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Swasan: how they met?? SS (part-6)


sorry guys for being late.. actually bzy in eid and guests thats why here is the next updates i know it might be not good but plz do comment and i will be regular after 2-3 days and im soo happy that telly updates returns me the last alphabet of my name ? in comments also



Flashback continues:

Days are passing like this raglak families were in abroad soo on the insistence of swara and sumi shekhar both are staying in gadodia house…

Sanky is also staying with them because due to the project he have to come many times so it is decided that till the project will complete sanky will also stays with them..

One day lucky came to sanky’s room for waking him… he put his hand on sanky shoulder but before he speaks anything sanky pulled him and hugs tightly….

Lucky gave horrified expressions to sanky but sanky he sleeping and murmuring something…

Lucky put his ear near his mouth and start listening what he is talking about

Sanky in dreams: baby I love the way u ate the choco I feel like licking that choco around your lipss and by saying this he bent towards lucky to lick choco from the lipss before

lucky could doo anything both woke up after hearing a loud scream….

sanky got up with a jerk and saw lucky in his embrace he also scream loud on seeing lucky too much close while lucky also screams ?

But they hear another scream again and saw towards the door where ragini is standing by putting her hand on her eyes…

Lucky jumps from the bed and stands at the corner of the room while giving horrified expression to sanky whereas sanky is also giving the same expressions..

Ragini: what the hell u both r doing???

Sanky: lucky im not dat type of guy what were u doing with me??/

Lucky’s eye pop up on hearing sanky and said: u blooding hell it was not me it was u who took me in the embrace and trying to lick my lips chiiii

Sanky: what????

Lucky: yesss now tell e who is the baby about whom u r talking??

Ragini: yess tell uss

Sanky becomes red due to shyness….

And said actualllyyyyyyy

Raglak: actualllyyy???

Sanky: actually I was dreaming about swara by saying this he hides his face in both hands.

Raglak: what????

Ragini: do u love her???

Sanky nodes with shyness and said : yes I love swara….

Before raglak can say anything they heard a thud sound… trio looks toward the direction and saw shekhar is lying unconscious while sumi is standing in a shock…

Sanky become scared

Lucky runs towards shekhar and tries to wake him up while sumi is standing like a statue..

Ragini get the water and sprinkle on shekhar he came back in senses and saw sankyy with shocked expressions while sumi is also doing the same…

Sanky stammers…. And said: s…ooo..rrr..yyyy uncle aunty

Shekahr: why r u saying sorry???

Sanky: wwoo…hhhh

Sumi: what wohh han???

Sanky: for loving swara

Shekhar: but why??/

Sanky: because u don’t like it naaa

Sumi: who said that???

Sanky: on seeing ur state

Shekhar starts laughing and said beta: we didn’t shocked on listening that u love her actually we become shocked how can u tolerate the whole life…. ?

Raglaksan: what??????

Sumi while laughing: yesss she is the one who didn’t woke up when she didn’t smell he choco then how can u tolerate all her tantrums throughout your life???

Sanky: I will tolerate all her tantrums throughout my whole life because she is may be childish but a pure soul she may be shows childish behavior but at a same time also shows a maturity she didn’t harm anyone due to her behavior I like the way she iss… she is a girl who can make my life full of colors and I like to spend my whole life by tolerating her tantrums..

Sumi shekhar smiles on hearing this and bless him and said all the best..

Sanky: why all the best??

Lucky: u came to know when u are going to propose her..

Sanky: propose??

Ragini: because without proposing her she will reject u ?

Sanky: what???

All: yessssss

To be continued…..

Precap:- sanky’s proposal….flashback ends….. present

guys if u want i will try to make this ss long ? thankuu for reading and do comment ?

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