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Swasan: how they met?? SS (part-5)

Part 4




Forget the butterflies. I feel the whole zoo when I am with you <3

This is said by swara to sanskar to which sanskar eyes pop up like anything.. he is seeing swara with open mouth.. not only sanskar but actually raglak and shekhar sumi were also seeing her like that… but much more is coming for them…

Swara:- I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile. Then walk into a pole

Sanky: what????????

Swara:- I didn’t want to fall in love, not at all. But at some point, you smiled, and, holy shit, I blew it.

Sanky start feeling dizziness

But our shona didn’t stop…

Swara:- Sometimes I wonder how you put up with me. Then I remember, oh I put up with you. So we’re even

Sanky: swaraaaa????

But our shona is in full mood on saying funny love quotes…

Swara again:- I love you like a fat kid loves cake

After listening this sankyy faintsss… to which swara pouts why so early u fainted??? I wanted to say much moreee I speacially google these quotes but u listened onlyyyyyy 5 …

she pouts sadly and start munching her choco…

While raglak and sumi shkekhar was seeing her with open eyes and blinking eyes….

Swara looks towards them and said don’t u all want to faint??? After listening this everyone came back in sense and said??? Noo not now but tell us what is all this u said??

Swara excitedly arreeyyy it is my love confession I want to said 50 quotes but this idiot faint after listening only 5 quotes….. she said with the most innocent face

Ragini in shock: shonaaa if u said one more quote na we all will faint with sankyy….

Laksh: yaa righttttt… shona what type of love confession is this????

Swara excitedly u know naa im crazy and waiting for my love partner and when i start loving this idiott I feel like flying in the skyyy and I specially google these quotes butt huhhh idiot fainted….

If u will said again these quotes naa I will land in coma directly… sanskar said by coming back in senses….

Swara: u came back in senses?? Now listen my remaining quotes…

Sankyy: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo by saying this he again fainted…

Swara: idiott she goes by stamping her foot…

Raglak is laughing like hell while sumi shekhar in giggling….

Sanky woke up and said I regretting that day when I said that I love herr and u know what raglak what she replied on my confession???

Raglak by controlling their laugh said what she said???

Sanky: I said that my love is love at first side but she replied again with a quote that she said that for her “it wasn’t love at first sight. It took a full five minutes.”

Raglak burst into fits of laughter

Laksh: hahahahahahahahahhaha sankyy u r now goneeeee I think she will also tell u a quote on your first nighttt

Sumi shekhar laughs on listening laksh…..

Sanky: u lucky idiottt monkey just goo to hell by saying this sankyy storms out..

Ragini while laughing aunty what u have ate when swara born???

Shekhar: beta your aunty ate only my brain shekhar said while giggling

Sumi glares shekhar: ragini I think your uncles brain is of monkey that’s why shona behaves like a monkey…

Laksh: by seeing this side of shonaa nobody believes ever that she is the leading business women ?

Everyone laughs on hearing thiss..

While in the room sanskar is remembering what happened after the rescue mission…


Next morning is a beautiful morning for swara and her family… suraj and his family left the place after bidding by and their role is also finished…

Today raglak and sanky are also in gadodia mansion….the deal which finalized between fake sahil and sanskar is now in between swasan… swara is going to deal with sanskar…

Everyone present on the dining table for breakfast swara came down by grabbing her choco in hand…

Shekhar: shonaaa I know u didn’t ate choco in these 10 months but it doesn’t mean that u eat all the chocos of these 10 months in one week… everybody laughs on this while
swara pouts… sanky is also laughing on which swara said…

Swara: mr langoor maheswari don’t laugh to much because u r going to deal with me for the project

Sanky who is in shock after listening langoor said: what u call me langoor??

Swara: yes any doubt??

Sanky: how can u call me langoor instead u can call me handsome naa he said with a sad pout

Swara: awwwwwwwwwwwwww okay handsome langoor ?

Sanky: what??????

While everybody laughs

Swara blinks with an innocent smile…

Swara: meet you in the office by saying this she bids bye to everyone…

In office there is a meeting of board members is going on raglak are also the part of this meeting while sanskar due to the partner also present in the meeting…

Swara: ladies and gentlemen as u all know that what happened from last 10 months due to this our company’s reputation will be highly affected soo I want your corporation for starting again… but someone interrupts her… on which lucky to sanskar in his ear u want to look her serious side naa now look.. on which sanskar gave lucky a confused look..

The one who interrupted is neil khurana one of the board member but jealous with swara’s company…

Neil: mis swara but how can we trust u?? that what will happened from last 10 months will not happened again??

Swara: mr neil if u r not having any trust on our company then why didn’t u step back earlier by canceling all the contracts with us??

Neil: ……..

Swara: mr neil I know all your intention… don’t underestimate mee I am only tolerating u because u r my dad’s frnd otherwise the door is there u may leave

Sanky’s mouth hang down on hearing swara’s straight words…

Neil: u r insulting me ms swara

Swara: yes I know that I am insulting uu… there is no need to tell me thiss

While all the other present in the meeting hall in seeing swara normally because they know her this side but our sanky is in the state of shock.. he also a ruthless business man but

he saw first time a women with 2 different personalities….

Laksh hit him with a elbow and said: shut your mouth sanky..

Sanky came in senses and said what the girl she iss

Ragini giggles on listening this while swara gave them a death glare because she saw them whispering in each other ears…

Neil fumes in anger and said: I will cancel all the contracts u just wait and watch

Swara: sure why not but before cancelling gave us the fine of 500 crores because it is clearly written in the contract that the one who cancels the contract will give the penalty…

Neil face turned pale and he asked for an apology

To which swara gave him the final warning and like this the meeting got to an end…

Swara was in her office.. raglaksan came into the office but stopped because swara asked them to stop…

Swara: don’t u dare to cross the line…

Lucky: what happened shona??

Swara: what happened?? Haann?? By saying this she throws a file which hit on lucky’s face…

Lucky: ouchhhhhh shonaa okay sorry we will never doo this again in the meeting room

Swara: better otherwise next time it will be the paper weight

All trio nodess like a innocent child and after few minutes all burst into laughter…

To be continued…..

Precap: flashback continue…. More shocks for sanskar and may be the end ?

guys i don’t know what i have written please comment and tell me u like it or not

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