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Swasan: how they met?? SS (part-7)

Part 6
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Flashback continue:-

At evening swara came back from office she is sitting on the sofa in hall she is very tired because due to the gap of these months…

Her eyes were closes suddenly a maid came and gave her a choco with a chit attached on it…

Maid: mam..

Swara opened her eyes and looks towards the maid with questioned eyes: ya kaki??’

Maid: mam this is for u.. and gave swara a choco and before she ask any thing she goes..

Swara who snd this??.. may be mom or dad but when she saw the chit on it she opened it..

In chit: be ready at 9pm tonight..

Swara: who snd this?? She calls everyone but nobody answered.. she open the choco and start munching it and goes towards the room… when she entered she find a beautiful dress with matching accessories… she gave a confused look towards the thing and find another chit with choco near the dress.. she goes and open it..

In chit: put on these dress and accessories..

Swara look towards the clock and it shows 7:45pm..

Swara said ooh shit and grabs the dress and runs towards the washroom…

By 8:50 swara was completely ready.. she in the hall when she heard the car horn she goes out and saw a bmw with driver is waiting for u but before getting in driver gave her a choco with another chit…

Swara: who gave this?? But driver only smiled and grab the driving seat..

Swara signs and opened the chit..

In chit:-

Have patience and eat this choco u will come to know after sometime…

Swara starts eating the choco and after half hr driver stops the car and open her side door…

Driver points towards the direction and said: on that side mam..

Swara nodes and starts walking on the direction which driver gave…

Swara is walking when she saw another choco laying on the ground with one more chit…

Swara grabs the choco and open the chit…

In chit:-

Just 10 steps more and u will find out…

Swara starts walking and after ten step she saw a beautiful lake which he decorated with chocolate balloon and hearts… inside the lake there is a small boat which is also decorated with real roses and inside the boat there is a man sitting by facing his back towards swara..

Swara who is astonished after seeing the decoration calls the man..

Swara: excuse mr???

The person turns towards her with a bright smile

Swara: sanskar?????

Sanskar: yess mee.. how was the surprise???

Swara: its beautiful but why u did all this???

Sanskar: because I came to know that if I will not propose u with a plan u will reject me..

Swara eyes pop up on hearing the word propose..

Swara in loud shout: what?????

Sanky put fingers in ears and said: slow swara slowww

Swara who is in shock came back in senses and starts jumping like a mad kidd..

Now sanskar eyes pop up on seeing her state he runs towards her and grabs her by shoulder and said: what happened to u???

Swara while controlling her excitement gave him a tight kiss on his cheeks and said u r going to propose me???

Sanky become shock after the kis and heeeee……………. (guys what u think what will happened next???)

And sanky gave her a shocked expressions ? (guys no more fainting now )

Swara shakes him and said tell na u r going to propose me?? When will u propose mee plz hurry naa im soo excited…

Sanky came back in senses after hearing the loud laughing sounds and both swasan saw towards the direction…

And there is standing sumi shekhar,, raglak and ap dp who are laughing on seeing sanky state and listening swara’s talk..

Raglak is laughing like a mad ppl rolling on the ground while the parents trying hard to control their laughs..

Swara: u ppl??

Shekhar while controlling his laugh: beta he wants to propose hee and we all are excited to see what will be sanky’s reaction when he will propose u because me your mom and raglak knows that how will u react but poor sanky don’t know about this by saying this he again start laughing ?

Swara looks toward sanky and said in an angry tone while shaking him because he is standing in a shock…

Swara: mr sanskar meheswari when u r going to propose me?? When I’ll get married to any other person and or when my children call u mamu???

All burst in laughter on listening this and sanky came back in senses on listening the word mamu..

Sanky: no nooo

Swara: soo propose me now

Sanky: r u requesting me or threatening me??

Swara: what ever u want to think u can think but propose me now and by saying this she pic up a choco balloon and starts eating it…

Sanky : how many chocos u will eat?? I think in your bones there are chocolates instead of calcium and in your blood there is running a choco syrup…

Swara glares him and said: proposeee….

Sanky: okay okayyyy

By saying this sanky goes on his knees and grab a choco balloon in his hand… while swara is seeing him while eating choco…

Sanky: swara u know when I first saw u near the mall I fell some attraction towards u but I ignore that feeling.. after that I when I came to know about u I feel like someone is stabbing my heart… while rescuing u I felt like to hug u tightly and not letting u goo anywhere but when I saw u courage I feel proud on my selection u proves that u r not a weak girl.. u can doo anything if u want to doo.. u know I love your both sides being childish to a mature business woman… can u plz do me a favor???

Swara who is smiling on listening all this nodes…

Sanky: can u share your choco with me for lifetime?? Can u become my choco partner for life time?? Can u become my soul mate for life time???

Swara nodes her head in yess and tears come in her eyes on seeing such a pure love of sanky for her…

Sanky got upp and hugs her tightly and said I luv u I luvv sooooo muchhh u know on very first sight I fall in love with u…

Swara: but my love is not of first side it takes 5 minutes by saying this she starts laughing while sanky gave her a impossible look…

Flashback end…..


Sanky is remembering all the scenes and also todays’ scenes when swara proposed him…

Sanky: my mad choco girll…

To be continued….

Guys I will end this ss in 1 or 2 episodes because now I want to concentrate on my new story ….. hope u like it plz do comment 

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