shekar was having the breakfast…
Swara comes there wearing a hot pink crop top and a black hoodies …
She goes towards shekar kisses him on his cheeks

Swara:(smiles) good morning papa. ..
(Looks at sumi) good morning ma
Sumi:good morning shona come have ur breakfast
Shekar:(smiles) haan come ..I will feed u

Swara nodes and sits beside shekar

Laksh:papa y r u feeding she is not a small kid …let her have by herself
Shekar:laksh she is always a small kid no matter how big she is grown
Swara:right papa ……(to laksh) and bhai stop being jealous okay

Laksh makes faces. ….
Swara laughs ….

Swara:okay papa …ma bye I’m getting late for CLG
Shekar and sumi:bye beta
Laksh:swara wait let me leave u still the gate
Swara:(teases) haan come ….instead of leaving me still gate …see ur rrrrrrr
Laksh: swaraaaaaaaaaaaaa……come

He drags her ….sumi and shekar laughs

Both swara and laksh comes out

Just then a girl come from opposite Mansion which was also a huge and beautiful ….
Swara looks at her …runs and hug her

Swara:hi ragini …
Ragini:(smiles & break hug) hi swara …u know how much I missed u ..
Swara:(teases) missed me ..orrrr my bro
Ragini:(blushes) swaraaaa
Laksh:(smiles) hi ragini
Ragini:hi laksh
Swara:if ur hi hi hogaya ho tho. ..rags clg chalien
Rags smiles n nodes

Both was abt to leave but

Ragini:(turns )haan laksh
Laksh: WO come…….
Swara:(interrupts)haan haan she will come don’t worry ..and I will accompany her. ….(to ragini) rags abb chal

She drags her ….start the scooty ….asks her to sit and leaves from there

Laksh:bye (smiles)
Swara:haan bye bro

Laksh turns and was abt to go ….but a voice comes from back

Voice:hey hi lucky …boy

Laksh immediately turns with a surprised and a happy look

Laksh:omg …Sanky …u here

(It is sanskar)

Sanskar smiles …shakes his hand and hugs him

Laksh:(release the hug) but how come. .
(Surprised look)
Sanskar:haa yesterday only I came from London ….
Laksh:but u dnt in from me abt ur arrival
Sanskar:chill dude thought to give u a surprise
Laksh:huh! But still can’t believe tat finally u came after 5long years …and ragini also dnt said abt ur arrival
Sanskar:wat to do coz of u my sis frgt abt me (fake crying face)
Laksh:hahaha stop it

His words were cutoff by a fatty boy came running and huged laksh

Laksh:(breaks the hug) shlok yeh kya karaha hai chi
Shlok:it called a hug dude bole tho jhapi
Laksh:(looks at him & Punch’s his stomach) still faty ..
Sanskar:hahahaha lucky u don’t know dude now he eats more than before he used to
Shlok:sanky …stop keeping eye on me
Sanky:hahahaha lol …my eyes r perfect for me y should I keep for u
Laksh:hahahaha lol….k sanky ..now I have to leave for office see u later
Shlok: wat yaar lucky ur frnds came after so many years and u want to go office …come let’s hangout like before
Lucky:dude its important so have to go….
But sure 2mro we will do full masti
Sanky:haa it’s k dude ….waise we r also going for office only …so come lets go by my jeep
Lucky:wat u joined office
Sanky:hahaha asked me to join….now come lets go

Laksh and shlok nodes
Trio sits in jeep …laksh and sanskar in front seat and shlok at back

Laksh:waise how many hot chicks were ur girlfriend dude (to sanskar)

Sanskar just looks at him and gives him a cute smile and turns his face
While shlok burst into laugh
Laksh looks at him

Laksh:wt happen dude y r u laughing like a mad
Shlok:hahahaha coz of ur question which u asked to sanky hahahaha
Lucky:wt soo funny in tat
Shlok:hahahaha sanky dnt have not even 1 gf u know hahaha sometimes I think sanky is tat type……I’m afraid also if he do something with me

At thz sanskar stops the car and gives him a death glare

Sanky:chii I Will kick u if u dnt shut ur mouth
Shlok closes his mouth

Laksh:hahahahaha lol ……(looks at sanky)
But dude is it true u dnt have any gf
Laksh:(surprise) wat ur handsome and any chick would be flat for ur one look …..then y dnt have a gf
Sanskar:(smiles)coz all tat girls …mai meri wali koi nahi thi
Laksh:Aur tumhari wali kon hai

Sanskar looks at him and smiles …..
Turns and looks at the sky

Sanskar:meri wali ….(pointing to sky) whom he had made only for me ….
Who just belongs to me …who is only mine

Screen shifts to the ABC clg

Swara parks the scooty in full hurry ….drags ragini and runs

Ragini:arrey swara slowly yaar …u always do thz ..
Swara:arrrey rags u know right how eager I will be to see tat….
Ragini:haan haan I know

They stands in front of small box which is sticked to the wall
Swara was smiling breathing heavily

Ragini:(looks at her) uffo swara stop blushing and plz take it

Swara blushes ….nodes and puts her hand inside the box ….and takes a paper which is fully decorated by hearts
She opens it and reads


Bahut khubsurat ho tum!
Kabhi main Jo kah du mohabbat hai tumse;
Toh mujhe galat mat samjna ki merit
Zarurat ho tum;
Bahut khubsurath ho tum!

Hain phoolon ki dali ye baahe tumhari;
Hain khamosh jadu nigahein tumhari;
Hain beege laboon ki hasin tumhari;
Jo kaante ho sab apne daman me raklu;
Saja du main kaliyan se rash tumhari;

Nazar we zamane ki khud ko bachana;
Kisi aur se dekho dil na lagana
Ki meri amanat ho tum;
Meri dua ho tum ;
Bahut khoobsurath ho tum!!!

**I LOVE U ****
Yours n only yours

Reading thz she had blushing smile on her face …ragini also smiles looking at her

Just then they hears a voice

Voice:ohhhoo again secret admire ka letter hai huh!
Ragini:(turns) hi kavya ..
Kavya:hi rags (to swara) Aur swara tera secret admire is sending thz love letters for from 7 long years but still he dnt met u but still u love him
Swara:haan(blushes) coz my love is not for his physical present ..I love him from heart and he also does so …actually his love is more than my love to him…..coz each of his letter he had always expressed his love

Kavya:okay stop giving Bashan on love or else faint

Swaragini laughs


Hi guys tanu is back with a new ff
My exams r over now I’m free yaar so thought of new ff
Hope u all liked it
Plz give ur views should I continue thz or not
Thank u all guys. .bye love u all

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