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Swasan: how they met?? SS (part-3)

thankuu soo much guys for your precious comments.. its due to your comments that we are able to write.. soo plz keep supporting and reading and if u want to give any idea u are most welcome ? <3

Part 2



Sanskar receives a call from SG companies for a meeting at 12 pm…

Sharp at 12 pm sanskar is standing infront of the building which named as SG interprizes but something is missing in the building.. sanskar ignore that feel again and head towards the entrance… he greet by manager… in office everyone give him a smile but sanskar notice some fear behind their eyes.. he ignored that feeling again…

In board room sanskar met with suraj and sahil gadodia but while shaking hand with sahil sanskar notice something different in sahil… he don’t know why but he feels like he is not the person who he seems to show… but this time sanskar didn’t ignore this feeling he made up his mind to get all the information about sahil…

During meeting sanskar secretly click picture of sahil and snd it to his frnd karan and msg him to get all the information about sahil…meeting got successful and suraj invited sanky for a party after 2 days at their home…

While going out sanky ask for water from the peon outside…

While taking water from peon sanky stops him

Sanky: kaka please listen

Peon: ji beta??

Sanky: kaka from when u r working here???

Kaka: beta im working here from last 15 yrss

Sanky: it means u know about shekhar gadodia and swara gadodia?? i want your help about them

Kaka frightened after listening this and said: beta I have a work and he goes without answering sanky….

Sanky: arreyyy but he already gone

But sanky conversation is listened by someone

Sanky goes out when he reached toward his car someone calls him behind he turns and saw a girl standing their

Sanky: yes???

Girl: hello sir im sara p.a of sahil gadodia

Sanky: oo how can I help u??

Sara: not u sir actually I want to help u I listened all your conversation with peon kaka

Sanky: ooooo but how can I trust u??? u r the p.a of sahil

Sara: sir before sahil sir’s pa im the p.a of swara mam

Sanky: wow that’s great… but sara this is not the right time to talk can u please meet me at my home??

Sara: sure sir I’ll come

Sanky gives her laksh home address and bids byee..

At evening time sara came to raglak home

Sanky,lucky and ragini sitting in the hall with sara

Ragini: sara I know u before because I met u with swara in office many times

Sara: yes ragini mam I also wanted to come but didn’t find any opportunity

Laksh: sara what u know about swara and shekhar uncle?

Sara: laksh sir 10 months before every thing is fine but before 1 yr when shekhar sir’s brother came na everything starts changing and finally 10 months before suddenly suraj sir and sahil sir take over the company.. infact they also thrown out many loyal and honest employees of shekhar sir

Sanky: what change do u notice when they came??

Sara: sir shekhar sir is always seems to be in tnsn… but swara mam is always there to tackle the situation but sometimes she also remains in tnsn…. I don’t know what exactly happen sir but one thing for which im sure about it that shekhar sir sumi mam and swara mam were not in abroad

Laksh: how can u be soo sure??

Sara: because sir one day I heard sahil sir talking about some medicine which is given to someone and I heard him taking shekhar sir name and also saying about the area which is only in mubai from where the medicines purchased

Laksh: blooding rascals how can be a brother doo with his own brother

Ragini: laksh shekhar uncle is alone son of his parents

Sanky: then who is this suraj gadodia

Sara: sir I think they came here after planning something very big

Laksh: ya u r right I think they are planning all this from many time because it’s not easy to take over the business when the business women like swara will be there..

Sanky: guys there is a party after 2 days in suraj gadodia house may be we can find some clue from their??

Ragini: yes I think it’s a great idea

Laksh: but how can we go sahil knows about me

Ragini: but he don’t know about me I can go with sanky as her sister

Sanky: I think it’s a great idea

Laksh: I will come in the get up of waiter

Sara: sir mam I can also help u if I got a chance

Ragini: thanks a lot sara u told us its more than enough for uss we surely contact u if we need any help

Sara nodes and bid by to them….

(Screen frezees on trio’s determined face…)
on the other side in one room swara is sitting and crying

Swara’s pov:

Hii im swara gadodia the one n only daughter of shekhar and sumi gadodia… im a very pampered child of my parents… but also a very obedient student n a very successful business womennn we all are very happy 1 yr before but when suraj uncle came with is son and wife everything starts going to change… papa and mama seems to be in tnsn but they didn’t told mee…. I just hate that sahill he always looks at mee like he will eat mee…

10 months before everything got change they snatched my maa papa from mee they black mail mee if I will not handle my business to them they will surely kill them.. I luv my maa papa a lot… I handled them the whole business but they didn’t gave me my maa papa infact they locked me in my room and beat mee… sahil is having a bad eye on mee but I think that’s my maa papa prayers that I always got saved.. I don’t know where is my maa papa.. but I just hope they are fine… I’m also not able to contact with lucky and ragu I don’t know if they know about me or not… there is not a single day when I’ll not talked to raguu.. but now its almost 10 months I didn’t heard her voice…

Lucky and raguu my best frnds they both are seniors from mee but they became my best frnds when I helped them in their love story.. both r such a dumb head that if im not their they will till now single…they both pampered me a lot…they always called me childish but I remembered they day when I gave they presentation in front of the whole staff they both were looking at me like they saw an alien… I control my laugh with much difficulty.. infact not both of them but actually papa is also seeing me with wide open mouth….in the end of presentation I runned from the presentation room because im not able to control my laugh anymore on seeing trio’s reaction…

I just hope I will meet my maa papa, ragu lucky.. I don’t know when im going to free from this prison… suraj uncle’s wife only took me out when she wants to go for a shopping… she took me for carring her bags.. motiii hippo kahe kii huh…swara makes a face while saying about suraj’s wife

But they all don’t know about my ability of doing.. I waiting for a chance… when I got to know about my maa papa that day trio will meet the real swara gadodia…

POV ends….

To be continued…..

Precap: party…sahil’s truth….… execution of plan… trying to find a clue… maybe swasan meeting but not soo sure

Guys don’t worry swara is not a bechari character she is a very strong girl mentally and physically u will come to know about her personality more… I’ll considered all the ideas of those ppl who gave and don’t worry I’m not making swara character as a rebellious like it is in many ff’s her character is mentally and physically strong but in a different way soo for this keep reading and commenting thankuu soo much luv u all <3

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