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Swasan: how they met?? SS (part-8) last part

Part 7



1 week has passed to the proposal incident and now both parents with raglak doing preparation for their marriage… while both swasan were bzy in completing their project which is only one week ahead and after 5 days of completion there will be the wedding of swasan… sanky’s parent are also in gadodia house because there wedding will take place in gadodia house due to the project…

Finally the project got over and today is the day of swasan mehndi and a mehndi women came for applying the mehndi to swara butt………….. where is swara????

Our swara is running around the hall and ragini, sumi,ap and mehndi women is running behind her.. why??? Have a look guys ?

Ap: swara beta please apply the mehndiii

Swara: no mommm

Sumi: but why betaaa

Swara: because it takes hours to dry

Ragini: soo whats the problem in it???

Swara: there issssss a big problem

Trio: what problem???

Swara stops and made a sad pout and said: I was not able to eat choco for hrss

Trio first gave her a shocked expressions and then burst into laughter….

Sumi: pagal chaloo no more drama come and put mehndii

Swara: butttt

Trio: nooooooo

Swara with said face : okayyyyyy

Their talks was listened by sanky and he smiles on listening this and goes from there..

Later after at night after the mehndi function swara is sitting in her room and seeing her mehndi with a baby face and saiddd when will u dry??? I want to eat chocoo

While she is blabbering to herself a choco with open wrapper come infront of her eyes…

Swara’s eyes sparkled on seeing the choco and she look upward and saw sanky is standing with a choco in his hand and gesturing her through eyes to have a bite…

Swara happily took the bite and hugs him with open hand and said thankuuu sankyyy my cutie choco boyyy

Sanky: seriously swara cutie choco boy??

Swara nodes with a baby face…

Sanky smiles and feed her complete choco and after talking for some time sanky kissed on her forehead and bids good night to her…

The marriage day has come…

Everybody is roaming happily in the hall of gadodia mention and waiting for the marriage of theire beloved swasan….

Sanky already in the mandap and waiting for swara… ragini has gone to take swara but after 5 mins she came down with a worried face…

Sumi who saw ragini coming alone with a worried face said: what happened ragini?? And where is swara???

Ragini: sumii maa swara is not in her room I have searched her all where but she found nowhere…

Sanskar also listened this and become worried he got up and said what r u saying ragini??

Ragini : im saying true sanky

Everyone got worried while everyone is talking shekhar is standing quite and thinking something..

Sumi: shekhar why r u silent your daughter is missing and u r standing like a statue..

Shekhar: sumi u remember when swara’s result has came of 10th board what she have done..

Sumi” shekhar r u out of your mind here swara is missing and u r sayinggg… but sumi stops and looks towards shekhar… shekhar who is looking sumii smiles and said I think u got it…

Sumi laughs and said: yess

While raglaksan and dp,ap gave them a confused look…

Dp: shekhar ji please tell uss we are very much worried..

Shekhar: don’t worry dp jii u all just come with uss

Everybody follows shekhar and sumi who is going towards swara’s room..

In swara’s room..

Ragini: sumi maa why we came here I already searched her here…

Shekhar: have patience laadooo.. and too sanskar

Shekhar: sanskar go and chck under the bed

Sanskar: what???

Shekhar: yess now goo

Sanskar gave a confused look and goes towards bed and bent down and shocked after seeing the scenario and starts laughing by holding his stomach…

Raglak, ap, dp who saw sanky laughing also goes and look under the bed and the scene made them also laugh like hell..
Under the bed…

Swara is lying in her bridal dress by putting her head on her teddy and munching choco and listening songs by putting earphones…

Sanskar: drags her outs and said what is this shona?? Here we all our worried and u r enjoying under the bed..

Swara pouts and said: sanky im very much scared that’s why

Everyone adores her cute baby face and laughs…

Sanky: don’t worry nothing will happens now please come by saying this he gave her hand..

Swara happily nodes and grabs his hand…

Later they both got married and swara happily completes all the rituals of her marriages..

Sanky is laughing on seeing her antics and said: shona u r an antique piece girls cry on her wedding but u r completing all the rituals happily…

Swara excitedlyyy: sanky u know its my big dreams imm soo much happy…

Finally the marriage got completed and swara jumps in excitement..

Swara: yes yess now im married.. she goes toward the pandit jii and shake hand with him…

Pandit jii who is shocked on seeing swara’s reaction…. And later faints because swara gave him a tight kiss on his cheek ( guys I can’t stop myself from putting the fainting scene ;)and don’t worry pandit is an aged man ?

Everyone burst into fits of laughter on seeing this and sanky garbs swara in his arms and said lets goo before u will faint someone elsee

Swara pouts and everyone laughs…after that they lives happily and having 3 kids name khushi,samar and raj 

The end

Guys this the end I hope I will like it also and please don’t forget to comment thankuuu 

See u all in my other story love between swasan ?

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